Careen + Ben | September 19th 2009

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September 30, 2009

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Roxanne Ross

I think Careen and I really got each other. When I got to the salon where she was getting her make-up done, she told me she thought I’d like it because there was a lot of glass to shoot through. And she was right. When the ceremony was over and Careen got her dress stuck in some gum, I pointed out that this was a very “Careen” situation to be in (there had been several of these throughout the day). And I was right (her brother joked about “Careen-mergencies” during his speech).

I know this is going to sound so cliche, but after spending the day with Careen and Ben, I totally see that they are meant for each other. Careen is just such a sweet and happy person and the way Ben looks at her just makes my heart melt! You’d think that at this point in the season I’d be pretty jaded, but that’s just how sweet they are! I’ve attended over 50 weddings this year and I still thought they were adorable! Congrats you two, that’s quite the accomplishment!

A few of our favorites:

Roxanne’s photo:

Roxanne’s photo below on the left:

Roxanne’s photo:

Roxanne’s photo:

  • ross: These rock guys, to many favorites - these reflections, sharp negative spaces, colors - bam, lovely. ive followd your work for a while, now its time to comment :) (10.02.2009 04:24pm)
  • Lara: You guys have completely outdone yourselves! These pictures are absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to see that rest of the shots.... (10.02.2009 07:48pm)


Hope + Adam | September 6th 2009

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September 28, 2009

Written by Davina Palik, photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

So we’re a little behind on our blogging, as you can see, but we’re catching up, I promise! We’ve been uber busy but things are starting to slow down… slowly but surely. I’m actually leaving for Brussels and Amsterdam in less than a week so I’ve got loads to do before I go. I’ll be sure to recap my trip for you when I return.

Now to Hope and Adam’s wedding! They were just such a lovely couple, it’s hard to know where to begin. When we got to their hotel room, we never would have thought it was their wedding day. They were so calm, just chilling out and getting ready slowly, without even a hint of stress. They were so googoo-gaga over each other, you would think that their love was brand new! Needless to say, photographing them was just effortless.

Daniel and I were also really excited to be shooting at the Belvedere room at the Montreal Science Center as the location is simply amazing. Right in the heart of Old Montreal, along the water, with city views that can’t be beat… what’s not to love? Just as we had hoped, it was just fabulous to photograph, just as the bride and groom were. By the way, Hope, Adam, we were so honored to have the privilege of being your legal witnesses. We’ve never signed a wedding document yet (except our own, of course!) and it felt great!

A few of our favorites:

How gorgeous is this photo Daniel took of Old Montreal? (Yes, I am his biggest fan)

  • Sasha: Second picture is a bomb! :) (10.04.2009 05:47am)


Kate + Christian | September 19th 2009

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September 24, 2009

Written and photographed by Davina Palik

What can I say about the wedding of my dear friend Kate? I am so lucky to have become so close to her over the last year and I am so, so honored to have been a part of her beautiful and very intimate wedding to the amazing Christian. It was by far, the most intimate and emotional wedding I’ve ever attended. Everything, from the books they created outlining their relationship, to the balloons they released in memory of lost loved ones, was so special and unique. Having photographed hundreds of weddings, “unique” isn’t a word I throw around, but it is definitely fitting for this wedding. Oh and need I even mention how adorable their Boston Terrier, Zidane, is? He was a big part of their day and was oh-so photogenic!

Congrats you two (or, three, I should say), love you!

When nature calls…

Zidane, sticking his tongue out at me during the ceremony!

