WPJA Winning Images

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December 29, 2009

A couple of our images have won in the WPJA quarterly contest. Coincidently, they are both silhouettes! Check out the WPJA website for some more great photos!

  • Sasha: Congrats! :) (12.29.2009 08:03pm)
  • Mikhail: Wonderful! Gongratulations!....and I love this funky purple background:))) (12.29.2009 10:02pm)
  • Nataly D.: WHAAAAAT?!?! :) I can't believe we're in one of your winning photos! What a thrill! Congrats guys! (12.29.2009 11:32pm)
  • ed atrero: lovvvvvely images guys! congrats! (12.30.2009 11:12am)
  • michelle: félicitation! xx (12.30.2009 04:05pm)
  • Irene: It is great! Congratulations! (12.30.2009 07:44pm)
  • Hooman: Congratulations! Great shots! (12.31.2009 12:51am)
  • Adam Cavanagh: Congrats! Beautiful images (01.07.2010 05:29am)


Best of 2009

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December 19, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish.

For once in my life, I’m pretty much at a loss for words. I’m feeling pretty emotional as I look back on this year. We learned so much, evolved so much, met so many amazing people, and had opportunities that we had previously only dreamed of. I know I speak for both of us when I say that we are so, so, so grateful. Grateful that we do this for a living, grateful that we have found success in it, grateful for all the amazing friends we’ve made along the way, and grateful that we get to share it with each other.

I have to thank every one of you who are reading this right now. You are our friends, family members, fellow photographers, past or future brides and grooms… and your feedback and support keeps us motivated to keep doing what we do. We have built actual friendships with many of our brides and grooms this year and these relationships are so precious to us. We really do love you guys! (and now I’m crying a little…)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! We hope to continue to grow for as long as we are doing this and we hope you’ll continue to be there as we evolve. In the meantime, here’s to 2009, a truly amazing year.

  • michelle: Congratulation on this exceptional year! Trevor & I are privileged and proud to have shared our day with you guys, I'm truly grateful for that... and I really love you too! xx (12.15.2009 05:45pm)
  • Kareen & Dinh: D&D Congrats on an exceptional year. We are so grateful our wedding planning led us to 2 exceptional photographers who are also great people, and a great couple. Thank you for taking part of our special day and for capturing it. Next year, it is your turn! XXX (12.15.2009 06:28pm)
  • Caryn Lieberman: Amazing! You two are incredible. Congrats on a terrific 2009. Wishing you the best for 2010. Love, Caryn & Brian (12.15.2009 09:05pm)
  • Kathleen Aguila: What an awesome slideshow and mark to your incredible year...we love our photos so much, you two are amazing. Can't wait to see what 2010 brings...all the best guys! Kathleen & Jerome (12.15.2009 10:15pm)
  • Nataly D.: Guys, what a wonderful wedding season, these pics are all witness to beautiful moments that were captured thanks to you! Thanks for being a part of our special day, we're happy to have been a part of your success too! Congrats! (12.15.2009 11:42pm)
  • Mikhail: Guys, you are absolutely the Best!!! And I am sure you will even exceed that definition:)) Pa (12.16.2009 02:28am)
  • Audrey D: Love them! Love how looking at your pics allow us to relive all the feelings of those special moments.....even of weddings we didn't attend! Congrats and all the best!! (12.16.2009 11:25am)
  • Lidia: I am so incredibly proud of both of you for all you have accomplished. I can't wait to see what 2010 holds in store for you! (12.16.2009 12:34pm)
  • Rebecca: Wow! Absolutely LOVE it! :) What a great year! (12.16.2009 06:18pm)
  • Dave Cheung: Awesome stuff guys!! Way to rocket :) Blessings ... (12.17.2009 12:25am)
  • Jenna: Great slideshow guys! So many wonderful photos, it was an awesome year for you!!! xoxox (12.22.2009 12:10am)
  • Christine: You two are not only unbelievably talented but a match made in heaven to boot. Happy Christmaskkah! xox (12.23.2009 11:01am)
  • matt adcock: Awesome stuff! I really enjoyed the slideshow... Perhaps next year we can get a best of from Davina and a best of from Daniel???? (12.23.2009 05:32pm)
  • Erin Woolsey: aww so refreshing! so much laughter and happiness :D, and the video rocks!! (great song selection :D) what video software did you use to create this? we have a premiere pro demo, we want to do the photos really fast, but can't figure out a thing! so frustrating. anyways, yours looks fabulous, as usual :) (12.28.2009 11:28pm)
  • David Pullum: Wonderful, not much else to say really (12.29.2009 04:54am)
  • Steve Gerrard: Amazing stuff. Have loved reading your blog this year and look forward to seeing what 2010 holds for you guys. I'm sure the future's bright for you both... Steve (12.29.2009 09:30am)
  • steve young: you guys had some really really really great stuff in here, awesome! (12.31.2009 03:03pm)


blog love from Wedding Bells

December 18, 2009

Thank you to Roseanne at Wedding Bells for featuring Molina + Bernie’s wedding. Click HERE to see the full feature.

We were also picked as one of the top photography studios in Canada by bride.ca – check out the full story HERE.


Photographers at work

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December 9, 2009

Well, we’ve officially finished our 2009 wedding season and while we’re not resting just yet, we’re looking forward to doing a bit of that during the holidays!
Today we thought we’d share some of our behind the scenes photos from the summer. Stay tuned for a post of our favorite wedding photos of the summer, coming up next week.
In the meantime, enjoy our compromising positions and weird faces!

Setting up a shot at 3am in our car…

I stole the bride’s Monolos…

Daniel’s 2 best friends are also photographers, and all 3 went to NYC for a wedding… this photo was at 5am, as they left their hotel for the wedding.

