Molina + Bernie

October 27, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish (aka. Paul)

The blog-sphere is really into the whole balloon-themed engagement session and while we’ve seen them used again and again, we totally see why. Simply put, balloons = fun! When Molina and Bernie (or Melanie and Brian as we decided to call them) told us they wanted to incorporate balloons into their e-session, we started brainstorming some good locations that would complement them. In the end, we basically took them on a site-seeing tour of all the locations we would have liked to shoot in this summer but never got the chance to. Molina and Bernie were great sports and we just can’t wait to shoot their Cambodian ceremony and wedding in November.

Here are a few of our favorites from the shoot:

  • Sasha: Hecka nice pictures! Especially 2nd one! (10.27.2009 08:37pm)
  • Yvonne: Can't wait to see the rest... The 2nd one is my favorite! (10.27.2009 10:33pm)
  • Molina: Photo fairies, my memory capturers. Thank you. A million times thank you.. what else can i say! Bomb Digity XO! (10.27.2009 10:50pm)
  • Brian: The pictures are beautiful guys! We really enjoyed the shoot and your artistic eye! Thanks for getting down and dirty for some of the shots! Can't wait to see the rest of them!! Bernie aka Brian (10.27.2009 10:56pm)
  • Line Thongvan: Beautiful!!! *tear* pics will be awesome! and theres gonna be more tears!!...and thank you for the balloons, cant seem to pop them. (10.27.2009 11:02pm)
  • Nataly D.: Hi Guys! These pics are great! I feel like it's one of your most visually interesting engagement sessions. I love the third one! Nice job! (10.28.2009 12:25am)
  • koko wu: I love the composition in the second and third photograph so much! Lovely. (10.28.2009 03:34am)
  • Vicky Var: WOW!!! les photos sont resplandissantes!!! Hahaha, you are truly of the 'Y' generation, 'toujours à l'avant-garde' of originality!!! But best of all, your love reigns just like in a fairy tale and it's just amazing!!! Luv you both So Much xox (10.28.2009 08:50am)
  • kate: some of the best yet! love them all! (10.28.2009 09:01am)
  • Jason Wong: beautiful pictures!!!! (10.28.2009 11:55am)
  • Alma: Looove these pics! Can't choose a favorite, they're all gorgeous! (10.28.2009 01:30pm)
  • Ian: nice pics !! can't wait for the wedding!! (10.28.2009 05:11pm)
  • Deena: loves it. (10.28.2009 06:12pm)
  • ling: awwwww cuuuute its so you guys #12 is me n cats fav xoxoxo muah from hk! (10.28.2009 08:21pm)
  • Sina: Aw so beautiful! I love them all! (10.28.2009 10:28pm)
  • J K E A M: Freakin cool, the pictures are so dramatic! (10.29.2009 04:32pm)
  • Derek w.: The second one and second last one both are CUTE! (10.29.2009 04:42pm)
  • Quyen: Looooove it, it looks like postcard. And u 2 are made for each other, even for pictures. Can't wait for the wedding picture. (10.29.2009 04:47pm)
  • Malita: Wow, Bella and Edward à la cambodgienne! =O) Mo and Bernie you guys just look great together and the photos are really original! (10.29.2009 11:23pm)
  • Gigi: i love it! You guys look amazing! Totally your style hon! xoxo (10.30.2009 08:40am)
  • Jennifer Martin: awww molina your beautiful and i want to marry i wish i could live closer to you... xoxo jen (7,9 & 11 are my fav's) (10.30.2009 11:27am)
  • havy: omg mo i LOVE it!! i love the balloons, soo creative :) (10.30.2009 01:09pm)
  • Linh: Pictures are extremely beautiful! Very natural poses but amazing results! Stupid question ? Are those balloons huge like that for real or was it photoshop? Luv the balloons! xoxo miuahhhhh to both of u and wishing u stress free! (10.30.2009 02:43pm)
  • Johnny Bravo: #9 for sure is da bomb!!!! (10.30.2009 07:43pm)
  • Carly: Beautiful pictures! I can't wait 'till the wedding photos :) my fav one is the last picture (10.31.2009 11:17pm)
  • Laydiana: Those are gorgeous shots! The balloons concept was really well exploited :) <3 (11.01.2009 04:26pm)
  • David Pullum: what a fabulous set of images, well done (11.03.2009 06:47pm)
  • Rusty Yith: very cute guys! great work on the pictures... like OMG!!! (11.04.2009 12:28am)
  • Mike & Julie: Awesome pics! (11.04.2009 12:34am)
  • Van & Vi: Oh la la! moi zaime ça! Super concept et belles photos.Ok les love birds, j'ai hâte à votre marriage!! (11.04.2009 03:50pm)
  • Sarah Bussey: Davina I love these pictures. Great job as usual! (12.02.2009 09:46pm)
  • Molina + Bernie | November 28th 2009 » davina + daniel | on second thought: [...] and Bernie’s engagement session got such amazing feedback, we only hope their wedding photos are as [...] (12.03.2009 01:08am)



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October 26, 2009

Written by Davina Palik

Daniel and I are really excited these days as we’ve finally reached the end of our crazy, crazy summer! Ok, so we still have 2 weddings in late November, but they’re far enough that we can more or less qualify them as next season. That means that since February 14th, our studio shot 80 weddings… pretty crazy indeed. We had an amazing summer with so many amazing couples and we can’t wait to share our highlights with you… but this will have to wait as we’re still quite busy around here (we’re also leaving for Israel next week…). Since we don’t have any weddings to share with you at the moment, I thought we’d give you a little peak at some of what we’re working on right now.

