J + M | Brooklyn, NY

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July 7, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We knew we liked J and M the minute we met up them at a cafe in Brooklyn. For starters, they are beautiful to look at, but also radiate this joy that is completely infectious. And that’s exactly what their wedding was all about. Them, their joy, and the most important people in their lives who travelled from all around the world to celebrate with them. They got ready together at their apartment, with J in the bathroom and M in the bedroom, just one hour before their ceremony under the Brooklyn bridge. Their ceremony was a mere 5 minutes, just long enough for everyone to gather around them and hear them exchange vows. No muss, no fuss, just love. And this is exactly what we love about them.

A huge thank you to our very talented friend Billy Simons, for recording a cover of Usher’s OMG (the bride’s favorite song) for their slideshow, which you can see HERE.

And as always, you can view our favorites below:

  • Adam Kealing: Once again you have blown my mind! Absolutely gorgeous from start to finish!! (07.07.2011 02:53pm)
  • Collins: Great work! Excellent use of light and great framing. (07.07.2011 09:04pm)
  • Derren: Beautiful work guys! Love the close profile portrait of the groom--so lovely! (07.07.2011 09:56pm)
  • naomi chokr: OMG im in love with your work!!!! you are now my new favorite. im new to your blog. im curious... your 2nd image... what are you reflecting on to get the three images of her? thankyou! (07.07.2011 10:56pm)
  • Megan: Ah, you guys! I love your use of light throughout this whole day. The groom's face, the speeches, their first dance shot...perfect. (07.08.2011 10:48am)
  • Micah: And they do it again!! Really beautiful moments with such well orchestrated light. (07.08.2011 10:55am)
  • Future Husband: Love the intimacy and colors in these. Kind of reminds me of how our future wedding will be like Daniel. We don't need a big party! (07.13.2011 10:06am)
  • Kyle: These photos are amazing and so is the song! Where can I download the song?! (08.04.2011 04:09pm)


J + V | Boston, MA

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June 27, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

J&V have agreed to let us share photos from their wedding day, but have asked that we protect their privacy. So while that means I must be brief and scarce in the details, I will tell you this: V picked up J at the Harvard dorm for their first date and they were married right next door at Memorial Church on campus. I love it when things come full circle!

  • Jesse Bachmann: love, love, love. (06.27.2011 10:21am)
  • Megan: Man, you two! Seriously! Your perspective always blows me away. Thanks for the inspiration! (06.27.2011 02:15pm)
  • Micah: Beautiful images you two. Love number five, the walk back down the isle, and that last portrait. All great all the time! (06.27.2011 05:24pm)
  • Kathryn Krueger: so much ambiance! dreadfully lovely. (06.28.2011 12:34am)
  • Ashley A-Photo: UMMMMM..... THIS is insane. In a totally good way obviously! Blown away. (06.28.2011 09:43am)
  • Rafa Ibanez: Congrats guys! Love the ones of the reception. (06.28.2011 09:50am)
  • David: Gorgeous guys. Seriously gorgeous! Love the limo shot. :) (06.28.2011 11:32am)
  • Roberto Ramos: In spanish guys: Absolutamente geniales & las de blanco y negro son delicattesen. Congrats¡¡¡ (06.28.2011 12:56pm)
  • reggie: wow. incredible use of light with great compositions. thanks for the great images. (06.28.2011 09:51pm)
  • Debby Coleman: Love love love. (06.29.2011 05:59pm)
  • Morgan Lynn: Gorgeous work, D+D! Beautifully lit throughout - especially the portraits and dance shots (06.30.2011 12:40am)
  • daniel stark: amazing you guys! love it! (07.01.2011 01:11pm)
  • Barb: Wow, the one under the arch is epic. (07.06.2011 12:45am)
  • Brett: Beautiful wedding. You two find the most amazing angles to shoot from. Great stuff! (07.06.2011 12:42pm)
  • Daniel Aguilar: This is how sickness looks like :) (07.07.2011 02:47pm)
  • Bartek: Sexy job guys! Love the wide shots in this wedding :) (07.08.2011 10:34am)
  • Gabriel: Beautiful images, light is beautiful. (07.14.2011 06:30am)


Vanisha + Chris | New York City

June 21, 2011

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Chris and I have known each other for almost a decade, and right around the same time that Davina and I met, about 4 years ago, Vanisha and Chris started dating as well. Over countless sushi dates, bottles of wine, hockey games, and late night hangouts, the 4 of us became very close friends.

