Suzanne + Derrick

November 30, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

It was cold and it was dark all day, but Suzanne and Derrick were visiting from Toronto so there was no way we were rescheduling their engagement session! We all braced the elements and these two really were troopers. They didn’t even get scared off when Daniel told them they could “full on make out.” Seriously, where are that boy’s manners?! We can’t wait to see these two again at their wedding next April in Toronto.

Here are a few favorites:

  • ross: Man, this is pure :) Awesome! (11.30.2009 06:46pm)
  • Sasha: Dang it! Ross was first! But anyways, cool stuff guys! Especially 2nd picture! (11.30.2009 07:53pm)
  • Kyle: Sweet pics! I love the mood. (11.30.2009 08:57pm)
  • Hooman: Awesome compositions - you make it looks so easy! Love seeing your new posts! (11.30.2009 09:09pm)
  • Micheal B: Especially loving the last pic! Great stuff guys :) (11.30.2009 10:00pm)
  • Derrick: Truly amazing work. We're excited to see the rest of the pictures! (11.30.2009 10:54pm)
  • Carol Szuky: OMG...the cutest couple on earth is even cuter!! Beautiful. The photographers captured the true, pure love between you two. Congrats Sue and D and awesome pics! Can't wait for the special day. (12.02.2009 10:07am)
  • Lucy: These are really beautiful! And the black-and-white shot is super cute. Well done, guys! (12.03.2009 06:42pm)
  • Suzanne: I can’t stop looking at these photos - We love them all! Thumbs up and hi-fives all around! (12.03.2009 07:20pm)
  • Karen: These photos are stunning! You guys look so cute and happy together :) (12.03.2009 08:48pm)
  • Maria: Love the pics. You guys look beautiful together. Can't wait to see more and looking forward to the wedding in April.. xoxo (12.12.2009 08:15pm)
  • Louis Blythe: Super cute! Love these! (11.29.2011 11:07pm)


All I want for christmas is…

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November 26, 2009

We’ve had some inquiries for photography classes and after some thought and planning, we’ve decided to start offering different courses, for different levels. First up, “photo 101” for beginners. We know there are many of you out there with DSLRs who don’t really know how to get the most out of your camera, so this is what our classes will teach you!

We’re offering gift certificates right away (just in time for the holidays, hint hint!) but the classes will be starting in July 2010. During this 5hr class, we will be covering everything from how to properly use a camera, to editing the images in photoshop. You can view more details and reserve your spot/purchase a gift certificate by clicking HERE. Classes will be limited to 10 people and the cost is $200 +tx.

Hope to see you at one of our classes!

  • Jenn S.: I hope you guys are planning on doing a more advanced class too. I'd would totally want to be a part of that! (11.26.2009 10:25pm)
  • kathleen: I wish I lived up near y'all! I would love to take this course. I don't yet have my own DSLR (I borrow Dad's for occasions and big trips) but lord knows I could certainly use it better! (11.27.2009 01:22pm)
  • davina + daniel: Jenn: it is something we'll be offering soon. Stay tuned! Kathleen: we travel! ;) (11.27.2009 03:39pm)
  • A: Jamie wants in! (11.29.2009 06:09pm)


D+D in Brides Magazine

November 24, 2009

Quite, quite, quite exciting to see our photo in Brides Magazine! We knew this photo won first place in the Brides/WPJA contest in the Bride category, but we didn’t see it in print until recently and it feels really special!
I have to admit though, I’ve spent more time looking at the wedding dresses in the magazine (I’m at that stage in the planning process right now)… is that bad?

  • Jasser Abu-Giemi: Very well deserved, congrats! (11.24.2009 12:19am)
  • michelle: Awesome!!! (11.24.2009 03:34pm)
  • Hooman: I picked up that issue too! An excellent photo, very well deserved! Congratulations! (11.24.2009 03:35pm)
  • Sasha: Congrats guys! You deserve it! :) (11.30.2009 05:32am)


blog love from Wedding Bells

November 22, 2009

While we were in Israel, Wedding Bells featured a little somethin’ somethin’ about us on their blog. We heart Wedding Bells, one of the few Canadian Bridal magazines that aren’t covered in cheese (so to speak), so we’re thrilled that the feeling is mutual.

See it here

  • Ari S: Wow Daniel, lots of amazing work here. Thank you for checking out mine and leaving a comment. ~ari (11.22.2009 10:42pm)
  • Ari S: I just took a second look at your work. Daaaang! You guys are amazing! See you at WPPI next year? ~ari (11.22.2009 10:54pm)


Israel & Jordan

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November 20, 2009

Hi all! We have returned from our exhausting 2 week vacation! It seems we are incapable of actually relaxing so even our vacations are busy!

