Shirley + Jordan

May 29, 2009

Written & Photographed by Daniel Kudish

Davina and I are just about to take off for the weekend to visit her parents in Sherbrooke, and shoot Emily & Fred’s wedding in North Hatley, but we wanted to quickly share some photos we took with Shirley & Jordan earlier this week. They will be getting married at the UQAM this summer – it’s a brand new space for events, and Elyna of Unity Weddings will be taking care of everything. Looking forward to it!

  • Christine (Artemis Clover Photo): LOVE the last pic! can't help but wonder... composite images or SOOC? (06.01.2009 09:55pm)
  • Magali: these are my favourite engagement pics so far. I love all the bright blues. (06.02.2009 04:13am)


Marie-Eve + Mike

May 26, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

Since Marie-Eve (Meve) and Mike booked us for their August wedding, she and I have become good friends. The two of us, along with another one of our summer brides, Kate, meet up at least once every two weeks for dinner and gossip, and I just adore them! So when I mentioned that Daniel and I were planning another workshop with our photographers, Meve agreed to be our latest victim (and Mike was signed up by default!).

So last night, Micheal, Marlon, Roxanne, and Chris, along with Daniel and myself, took to the streets around St-Denis for a mock engagement shoot. The light was so amazing that I’m afraid Daniel and I did more shooting than teaching… we were too into it! And Meve and Mike are so freaking good-looking, we just couldn’t help ourselves! See a few of our favs, below. We haven’t yet sorted through everyone else’s shots, but we wanted to get these up ASAP since our site was down for a few days. Enjoy!

P.S. Meve is the one behind Lake Jane, the blog I’ve mentioned a few times on here.

  • Kate: OMG. Meve - can you freaking believe it?!?! Look how beautiful you guys are!!! I have so many favourites, we'll have to dissect them together in person!! AFS amazes me once again!! You're going to be able to cherish these for a lifetime!! Love you girls xo (05.26.2009 11:19pm)
  • Stephen Johnson: Love the compositions, light and urban settings. Of course it also helps that my beautiful future daughter-in-law and handsome son are the models. Stunning. (05.27.2009 12:43am)
  • Marianne: I almost feel star struck... these are really... just... beautiful. (05.27.2009 03:03pm)
  • Julie Lepage: You have a lot of talent. Your photography is a great inspiration. I just love the number 12....and the lighting in all of them is just perfect. Good job! (05.28.2009 04:54am)
  • Chic Maps by Nikki: I am completely in love with your work! I just found you on the Wedding Cabaret blog and I am completely smitten. And this last photo is perfection... (06.10.2009 06:39pm)


Weekend highlights

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May 23, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik, Daniel Kudish, Roxanne Ross, Jeremy Glover, Micheal Beaulieu

I know, I know, I’ve totally sold out. This blog post is the equivalent of a mass email – impersonal, lazy, yet super efficient. It is the latter point that has lead me to resort to this “weekend highlights” post. Needless to say, we are swamped after last weekend, and we have another 3 weddings this weekend so chances are if I don’t post these photos now, you’ll never see them. So really, I have but you in mind, oh dedicated blog followers!

Here are some of our very favorites from the weddings of Jennifer & Juan, Melanie & Zach, Jenny & Dominic and Yvonne & Mike:Yvonne matched her shoes to Mike’s ’61 Corvette (which she drove to the ceremony) – these things don’t go unnoticed when there’s a woman behind the camera!It’s a long night when you’re in heels, right ladies?When he’s not shooting weddings with us, Jeremy is a car photographer so he couldn’t resist snapping a few rolling shots (LOVE this one!).

  • Christine: Davina I'm such a fan of your shoe pictures! Love love love! xoxox (05.26.2009 10:41pm)
  • Erin Nichols: Davina, I just had to write and say wow that is amazing! You did the photos for Erin Haller's wedding!! Mrs. Haller & her son still live just down the road from me so wow was I surprised to see those photos, they are wonderful & you are doing a great job!! I love looking at all your work. Congratulations on everything you have accomplished. :) (05.27.2009 12:18am)


Erin + Suj | May 15th 2009

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May 20, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

We kicked off a very busy five-wedding weekend bright and early Friday morning (emphasis on EARLY!), for the wedding of Erin and Suj. Despite the 6am wake-up call, Daniel and I were filled with energy when we saw the amazing ceremony set-up, complete with stage lighting and perfectly crisp black backdrop.

