Johanna + Noah

April 29, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

Daniel and I don’t usually shoot engagement sessions together, since we’ll usually just end up getting in each others way, but we really hit it off with Johanna and Noah and were both so excited to work with them that we settled for both being there – now that’s compromise (or lack of)!

Noah works for the Alouettes, and Johanna for Reebok, so sports are a big part of their lives and relationship. I remembered them mentioning that they had “re-met” at the Percival Molson Stadium (after having known each long before, back when they were kids), so when I suggested that we do the shoot there, they were all over the idea. I have to say, it went so far as to exceed our expectations, in terms of photo shoot locations! There was so much for us to play with that Daniel and I barely got in each others way after all.

Noah and Johanna brought a long a football that they tossed around for a few shots, but when it was time to get cozy and romantic, they were more than happy to oblige! They were fabulous to work with. I don’t play favorites with couples, but let’s just say that I am VERY excited for their wedding!

  • Kate: Wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, amazing composition. Some of your best work guys. This couple is so lucky to have such great photos! You captured them so, so well. (04.29.2009 12:31pm)
  • Johanna: I know I've already said this but I thinks it's worth saying again...You guys are amazing!!!! We are so blown away with how they turned out! I mean, we knew you guys are talented but holy smokes!!! Seeing these pictures only has us more excited for the wedding. Thanks to both of you for the photo session. Not only did we get to make-out (hehehe) but it was tons of fun too! (04.29.2009 04:21pm)
  • Cassie: *sniffles* (04.29.2009 04:43pm)
  • Tim Chin: There's so much awesomeness in this post. Great work you guys! (04.29.2009 09:16pm)
  • Magali: very nice! I once again enjoyed procrastinating while looking at these! plus they were on my turf! (04.30.2009 12:25am)
  • Vanisha: Oh my gosh they are sooo cute!!!! Well done guys! (04.30.2009 12:49am)
  • Jenny: Really beautiful shots! (04.30.2009 02:10am)


Dansez Pour Equiterre

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April 27, 2009

Written & Photographed by Davina Palik

I’m going to start this post with a good old fashioned complainin’ – something that I happen to be very good at… This weekend was exhausting! It was only a tiny preview of what this summer will be like and I have to say, I am really out of shape! After shooting Jeanette and Ben’s engagement session on Saturday, I ran off to shoot an event that Davina Palik Photography was sponsoring, called “Dansez Pour Equiterre.” It was a dance competition profiting Equiterre, an environmental organization. The grand prize for both the under 18 category and 18 and over category was a photo session with yours truly. In addition to this, I agreed to take photos during the show which I am now making available to those participants who want to order them.

All this to say, it was a VERY exhausting evening! I went through 4 memory cards (Daniel had to deliver more to me at the intermission!) and used every single on of my muscles crouching backstage to get the right shots. It was hard to narrow down so many photos, but these are a few that I particularly loved:

  • Jenny: Davina, you are really amazing! Once again beautiful! (04.30.2009 02:12am)


Jennifer + Juan

April 26, 2009

Written & Photographed by Daniel Kudish

I met up with Jennifer and Juan last night, right in the heart of downtown MTL, for their engagement session. We had to battle crowds of people and Saturday night traffic, but found some great spots to shoot!

Their wedding is taking place in a few weeks, and Elyna from Unity Weddings is taking care of all their planning and decor. We will be doing our first video of the year as well. Should be a great one!

  • Vanessa: these are gorgeous! (04.27.2009 02:04am)
  • chantal: Tout simplement magnifique les photos Et surtout quel beau couple,le tout se reflete dans vos yeux. Longue vie ;) Chantal (04.27.2009 04:57pm)


Jeanette + Ben

April 26, 2009

Written & Photographed by Davina Palik

I walked down to the Atwater Market this afternoon to meet Jeanette and Ben, on what was, without a doubt, the most beautiful day so far this year. The uber-bright sun wasn’t very photo-friendly, but the joy and life it brought to the area more than compensated.

Jeanette and Ben said they were a little shy so I gave them the old “just be natural” pep talk, but to be completely honest, there’s nothing natural about having a camera pointed in your face as you browse through the produce section, now is there?! Like all our apprehensive couples, they pulled through just fine in the end!

  • Tim Chin: ooo... really inspired work you guys! We know these two from church, they must be super excited with the images! Great job! (04.27.2009 02:48am)


Amy + Richard

April 25, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Daniel Kudish

Welcome to our ‘hood! I wrote recently about the faith couples have in us when we have seemingly strange ideas, and that was definitely the case with Amy and Richard this evening! Daniel and I have been wanting to shoot in our neighborhood since we moved in last fall; an up-and-coming area with remnants of ghetto-ness. This means plenty of graffiti, abandoned buildings, and lots and lots of rubble – a photographer’s paradise! Amy and Richard worked the camera like they had been doing this their whole lives. Daniel told me he barely said a word to guide them, yet they knew when to show their profiles for the silouette shots and where to face the light. This doesn’t seem fair to me… they made it too easy for him!

  • Jenn: the one through the window is RIDICULOUSLY NICE!!!!!! (04.25.2009 01:51am)
  • Amy: Wow! It baffles me that you got such vibrant and beautiful colors from such a gray place. Thank-you! You make what you do look so easy which is truly a sign of talent. We had a great time exploring about and can't wait to work with you again in August. (04.25.2009 01:06pm)
  • Jael Abellard: WOW!!!!Me gusta Mucho!!!! (04.25.2009 08:10pm)
  • Priya: Wow! All the photos are beautiful!! Amy i love all of them!! you guys look so good!! (04.26.2009 02:38am)