My personal favorite:

The unofficial bridal party portrait:

  • Marie-Eve: I wish that instead of a comment, I could add a picture of the expression on my face. I ADORE THESE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They perfectly capture Kate and Christian's amazing day!! Way to go Dav! xoxo (09.24.2009 09:14am)
  • kate: there are no words dav. thank you from the bottom of our hearts. xo (09.24.2009 10:57am)
  • michelle: wow! just wow!! beautiful work davina! (09.24.2009 01:19pm)
  • davina + daniel: you are AMAZINGLY talented! i'm very proud of you sweetie! (09.24.2009 01:31pm)
  • Kristin Partin: Just thought i would introduce myself..your images are so unique, fresh and inspiring and they allow me to see your passion. thanks for the photos, kris (09.24.2009 01:35pm)
  • magali: yay! I was looking forward to these! they are beautiful! (09.24.2009 02:15pm)
  • annalie: Davina these are gorgeous! i had tears in my eyes looking through the post and i don't even know the couple. You can see their love. (09.24.2009 03:32pm)
  • Lisa: Wow, these are amazing. Beyond amazing! They are making me emotional! (09.24.2009 03:39pm)
  • Carlos: Sweet photos! (10.27.2009 10:41pm)
  • Luis Mateus: rockin photos! (03.11.2010 07:25am)


Jael + Patrick | September 19th 2009 | Keyport, NJ

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September 23, 2009

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Daniel Kudish, Chris Flint, and Jeremy Glover

Conveniently enough for Daniel, his two best friends, Chris and Jeremy, are two of our staff photographers. So when my good friend Kate’s wedding fell on the same weekend as the wedding of Jael and Patrick, just outside New York City, it was a no-brainer for him to bring his pals along. Best of all, they had a fantastic wedding to photograph, with an amazing couple who I was so disappointed to be missing out on! I wasn’t so disappointed, however, when I discovered that the boys started shooting at 6:30 am! Early wake-up call aside, they had a great time and by the looks of the photos, so did everyone in attendance.

Oh, and you might remember Jael and Patrick’s engagement shoot, which we did in Times Square back in April.

Check out our favorites:

And you can view their slideshow below:

  • Patrice Haughton: Girl, that was just beautiful. I love it. Thank you for sharing your day with me. Patrice (09.24.2009 05:56pm)
  • Jael Cayemitte: Usually I have lots to say. But this time, I m so blown away by the beauty of the photographs that I am speechless. Wow. Amazing. Thanks agiin for capturing these precious moments. (09.24.2009 06:59pm)
  • Mike et Gloria Watts: Wow, Great minds put together great events. We truly enjoyed ourselves on your wedding day and these photos capture the spirit of the day. It makes it easier to share this occasion with the friends here in Detroit French. Thank you Patrick and Jael, Frere and Soeur Abellard for inviting us to share this moment with you. (09.24.2009 11:39pm)
  • Jael Cayemitte: Davina, Everyone was asking for you! (09.25.2009 01:37pm)
  • Hadassa Francois: That was beautiful. I think every moment was captured. (09.25.2009 04:10pm)
  • Fredeline: IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LUUUUUUUUVVVVVVVVV Ya picxz....OMGGG...ii luv yew jael & patrick...Dese picz r sooo pretttiiii....I hav such a gorgeous olda sistah....n a handsum brutha...Lol (09.26.2009 10:20pm)
  • Jacquise Seraphin: What can I say sweetie your wedding was by far the most breath taking event that i've had the honor of attending. It captured you it was so personalized, the dresses were STUNNING, the reception hall was absolutely GORGEOUS,everything about that day was perfect and I am over joyed that I was part of your fairy tale. (09.29.2009 10:32am)
  • Terri kautu: I love the pictures!...woww..!! congratulations to both of you!.. your sister from Kiribati. in christian love terri Kautu. (10.01.2009 11:49am)
  • Ariel Barrow: I love these pictures... one of my favorite couples in the world!! ;-) (10.13.2009 08:02pm)


Blog love from 100 Layer Cake

September 23, 2009

How sweet it is to be featured on 100 Layer Cake. One of my daily blog indulgences!
Check it out here.

  • Johanna: Love it!!! Thanks for including Noah and I :) And what a great site, super cool! wish I had seen it before we got married. (09.23.2009 08:34pm)