Kareen + Dinh

July 31, 2009

Photographed by Daniel Kudish

  • Kareen & Dinh: The pictures are awesome! Thank you so much Daniel, you have such a great eye. We are very pleased especially considering we were so nervous! Kareen & Dinh (07.31.2009 08:48pm)
  • Nataly: Wow, that last photo looks so steamy! :) (08.02.2009 03:04pm)
  • Kate: Daniel! These are amazing!! Love them. (08.03.2009 06:30pm)
  • Michael: Corneille owes you guys a royalty cheque. (08.17.2009 11:51am)
  • LOUNE: you seem to have found real happiness Kareen....i am truly happy for you.. (10.28.2009 05:08pm)


Shannon + Ryan | July 24th 2009 | by Roxanne & Micheal

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July 30, 2009

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photographed by Micheal Beaulieu & Roxanne Ross.
While Davina and I were shooting in Boston last weekend, our studio had 4 other weddings over 2 days. Here are some of our favorite images that Micheal & Roxanne took, from Shannon & Ryan’s wedding, at the Challenger golf club.

  • Ruby: Gorgeous pictures! (07.30.2009 10:24pm)
  • Tracie: WOW... beautiful pictures. (08.01.2009 05:55pm)
  • Lori: Beautiful pictures - stunning couple! Some should be in a magazine! (08.05.2009 12:20am)


Kate + Eric | July 18th 2009 | Quebec City, Qc

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July 20, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

I have no freaking clue where to start when it comes to describing the wedding of Kate and Eric. I could mention her Sex and the City Manolos that I loved so much and took ten million pictures of (and tried on at the end of the night… hehe!)… or their insane band that turned the night into a crazy concert (even Daniel and I put our cameras down at some point to join the party!)… or the police escorts that lead the way to the reception… or the ice sculptures at their cocktail hour… or how her dad made a video compilation in which a bunch of Quebec celebrities wished them a happy wedding… But out of context, this all makes them sound pretty high maintenance, which couldn’t be further from the truth!

I think that when it comes down to it, they just did everything right. I realize this is a bold statement, but I really think it best sums up the day. They invested in what was important to them: the band (soooo worth it!), reception lighting (again, amazing!) and photography (I’m biased on this one so I won’t comment!). But above all, they just had the best attitude. Nothing could phase these two, not the pouring rain (which eventually magically turned into sunny skies) nor the multitude of spills on Kate’s dress or Eric’s suit. They were willing to do everything and anything with photos – even jump into the pool at the end of the night (although the hotel management didn’t want us doing this after hours so that plan had to be put to rest). These two were so happy and grateful to just be there, and as a result they just enjoyed every single moment.

All in all, this wedding was a huge hit. Daniel and I agree that we’ve rarely had so much fun at any wedding and I can’t say enough good things about Kate and Eric. They leave for Italy tomorrow and we promised to get a post up before they go, so here ya go guys!You can view their slideshow below. We chose James Morison’s Please Don’t Stop the Rain, a song about not fretting the stuff you can’t control and how having someone by your side makes this easier to do. Quite appropriate for Kate and Eric, I think. Oh, and yes, that is me in the photobooth with Kate’s shoe…

  • Jenny: You guys are just amazing! These pictures are so awesome! Love the one with the window/bridge in the background! (07.20.2009 08:59pm)
  • Tina Lamontagne: Simply beautiful!You truly captured every moment and managed to make me cry one more time. It was a pleasure meeting the both of you. (07.20.2009 10:47pm)
  • kate + eric: DAVINA & DANIEL: EVERY SINGLE PICTURE IS A-MA-ZING!!! In all the 1107 pictures you took, not even one is average! They are all spectacular! You are exceptionally gifted artists and truly exceptional people. We will cherish every picture for a lifetime. Thank you so much for taking part in our special day! : ) (07.21.2009 03:46pm)
  • Thomas: Vraiment!Vraiment!Exceptionnel! (07.21.2009 09:14pm)
  • Angela: Love the fourth one down - what a great moment you captured. Keep it up guys :) (07.22.2009 03:50am)
  • Mélodie Gagnon: What a great outcome! As you said Davina, it's hard to put the wedding into words as there were oh so many wonderful elements to it... each and every moment was exceptional, actually! So I congratulate both you and Daniel for the wonderful job of translating it to photos. The selection for the slideshow, along with the perfect choice of song, represent Kate & Eric and their wedding day to a T. I don't know how you guys do it, but it's a true testament to your inate talent. Truly amazing! (07.22.2009 12:47pm)
  • Fred: Wow amazing pictures i’m blown away!!! The boys from the band and I are unanimous… We have to keep in touch for future projects!!! You’re simply too good. (don’t let it get to your head !!!) (07.22.2009 03:21pm)
  • alex ho: i love the shot with the wood panels and the b+g in the lower right hand corner (07.22.2009 08:56pm)


2 weeks in highlights

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July 17, 2009

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photography by Davina Palik, Daniel Kudish, Michael Beaulieu, and Jeremy Glover.

It would be an understatement to say that we’ve been busy over the last few weeks. We shot 11 weddings over 2 weeks!! While we were able to post entire blog posts for a couple of weddings, we’ve decided to feature the rest in a highlights post. Enjoy!


Jennifer + Matt

July 13, 2009

Photographed by Daniel Kudish

Somewhere in between weddings, editing, and the constant rain we’ve been getting, we find time to do some engagement shoots. Last week, I met up with Jennifer & Matt, who are planning an elopement to Mexico on new year’s! But we’ll be there to shoot their party back in MTL in February, and it promises to be a great one!

  • Rachel Agnew: I really like these pictures of Matt & Jenn. They appear private and artistic at the same time which lends an air of mystique to this couple's love and admiration for each other. (07.13.2009 09:16pm)
  • Mimi Mazerolle: I LOVE the 4th one down...but they are all beautiful...really nice "urban" edge to them, but still romantic...you both look great too! (07.14.2009 01:58am)