We saw and did so much: a roadtrip in the southern desert of Israel, crazy hikes on the site of Petra in Jordan, floating in the Dead Sea, and exploring the ancient city of Jerusalem. We were traveling with my parents so it was unusual to be sharing our time with two other travelers (we’re used to traveling alone) but it was so great to spend so much time with them – we had a blast!

There’s just so much to say about this trip, but I’ll try to let the photos give you a taste of what it was like instead. We took thousands, but here are just a few of our favorites:

Tel Aviv:

It’s practical to travel with other people; we could set up a shot, get into position, and have them click for us! It was like shooting our own engagement session.

My dad, on our road trip to Jordan. (Daniel was our chauffeur)

It took us a while to realize that this shape was an actual live animal. They have many metal cutouts of animals around the area, so it’s easy to get fooled into thinking they’re real. But then this one actually moved around (we later got to see it up close)

Another “engagement” shot:

We just used a rock and the camera timer for this one (one of my favorites):

On a boat in Eilat:

At long last… Petra!

I love this shot that Daniel captured. It sums up the lack of interest that so many tourists seemed to have with their guide. I just love how everyone has a different agenda!

The local Bedouins were amazing people to photograph, are were very friendly.

A goat at the top of the mountain in Petra. One of my favorite photos of the whole trip!

Back in Israel, at a market in Jerusalem.

At the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (Daniel’s amazing shots):

One of the highlights for me, floating in the Dead Sea! It’s one of the weirdest/coolest feelings I’ve ever experienced! Notice the salt on the shallow end is actually visible, that’s how concentrated it is.

  • a: Wowowowow. Your pictures are stunning. Obvious u had an amazing time! Welcome back. (11.20.2009 12:52pm)
  • Marlon: Amazing stuff guys. Love the landscape photo with the goat and the wailing wall pic. (11.20.2009 12:57pm)
  • Kate M.: I have no words!!! I actually had goosebumps when I first saw the shot of the ancient city of Petra... you are very lucky people! How much would you charge to come on a trip with us and take our photos??!!!... It's OK to dream a little! ; ) (11.20.2009 01:09pm)
  • Marie-Eve: I just looked over your pictures 6 times over with my mouth completely open. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE photography!!! (11.20.2009 01:35pm)
  • Hooman: Looks like a fantastic trip, and wow, really amazing photos! I have to go back and look again -and again... (11.20.2009 01:40pm)
  • Jenn S.: These are so awesome! Just out of curiosity, did you guys bring a tripod (and use it), or are these all hand held? (with the exception of the rock) (11.20.2009 01:58pm)
  • kathleen: stunning! I can't wait to see more from what looks like a really interesting trip (11.20.2009 02:15pm)
  • Irene: ... and the other 2800? More!!!! Excellent, everything is perfect, as always! The bedouin guy, as I suspect, is indeed the one I have photographed two years ago :)) Please, please, I want to see all of them... (11.20.2009 02:31pm)
  • Jenny: Wow! Awesome! (11.20.2009 05:35pm)
  • Nataly D.: Love them! (11.20.2009 06:20pm)
  • michelle: Wow... these pictures are simply amazing!!! I can't choose a favorite, can't wait to see more! Seems like you had an great trip, I'm so happy for the 2 of you (and a little jealous of course!) (11.20.2009 09:37pm)
  • Rebecca: Wow! :) Looks like you had such a great time! Love the pics! (11.21.2009 01:23am)
  • Bernie: You guys are just SICK AMAZING!! Guess you guys had a great time! See you next week! :D (11.21.2009 10:56pm)
  • layton: so so beautiful guys.. this is like national geographic quality stuff. the goat shot.. ugh.. so amazing! (11.22.2009 09:35pm)
  • Molina: aw i'm happy you two finally got some "us time." obviously an amazing trip that was well deserved! (11.23.2009 03:35am)
  • Lisa: I can't even find words to describe my feelings about these photos. [Insert jaw-drop] Absolutely amazing and breathtaking. You guys captured such unique and terriffic moments! What a trip! Excited to hear more details and see more photos:):) xxxx (11.23.2009 08:42am)
  • Alex: Wow, just amazing! I'm glad you guys enjoyed your trip, and took those great shots too. (11.24.2009 08:49pm)
  • Tristan Shouldice: Love this post and especially the variety of colours. Nice work. (11.25.2009 02:26pm)
  • Chantal: I absolutely love the images on this post. It feels like you have truly captured the feel of the land! Wow. (11.26.2009 06:06pm)
  • Sol: Beautiful!!! (11.29.2009 02:33pm)
  • Karen Funchion: you guys are truly insiping! Thank you for you amazing photographs (12.14.2009 05:35pm)
  • Mikhail: Wonderful pictures! But I can't believe that you don't have more...I want to see all!!! Pa (12.16.2009 02:55am)