Fast forward to last winter, Chris announced to us that he was planning on proposing to Vanisha while in Mexico for our wedding. So during our rehearsal, they took off for what Vanisha thought was a photo-op sunset stroll on the beach, but turned out to be the proposal! They came back to the villa to be greeted with hugs, champagne, and tears of joy. Somehow, we had all managed to keep quiet about it, and Vanisha had no idea what was coming her way. Their engagement added so much to our wedding, and put everyone that much more in a festive mood.

A couple weeks ago, Vanisha and Chris came to New York City to hang out with us while we there for a wedding, and we took advantage to do their engagement session on one of our evenings together. NYC happens to be a special place for them, as they went there a short time into their relationship, and both realized that they had something special going on.

They are now planning their wedding for next year, which will hopefully take place at a vineyard somewhere in Quebec. We can’t be more excited to celebrate & photograph them at their wedding!

You can view our favorites from our session in NYC below, as well as a photo of the 4 of us taken by Ben & Erin in Mexico, minutes after they got engaged:

  • name* Kathryn Krueger: Love, love, love how you incorporated the city D+D - expertly done! Favs - BW cityscape kiss & blue and yellow happiness pics. Bravo! (06.21.2011 07:13pm)
  • Stacey: Amazing images in the nightlife of NYC!!! Love the vibe. Congrats to you both on a stunning wedding celebration as well :-) (06.21.2011 07:24pm)
  • Marlon: I'm obsessed with the skyline pic... one of my fav pics of all time by you guys. LOL'd at the Radio City pic because I was like, "I ate a Magnolia's cupcake on the ledge they're sitting on!" (06.21.2011 08:44pm)
  • Erin C: These are so awesome! Vanisha you look gorgeous. (06.22.2011 02:36am)
  • Sarah: That second shot- OHMYGOSHGORGEOUS!!! I love it like crazy. These are amazing... you two are amazing. Just. Amazing. (06.22.2011 02:01pm)
  • Christina Craft: I'm so inspired by your work! What a fabulous session! (06.23.2011 01:50pm)
  • Sasha: Awesome set! love the 1st shot! (06.23.2011 08:51pm)
  • Katrina Santos: Absolutely love shots #2+3!! Beautiful set guys :) (06.23.2011 10:22pm)
  • Brett: Killer night shots! Great use of the city lights!!! (06.24.2011 02:13pm)
  • Micah: Stunning work you two! Love the first, second and fifth! Keep em coming! (06.26.2011 01:25am)
  • molina: wow. if i were them, i'd love these forever. (06.28.2011 09:19am)
  • Jessica Moores: wow. (07.01.2011 01:07am)
  • Olivia Brown: oh wow, guys, wow! These are stunning. Way to capture the light and work it :) xoxo (07.04.2011 10:23pm)


Our wedding

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June 15, 2011

Written by davina + daniel. Photos by Ben & Erin Chrisman.

Oh boy. Here we go. I’ve sat down at this computer to write a blog post probably a hundred times now and I hope to do so another thousand times. But to write a blog post for our own wedding, well, that’s once in a lifetime. It is truly impossible to put into words what our five day wedding in Mexico was like. To be surrounded by our closest friends and family, in one of our favorite places on earth… knowing that they’re all there to celebrate us and our love for each other… it was quite simply the most humbling and yet magical, dream-like experience.

Having attended and photographed so many weddings together, Daniel and I knew the things that were most important to us on our day: love, family, party, and light. So we structured our day a little differently than the norm, and opted to have a cocktail dinner with speeches before the ceremony, so we could have our ceremony at sunset and go straight into the party. Our incredibly talented friend Maya came from Toronto to do my hair and make-up, our good friend Mike officiated our ceremony, and my father’s band reunited for the first time in 10 years to make my childhood dream of having them play at my wedding come true. We were so lucky to find very creative and very patient (!) local wedding planners, Kristin and Michelle of Dazzling Details.

And of course, topping our list of priorities was photography. We never had any doubt that the only photographers we wanted were Ben and Erin Chrisman. When we thought about looking back at our wedding, it was through their vision that we wanted to remember the day. They have been an inspiration to us since we started photographing weddings, and over the last few years we’ve had the privilege of calling them great friends. I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as they did during the five days we were all in Puerto Vallarta together. They created works of art and captured the very essence of our wedding. There wasn’t a dry eye at the wedding, and there wasn’t a dry eye when we shared the photos with everyone! We can’t thank them enough for their incredible work, for being a part of our wedding, and being a part of our lives.

A big thank-you to everyone who has sent their wishes and congratulations. We feel so much love and support from each and every one of you. We love you right back!