Definitely one of the coolest At Work photos…

Jeremy tends to attract dogs & kids…

And little girls tend to like me!

We are sneaky sometimes…

Even sometimes a little creepy…

And we like to get into weird, uncomfortable positions…

(it’s a good thing i’m flexible… this job requires it!)

Daniel’s been known to sleep on the job…

We’ve been known to be stand-in bridal party members a few times…

Roxanne & Micheal were extremely helpful this summer, couldn’t have done it without them. Here’s a silhouette of Roxanne…

Here’s Mike scouting for lighting… (he’s being a stand-in groom, obviously)

And of course Marlon, in the photobooth…

i have an idea:

After 82 weddings this summer, it was necessary to get out some frustrations…

We survived it! (and our wedding is still on. it’s practically a miracle!)

  • amy: i absolutely adored this post. my favorite so far. i wish i could have "favorited" individual pictures... however, most stunning: daniel taking a picture of a photo from above... great capture davina. most hilarious: mexican hat with daniel creepin', no question. most cute: little girl holding your hand, made my heart melt. and most hidden: YOU davina, behind the church pew! (12.09.2009 06:48pm)
  • Marlon: LOL Thanks for choosing that one... (12.09.2009 06:55pm)
  • alex: awesome behind the scene pics! those are definitely some of the best that i have seen! (12.09.2009 08:35pm)
  • Sol: You guys are sooo cute!!! , Davina, do you really wear hills at weddings?? whew!!! :) (12.09.2009 09:48pm)
  • Julie de la Parra: Super post.... j'adore l'idée de faire un ''making of''. Vous avez un talent fou!!! Et c'est un bonheur de regarder votre travail (12.09.2009 10:14pm)
  • Karin: What a great post!! You are both so dedicated....and even your pictures of each other taking pictures are incredible! (12.09.2009 10:58pm)
  • molina: how refreshing! davina - professional bustler/flexer. daniel - professional sleeper/creeper. marlon - professional... smiler.. yes smiler =) i luff this post. (12.09.2009 11:38pm)
  • Hooman: awesome work guys - so cool to see photographers doing their thing - and smiling while doing it :) (12.09.2009 11:48pm)
  • NailaJ: Lovely photographs!! I especially love the one of Daniel lying on his tummy and the perfect street lines :) (12.10.2009 01:24am)
  • Kelli Ahern: Love these pics! And you guys are fellow Nikonians. Sweet. ;) Thanks for sharing a look at your work life. It's fun to see behind the scenes. (12.10.2009 03:11am)
  • Sasha: Haha! Awesome pictures guys! Wedding photography is a lot of fun! :) (12.10.2009 06:28am)
  • laura: Could you two be any cuter? (12.10.2009 10:27am)
  • Jenny: Really love this post! Davina, you are so cute! You too both look great on the last picture! Yeah, see you soon! (12.10.2009 05:12pm)
  • Brianna Phelan: I always love to see photographers on the other side of the camera. We keep all of these shots too :) (12.11.2009 09:55pm)
  • Irene: Didn't read your blog for some days, and here you are. Unbelievable, great, magic and touching, unusual and funny. Thanks for showing your work behind the scene. Proud of both you! (12.15.2009 07:28am)
  • michelle: loooove this post!!! Especially the picture of Daniel wearing a veil :) love you guys! xx (12.15.2009 05:32pm)
  • Kate & Eric: hahahah c'est vraiment bon ça!! Super bonne idée aussi! J'adore celle dans la BM à 3h du mat et celle avec les beaux souliers bleus... ; ) Vous êtes cute à mort tout les deux!! (12.15.2009 09:13pm)
  • Nataly D.: Hi Guys! Love this blog post! So creative and so interesting to watch! While going through the pics, I was remembering all the bizarre positions I remember seeing you in while shooting our wedding... Ah! The good ol' times! :) (12.15.2009 11:32pm)
  • a: great post. I love seeing daniel sleep on the job. (12.16.2009 12:40am)
  • Erin Woolsey: i can't believe you guys did 82 weddings this summer alone! craziness! i did 42 weddings this year and thought that was madness :) (12.28.2009 11:31pm)
  • Adam Cavanagh: Great post! This is really cool (01.07.2010 05:31am)
  • Elyse: I just wanted to say that although your photography is, sadly, beyond my budget, of all the wedding photography I have seen in my research, yours is the most consistently beautiful and joyful. I hope with all my heart that my pictures turn out half as beautiful as your work. (01.17.2010 04:41pm)
  • Luis Mateus: Great post. Love to meet you guys. Great attitude. (03.11.2010 06:47am)


Holga pictures

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December 9, 2009

Written by Daniel Kudish

When we travel, we love to bring different cameras with us to experiment and switch it up a little bit. Here’s a collection of photos we took over the last few months, in Boston, in NYC, and on our Israel/Jordan trip. These photos were taken on both 120 and 35mm film, with a Holga camera Davina got me for my birthday back in June. For those who don’t know what the Holga is, it’s a VERY cheap (costs about $40) plastic camera, with none of the technology found in a normal camera. The results are always different and interesting – you never know what you’re going to get!

holga pictures
  • Steve Gerrard Photography: I love these. Makes me wanna shoot a whole wedding on a $40 camera but I'm not sure my couples would go for it :) (12.09.2009 07:29pm)
  • Irene: I recognized one picture. There is some ghost echo almost on each photo. It is fun to look at them :)) (12.15.2009 07:36am)
  • Mikhail: Cool and funky pictures...try multiexposures, it could be even more fun (12.16.2009 02:38am)