Erika + Mark | June 27th 2009

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June 29, 2009

Erika & Mark’s wedding was photographed by Daniel Kudish & Marlon Kuhnreich

  • Jenn: the dog kissing one and aerial kiss are superb! (06.29.2009 11:45pm)
  • Kate: Me + Christian LOVE the one of the dog guys! Is it greedy to want one like that of Z?? xo (06.30.2009 01:05am)
  • Erika & Mark: Ola! Buenos dias! Looks amazing! Banff is a great model and knows how to steal the show! Love the Montreal skyline :) Thanks for everything! You guys are THE BEST! E&M (06.30.2009 01:03pm)
  • todd pellowe: just stumbled on your blog from ben chrisman's. great coverage. all the best! (06.30.2009 06:36pm)
  • Andrea: Erika and Mark!!!!! Congratulations you guys, your pictures are stunning. I LOVE the one of you hard laughing Erika, you look so beautiful and it really captured a moment. :) (07.01.2009 03:39pm)
  • Priya: Congrats Erika and Mark! Wonderful pictures! You guys look amazing. Wishing you guys a wonderful life together! (07.01.2009 04:25pm)
  • layton: daniel, if the dog kissing photo doesn't win a wpja award this year i'll be shocked. amazing shot. (07.02.2009 05:32pm)
  • Kaisa: Aw, love the Banff smooch! What a guy! Stunning photos, every one of them. Congrats Mark & Erika! (07.03.2009 12:56pm)
  • Jess: Amazing pics. Especially love the last one; it's so hopeful and romantic. Congrats Marika and great job Daniel! (07.03.2009 01:22pm)
  • Diane Gregory: The pictures are gorgeous! I love Banff's - oh my gosh!!! And the party doing YMCA is really cool! (07.04.2009 01:21pm)
  • Kevin & Nat: Wow, that guy is really good. I can't wait to see the rest (07.04.2009 09:16pm)


Our photos on

June 26, 2009

Thank you to the people at for picking a couple of our images for their home page rotation. Check out their website if you are planning your wedding – they offer a lot of tips and recommendations, as well as vendor listings.


Angela + Domenic

June 25, 2009

Angie and Dom’s engagement shoot was by far the longest we’ve ever done (4 hours!) but we were so happy to do it! We took them out for a classic date of bowling, drinks, and a romantic walk, but since we got along so well, one bowling game turned into two and one drink turned into Daniel and Dom having shots… you get the picture! I’m not sure that Angie or Dom were particularly into the bowling idea when Daniel and I suggested it, but we were so excited about it, and they trust us and our vision so much, that they went along with it. It was tougher to shoot than we imagined, but we were confident that we could give it a cool retro/vintage vibe and that photoshop would help us out to achieve this. As always, PS didn’t let us down and Angie and Dom, who were great in front of the camera, didn’t either. The result is one shoot that looks more like 4 different ones, but the more variety the better, right?

One last thing I should share… Angie sent us this email this morning: “Me and Dom wanted to thank you guys a million. You are AMAZING. So much fun to be with you and so interesting to see you guys work. You guys have an amazing talent and we’re extremely lucky to share this moment with you guys… thanks a lot!” She hadn’t even seen the pictures yet! They are so sweet!

  • layton: wow. that's all i gotta say. (06.25.2009 07:53pm)
  • Angie: You made taking pictures SO MUCH FUN, you guys have an extraordinary talent. I love them!!!! (06.26.2009 01:59pm)
  • Christine (Artemis Clover Photo): all the pics are AWESOME but i LOVE LOVE the last one!! (06.26.2009 05:05pm)
  • Johanna: Seriously awesome pics!!! (almost as awesome as our engagement shoot...I have to remain bias;) ) You two never fail to amaze and delight :) (06.26.2009 08:26pm)
  • Letizia: these pictures came out AMAZING. i'm dom's sister and when he showed me the pics my mouth fell to the floor by how amazing they are. you guys have such an extrodinary talent. you guys better still be taking pics by the time i get married lol can't wait for the wedding day :) (06.30.2009 06:11pm)
  • Amanda: I agree with everyone! luv the pictures. I was a bit scared at first when my sister told me she booked her photographers without consulting (i work in photography too) but I am gradely surprised and delighted with her choice. You guys rock and I look forward to meeting both of you ;-) (07.04.2009 06:55pm)


picture this blog

June 24, 2009

Davina, who is not only a photographer but also a bride-to-be, has launched a bridal blog where she will share all of our wedding plans as well as some very creative ideas. If you’re getting married or like all things wedding, you’ll have to follow her blog!


Nataly + Richard | June 20th 2009

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June 22, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

Following the overwhelmingly positive feedback we got from Nataly and Richard’s engagement shoot, the pressure was on for their wedding photos! But to be honest, the day, for everyone, was just effortless. I think Nataly and Richard would have trusted Daniel and I with their lives – they were just amazing! They gave us complete creative freedom and when it came time for their portraits, they followed us around Ile Bizard from one random location to another, in the Fiat 500 they had rented. The trust came in real handy when we stumbled upon the skeleton of a house that once was; literally the bones of a home that is slowly being torn down – and decided that this was the world’s coolest wedding portrait location. We had Nataly hike around the ruins in her heels and her 8-foot veil – what a trooper! Oh and need I mention how gorgeous she is? Seriously!And you can, as always, check out their slideshow below:

  • Sasha: Great pictures! (06.22.2009 12:53pm)
  • Nora Arzoumanian: WOW! Awsome pictures guys!!!! My whole department watched them with me and they really liked them!!! :) (of course you had a great couple to work with!) (06.22.2009 01:13pm)
  • Nataly + Richard: Greetings from Paris, day 1 of honeymoon! We loooooooove our pictures, we look forward to see the rest! We had so much fun with you, thanks again! (06.22.2009 09:22pm)
  • Lena Belli: Absolutely, great pictures! They were the talk of the office today, especially when I shared them with all the "brides to be", including my future daughter in law!!! Very creative work....Cheers to a great couple!!! Enjoy " Paris" is mystical!!!! Congratulations to you both! Lena Belli (06.23.2009 08:35pm)
  • Lucy Joukhajian: Natalie, I wish you the best. I felt like marrying all over again.Amazing photographer,great actors...Addorable husband; all these.. trough the pictures,wonder how I will feel when I meet you both. (08.11.2009 01:37am)