Below is just a glimpse, but see more on Ben and Erin’s blog and check out the slideshow right here.

  • Andrey Perepelitsa: Woww.. vot eto fotki.. one of the finest wedding images I seen!!!! congratulations guys!!!! (06.15.2011 11:20pm)
  • nadine: Wow. The photographs from your wedding is amazing. One of the best set of wedding photos I've ever seen. Makes me wish I hired them to photograph my wedding. (06.16.2011 12:33am)
  • Trish: Seriously, that last image is KILLING me!!! Stop it. Just stop it...I can't take the beauty and emotion of it all - what a wonderful week this must have been for you. Congratulations again. (06.16.2011 08:25am)
  • François: Félicitation!!!Great photos (06.16.2011 09:43am)
  • Jennifer Ballard: Wow guys! Incredible! Beautiful pictures that truly show your love for each other. I love these! (06.16.2011 10:46am)
  • Wayne Yuan: One of the best wedding coverages I've seen for a long time! Congrats guys! These images will truly last a lifetime! (06.16.2011 12:09pm)
  • Bess: Davina! The photos look amazing! Stunning! Incredible! It looks like your wedding day was everything you hoped for. Congratulations!! (06.16.2011 02:06pm)
  • Mark Andrew Gonzales: Congrats guys! These pictures are very awesome! I love how your father's band reunited thats some sweet stuff. (06.16.2011 04:19pm)
  • Julie: Unbelievable! Congrats you two. x (06.16.2011 07:12pm)
  • Hi-Fi Weddings: SO amazing!!! congrats to the infinity! :) (06.17.2011 12:35pm)
  • PJ Photos: beautiful eyes...photos is also nice, but eyes ;) (06.18.2011 03:52am)
  • Juan Pablo Romero: Congratulations from Spain !!!! You have chosen a good photographers, the best I think. (06.21.2011 01:12pm)
  • Jesse: gorgeous, congrats! (06.21.2011 01:28pm)
  • DAVID ANTHONY: Congratulations u guys look absolutely stunning in the photos... what an amazing job the dazzling details did they are truly great at what they do and Ben and Erin well lets not even go there... Good luck and hope 2 see u in the near future David Anthony (06.23.2011 02:56pm)
  • Lena: I am absolutely blown away by how gorgeous these photos are, and how much love fills every frame. Stunning. (06.24.2011 01:34pm)
  • Fotografia ślubna Lublin: Amazing photos, i love it. (06.24.2011 04:41pm)
  • LaVphoto: Beautiful. Many congratulations! (06.28.2011 04:26pm)
  • Petrini: i love your work as much as i love Ben's, and seen now your pictures i really really love it.My you are beautifull...congrats to you guys. may you have a wonderful life togeter.. (07.03.2011 10:03am)
  • Plum Pretty Sugar Loungerie: So incredibly stunning! The details, the fun. Goodness! You look absolutely stunning in the robe! So many sweet congratulations! xoxo (07.08.2011 10:31am)
  • farhad: congrats amazing pics for an amazing couple!!! Look forward to seeing you next time you're in cali. (07.15.2011 12:44pm)
  • Gabriel: wow. completely stunning. this is wedding photography at its best. Congratulations on your wedding and thanks for sharing these amazing memories of yours. (08.23.2011 03:25pm)


ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter & Fearless Contest

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May 31, 2011

Written by Daniel Kudish.

Last week, the ISPWP revealed the results for their Spring 2011 contest, and with 9 winning images Davina made it to the top of the list, placing first overall and earning the title of Photographer of the Quarter. I couldn’t be prouder of her, and the two of us couldn’t be prouder of our associate Marie-Christine who also placed a couple of her photos in this contest.

A couple of weeks back, Fearless revealed its round of winning images, and we were thrilled to see several of our images place there as well. Davina was also a stand-out in this contest, earning herself the most winning images.

We often talk about our connection with our clients, but there is also an entire industry of very talented wedding photographers that make us love our job every day. It is an honor to compete with our colleagues & friends every so often at these contests. If you are looking for some photography inspiration, we strongly urge you to take a look at the ISPWP and Fearless websites.

  • Micah: You two deserve every ounce of praise that you've been getting, both as artists and as people. Davina, we are so proud of you! Love that first image! Wonderful light, composition, and moment. (06.03.2011 10:46am)
  • bwong: davina is my hero <3 (06.10.2011 10:54am)
  • fer juaristi: so proud of you guys! keep doing what you do best. (06.13.2011 07:30am)