Connie + Steven | New York, NY

January 20, 2010

Written by Davina Palik, photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

Daniel and I just got back from New York where i unsuccessfully shopped for a wedding dress, we participated in the Great Bridal Expo in Time Square (success level tbd) and we FINALLY got to do another photoshoot! We were itching to get out there and photograph again, and Connie and Steven, as well as their amazing New York apartment, were a great way for us to start our new year.

Connie and Steven just got engaged a few weeks ago and are having a destination wedding next fall so they’re new to all this planning stuff. Little do they know they’ve got quite a long road ahead of them… (can you tell it’s starting to get to me?!).

Here are a few of our favorites from the shoot:

  • romin: love love love the second -- fantastic gesture. :) (01.21.2010 11:56am)
  • kate: OMG! i LOVE the last one!!! (01.21.2010 07:56pm)
  • bernie: Yup... that's great work once again guys! (01.29.2010 12:15am)
  • Sarah Kealing: I looooove love love that close up with the light in the middle. ...and the hands. the hands one is gorgeous. WIsh I could workshop with you guys! Someday... (02.12.2010 07:33pm)



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January 8, 2010

We’re back from Mystic 5 and we had a wonderful time! We met tons of fantastic photographers, attended several seminars and consumed many, many drinks (hey, it was basically one big party)!
The days were really long and there was very little sleep to be had in between so we’re quite tired, but mostly we are inspired, motivated, and so so so excited to start our 2010 season. We’re at the Marions-Nous bridal show in Montreal this weekend (make sure to pop by our booth if you’re attending!) so we’ll be posting a few photos from that next week. Sorry it’s been a little slow on this blog of ours, we’re busy with some more boring stuff in the office (i.e. not taking photos) but we’ll be back into weddings soon enough!

In the meantime, here are some photos from the last 5 days. Warning: this post contains A LOT of photographer name dropping. You have been warned!

Sasha, Ross, and Lesya of Flosites and You + We Photography and me, checking out the blog Flosites created for us. By the way, what do you think? you like?Sasha and I had a hot pepper eat-off on our first night. He kicked my ass.The Canon vs. Nikon debate lives on. Here Daniel is getting familiar with the video features on the new Canon 7D.Vlad, sharing some footage with Stacey Doyle, which he can now use as blackmail. (Check out Vlad’s wedding photos, shot by Ben Chrisman, they are amazing!)During Mystic, we learned that photographers are pretty good singers too. Karaoke was a huge hit!Sasha explores the wonders of Nikon, this time he tries out a self portrait:John Michael Cooper (still can’t believe we got to meet him and his wife Dalisa – they are superstars!) using the computer as a lightbox to look at some negatives.We were lucky enough to spend much of our time with Dave and Quin of DQ Studios. We were huge fans of their work but we had no idea they would be such great people too! This is what we did the whole time we were together:Our fellow Montrealers, Tim and Angela, couldn’t resist eitherA huge highlight was getting Jerry Ghionis to take a portrait of us (this photo was taken by Angela). Jerry’s a huge name in the world of wedding photography so it was quite an honor!DQ got a piece of the portrait action too. Daniel took this one!The day we were supposed to be heading back home, we got a call from Ross who was in New York (waiting to catch his flight back to Moldova where he lives), and he managed to convince us to go and meet up with them. We hung out at Jason Groupp‘s studio and later had diner with Angelica Glass (LOVE her!), Southern Weddings’ Lara Casey, Jason Groupp’s Lindsey Thorne, and photographer genius Joey Lawrence, among others. We are still on a cloud from meeting all these people we admire!

This is Lara and Joey:and Lindsey:and of course Angelica who is seen here on her trusty iphone (the second most popular photographer’s tool,¬†apparently!)the end!

  • Dave Cheung: YEAH!!! LOVE THEM!! So great to finally meet u kids :) Soooo fun to hang. Great memories in great photos ... thanks for sharing and .... get iPhones already!!! :D:D:D:D hugs&luv (01.08.2010 11:09am)
  • kate: looks like you had an amazing time guys! must have been so inspiring! xo (01.08.2010 12:04pm)
  • Sasha: Love these pictures, especially the self-portrait of that handsome man! :) (01.09.2010 02:04am)
  • Lesya: GREAT photos guys, miss you already! (01.09.2010 06:44pm)
  • Quin Cheung: ow owwwwww! (01.09.2010 07:41pm)
  • aga: awesome photos as usual! bummer we had to miss mystic but even bigger bummer, we missed the GTG in NYC and thus meeting the two of you! Perhaps next time... (01.17.2010 06:10am)
  • Emma: I wish I had connected with you guys in your work! Next time! (01.26.2010 04:59pm)
  • Walter van Dusen: I'm really glad you had fun at Mystic 5. I now hope you have "more" fun at Mystic 6 ;-) Walter (03.17.2010 05:27am)


Happy New Year!

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January 3, 2010

Happy New Year! We wish you all the best in 2010! We are so excited to get this year started and we’ve got so many exciting projects on the way.

We are writing to you from Mystic 5 in Connecticut, a big photography conference where we are having the chance to meet with some amazing photographers and hear how many of them run their business. It is really interesting and so much fun!

We’ll be away for a little while so until our next post, we wanted to share some of our New Year’s party photobooth photos with you. We threw a party for some of our closest friends and it was a blast (hats were mandatory). Here are a few of our favorites:

davina + daniel new year photobooth pictures
  • Quin Cheung: Yay we finally got to meet you at Mystic and you're just as cute (if not cute-er) in person as in pictures! Congrats on the new blog, it looks awesome! (01.05.2010 02:49am)
  • erin woolsey: aww sweet! what a great theme and awesome photo booth. looks like you brought in the new year in one amazing way :D (01.19.2010 11:47pm)