Fire near our condo

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February 19, 2009

Written & Photographed by Daniel Kudish

While working at home this evening, I heard several emergency vehicles fly by our window. After a quick call to my sister who lives a few blocks from us, I was out and sprinting down the street, camera in hand. The buildings were empty so no one was hurt, but they were a total loss.

  • Jenny: mmmm firemen! (03.05.2009 07:47pm)


Anne-Marie + Richard | February 14th 2009

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February 16, 2009

Anne-Marie & Richard’s wedding was photographed by Davina Palik and Jeremy Glover

I had been looking forward to shooting Anne-Marie and Richard’s wedding ever since I shot their engagement photos last fall. Not only are they a great looking couple with visible chemistry, but they were open to anything for their photos! For their engagement session, we went under the Turcot interchange and used graffiti walls, concrete pillars, and rusty walls as backdrops. We even ended up crawling under old fences to get to the really great spots! So it came to no surprise when Anne-Marie told me they wanted to stop by a construction site – an old church her architectural firm is converting into condos – for their wedding day portraits. The whole time Jeremy and I spent with them (all fourteen hours!), I felt like a kid at Disneyland… this was the perfect way to start the wedding season!And you can view their slideshow below

  • annemarie: les photos sont incroyables Davina et jeremy !!!! nous sommes presentemet a l aeroport, nous n avons pas beaucoup de temps mais nous tenons a te le dire mon reve d avoir des photos extraordinaires est maintenant realise vous avez completement surpasse nos attentes mille merci richard et annemarie (02.16.2009 05:26pm)
  • david: à couper le souffle!!!! Nous venons de les regarder au bureau, c'est dément! toue le monde est à terre!! Tous ont trouvés leurs futurs photographes! david, ariane, pierre, fay, isabelle, christian, marie-hélène. (02.16.2009 06:10pm)
  • Louise: Absolument superbe, je suis bouche bée je vous félicite vous avez un talent extraordinaire pour mettre en valeur les gens encore bravo Davina et Jéremy et merci pour le beau travail les parents de la mariée Louise et Alain (02.16.2009 10:05pm)
  • Pierre Cadorette: WOW! you really captured the essence of the moment. Pierre (02.16.2009 10:33pm)
  • jessica: wow! c'Est génial! j'adore les photos sont superbes! anne-marie et richard vous etiez merveilleux! le travaille pour les photos cest magnifique. jadore tout simplement! que de bons et heureux ouvenirs sur des photos! (02.17.2009 01:33am)
  • Sylvie: Il n'y a pas de mots assez forts pour décrire ce que j'ai vu... Ces photos sont tout simplement superbes! Quel beau travail des photographes et il ne faut pas l'oublier: les mariés sont magnifiques!!! J'ai très hâte de voir les autres photos! La sœur de Richard. (02.17.2009 02:27pm)
  • Fred&Ge: Quelle merveille! Le mariage était magnifique et rempli d'émotions! Quel bonheur de voir d'aussi bons amis s'unir lors de cette journée incroyable! Les photos sont suberbes! N'ont-ils pas l'air heureux? :) (02.18.2009 02:55am)



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February 12, 2009

Greetings from the comfort of our own office!

We had an amazing time in Thailand! From trekking in the Northern Thai jungle, to spending the day with elephants, to lounging on the beach in the south – it was really a fantastic experience. But 5 weeks is a long, long time and we missed our home, our work, and of course, Coco (our little dog, for those of you who have yet to meet her).

So At First Sight is now back in full swing, as busy as ever. So far we have about 60 weddings scheduled this year, and our first two are this Saturday. We are so ready and anxious to get this season started! We have a few small changes underway that we are looking forward to sharing with you. As you may have noticed, we have reformatted our blog to provide you with larger photos and we will now be offering a slideshow as part of our wedding packages which we will also be sharing with you on the blog. We have prepared a sample using some of our Thailand photos for you to take a look at.


  • Michelle Pinsonneaul: Hi! Congratulations to the two of you! Your wedding in Vegas looked so romantic... Like I said on facebook, you guys are soooo beautiful together. I really enjoyed looking at your Thailand pictures, reminded trevor and I that we haven't been on a trip together in a long time, looking forward that much more to our honeymoon. Your blog is amazing, really inspiring for our wedding planning! You guys are talented really talented, I can't wait to work with you! Just a quick question: we have a lot of out of town guests so I did a website with info about the wedding. I included a link for at first sight in a vendors category cause people wanted to check out your site (cause I can't stop talking about how excited I am), I hope it's ok? Have a good day! Michelle (02.12.2009 06:10pm)


We’re engaged!

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February 12, 2009

(as posted on our old blog, on January 24th 2009)


We are still in Thailand but thought we owed you a short post to deliver some news… obviously the title of this post has given it away, but here it is again: WE’RE ENGAGED! Also, we sort of got married… let me go into a little more detail!

Daniel and I have had more than enough opportunities to discuss what we’d like to do when it was our turn to get hitched, and we thought we’d like to do things a little differently since we make a living going to weddings. I had shared with him that my dream proposal would consist of a ring and a pair of tickets to Vegas. Well, much to my surprise, on Christmas eve, Daniel presented me with a small box under the tree and proposed in the presence of my parents and sister. I have to admit to being a little disappointed as this was not what I had imagined… at least not for us! He surprised me further a few hours later by telling me that we were leaving for Vegas a week and a half later and that Ben Chrisman, our favorite photographer, was going to meet us there.

So on January 4th, at 3pm, Daniel and I got legally married at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas in the presence of Ben Chrisman, our one and only witness. As tacky as we had imagined that it would be (and it was!) it was also extremely romantic as it felt like there was no one else in the world but the two of us.

We have been traveling since then, first to L.A., then to Bangkok, northern Thailand, and now we are “beaching” it in the south. We are also planning our “real” wedding which will take place in about 2 years, likely in Mexico. You didn’t think we’d let ourselves miss out on planning a wedding, did you? So although we are married on paper, we still see ourselves as engaged. We haven’t exchanged rings or said vows in front of friends and family yet, and we believe that this is what it’ll take for us to REALLY be married! After all, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from what we do, it’s that a wedding and a marriage mean different things to different people.

Enjoy the photos, courtesy of our idol, Ben Chrisman (and check out his blog, we’re on it!).

  • ben chrisman: hey guys, great to see you a few days ago. thailand misses you. :-) cool to see photos that you liked in addition to those that i picked out. always really interesting to see what people are drawn too. talk soon. b (02.13.2009 04:51am)
  • Frances: MY GOD you two are just beautiful! I get all emotional every time I look at these. I'm in awe. Amazing job Ben! (02.18.2009 12:01am)
  • MJ+Mike: Congratulations! Your photos are phenomenal (as always, Ben!) We can't wait to meet you in August at Nanci's wedding. (02.21.2009 09:07am)
  • Emilia: Dude! When I saw these photos on Lake Jane I didn't even realize it was you! You're the reason I bought a bumpit! And you guys are f-in gorgeous...I can't take it! (06.11.2009 12:00am)


Mel + Rob | December 20th 2008

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February 12, 2009

Mel & Rob’s wedding was photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish with the help of Michael Beaulieu.