Completely coincidentally, Erin went to the same high school as me, back in the Eastern Townships where I am from. Her mother was my house secretary and wrote me many late-slips back in the day! Her father, who passed away just a few years ago, was a teacher who was adored by all his students. It was somewhat strange and wonderful for me to photograph a wedding that had some of my high school teachers in attendance! I think it was because of this connection to them – after all, you can’t help but feel like family when you’re from the same small town! – that I felt even more emotional than usual throughout the entire day. And emotional it most certainly was, from the ceremony to the speeches, but the party that ensued wiped away any trace of tears!

I have to say, I know I shouldn’t pick favorites, but these photos take the cake for me. I can’t look at them without shedding a few tears all over again. I’m such a freakin’ baby!

You know the drill… check out our favorites below:And you can view their slideshow below:

Erin & Suj’s vendors:
Hindu ceremony venue – B’hai Center, Pierrefonds
Church – St-Andrew’s, Lachine
Hair – Tanya Cabral (
Makeup – Kiki ( By the way, he was fabulous! I want to keep him in my dresser so he can do my makeup anytime… like to go to the store.
Reception venue – Canvas (

  • meve: WOW. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. (05.20.2009 04:37pm)
  • Catherine Jolin: Amazing photographs, it must have been quite the ceremony! (05.21.2009 01:16am)
  • Christine (Artemis Clover Photo): Aww love love your style, as always! Thanks for the constant inspiration. (05.21.2009 04:25pm)
  • Anna: Wow!!! The photographs are fantastic. I love it! It was a truly amazing experience I will always cherish. The whole day was captured beautifully. (05.22.2009 12:02am)
  • Anna: Did I mention the pictures are kick #@$%!!! I've watched the slide show at least a dozen times now. Congratulations...great work! (05.22.2009 12:07am)
  • jared: I totally agree with Anna. Awesome pics,awesome job, awesome team. Will recommend. Thanks.. (05.24.2009 02:02am)
  • Alston: The one with the guys at end of the slideshow? I remember that picture clearly and I would LOVE to have a copy of it somehow. (05.24.2009 08:05pm)
  • Alison Reed-Tsomis: holy cow!! if only I could go back 8 1/2 yrs and have youguys take pictures at MY wedding! I too went to Galt!!(with Erin!) Love the lighting and shadows in the photos! perfect job for a perfect day!! (05.28.2009 12:52am)
  • Krystal Anderson: awesome pictures...! when can we see the photobooth candids? :) (05.29.2009 03:15am)
  • Kira: Wow, what a beautiful bride and groom. Lovely pictures! You both look so happy, congrats! (05.31.2009 11:44pm)


Leila + Gerard | May 16th 2009

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May 19, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Marlon Kuhnreich

Unfortunately this will be but a quicky post to show you a few highlights of one of this weekend’s many weddings. We are swamped with photoshopping right now, working through the nights to get it all done, but I’m actually really enjoying myself! It’s allowing me to relive all the wonderful celebrations we were a part of over the long weekend.

Leila and Gerard’s nuptuals marked my first Philippino wedding and it was a blast! They had quite a few hours between their ceremony and reception, so after some quick portraits with us, they invited their friends to their suite for a few beers. This really got the party started and made for some really fun shots! Their two year old son Uno was also a big part of the day (although he spent most of it asleep!), and was even incorporated into their custom-made cake topper.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the day:

  • Jenn: the rain adds to the beauty of these. just awesome! (05.20.2009 04:38am)
  • leila: you guys surpassed our expectations.... GREAT JOB!!! can't wait to see the rest of it. thank you so much!!! (05.21.2009 07:49am)
  • Julius: I love all the pictures !!!! Good Job .. (05.21.2009 01:51pm)
  • Julius: I LOVE IT !!!! (05.21.2009 02:02pm)
  • Iris Wong: Beautiful pictures and beautiful people! I love it. (05.29.2009 01:54pm)
  • Stella: These are some of the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen.....and I've seen many!!! (05.29.2009 01:59pm)
  • Nicolette: Awesome! :) (06.29.2009 07:22pm)