Since we’re not traditional wedding photographers (this shouldn’t be news to anyone!) most of our couples are happy to take the high resolution files that we give them and to live happily ever after (or something like that) while others enlist our help to display their photos through the more traditional option of an album. We custom design the layouts and try to keep the modern look of our photos throughout the book in order to best highlight the photos and tell the story of the day.

Here’s a peak at a layout that Daniel just finished for Kareen and Dhin:

The front & back covers:

  • kate: wow! i'm now rethinking the album route... (10.26.2009 04:43pm)
  • Erin Woolsey: ohhh, I love your large apertures and darker exposures..creates such dramatic moments :D. Also, you use empty space as a prop--so creative! I'm so glad I found your blog!! (11.02.2009 12:48pm)
  • Sergio Photographer: Absolutely fantastic design + images!! That black and white cover is beyond genius! (11.27.2009 05:27pm)


Alessia + Alejandro | October 17th 2009

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October 21, 2009

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish

When we first met Alex, he said to us: “We’re having a big cheesy Italian wedding. It’s not going to be pretty, but it’s going to be delicious.” We knew there and then that we were going to love them, and we were right. They are big foodies (I know, that’s really unusual for Italians, isn’t it?!) and food played a big part in their wedding day. Their table numbers were named after different food combinations (think mac & cheese, peaches & cream, burgers & fries, etc) and we of course stopped by the market for a few photos where they fed each other samples from the stalls. A food-themed wedding was a first for us and it was just wonderful (and delicious!).

Another first was the “flash-mob” put together by Alex and Alessia. Alex came up with a choreography

(By the way, as you can see I’m back from Europe! Check out some of my photos and my recaps on my blog. I know, I know, this is shameless self-promotion!)

Check out a few of our favorites from their food wedding day:

Do you recognize Karine and Fred (below)? We shot their wedding last June.

  • Sasha: Rockin' pictures! Great job guys! (10.22.2009 11:46am)
  • ed atrero: love the reception silhouette. beautiful! the reflection shot of the groom getting ready is darn sweet too. glad to have you two on FWF! (11.30.2009 07:41pm)


Alana + Aren

October 19, 2009

Written & Photographed by Daniel Kudish

As our wedding season is winding down, we’re already starting to work with couples for 2010. This Sunday, I met up with Alana & Aren at Murray Hill Park where they spent a lot of time together when they started dating. We’re definitely looking forward to shooting their wedding at The Windsor next May!

  • Hooman: Fantastic photos! Really nice stuff - love the angles, the play with light, foreground use - all really nice - well done! (10.19.2009 09:38pm)


Winning images on WPJA/BRIDES

October 13, 2009

Written by Daniel Kudish

The WPJA & BRIDES magazine hold a yearly contest, showcasing photos from different categories. We found out earlier this year that one of our images had placed 1st in the “bride” category and would be published as a winning image in the nov/dec issue of the magazine. Today, the full results were published on the WPJA and we are ecstatic to see that a couple of other photos have placed in the contest! Go take a look at the other winning images as well, there are incredible shots from other great photographers!

Here’s the image that won 1st in the “bride” category:

This one placed 3rd in the “culture” category:

And 5th in the “getting ready” category:

  • Sasha: Congrats!:) (10.13.2009 08:47pm)
  • ben chrisman: alright d&d! i see lots more awards coming your way in the next few years. (10.14.2009 01:11am)
  • davina (from Europe): this is so exciting! great news to receive on my last day! see you tomorrow! xx (10.14.2009 04:09am)
  • Flores: Congrats guys! You're awesome... as usual :) (10.14.2009 10:34am)
  • Jael Cayemitte: Congratulations! (10.14.2009 11:47am)
  • Hooman: You won 3?! You rock, well done! (10.14.2009 02:09pm)
  • vick: Congrats guys !!!!!!! (10.14.2009 06:10pm)
  • Matilda: you both are awesome!! :) (10.14.2009 09:39pm)
  • kate: amazing work guys!! (10.15.2009 11:03am)
  • Rebecca: Oh wow! :) Congrats! It's great to see that good work pays off! (10.17.2009 02:37pm)
  • michelle: Félicitation!! (10.22.2009 03:33pm)
  • Lidia: Hey guys, I don't comment often, as I'm usually admiring your pics while holding one or two kids, but I LOVE your stuff, and I'm so incredibly proud of both of you for all your amazing accomplishments. (11.03.2009 11:25am)