Bonnie + Dave | November 6th, 2010 | Montreal, QC

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November 15, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish.

I think Dave described this wedding best when he said, “this wedding is a total reflection of Bonnie: understated elegance.” The Auberge Saint-Gabriel, in the heart of Old Montreal was the perfect location for their romantic evening ceremony and reception. One of my favorite moments from the day was the few seconds before Bonnie walked down the aisle as she waited on the other side of the old wooden doors, with the glow of the candlelight illuminating her slightly… The anticipation was palpable and the setting was so dramatic and romantic, it was a moment that took my breath away and I feel so lucky to have witnessed it.

Bonnie and Dave also gave us some of the sweetest, most sincere speeches we’ve ever heard (I hope Daniel was taking notes, because our own wedding is just a few months away!). The love and appreciation they so eloquently expressed to one another, in front of their friends and family, was just beautiful.

Special thanks to our new intern, Jean-Michel, who came to help us out and contributed to this post.
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  • fer juaristi: you guys really know how to roll. awesome post. (11.15.2010 10:17am)
  • Quin: My favorite shot is the reception one through the glasses! You guys did a spectacular job!!! You're always pushing it! (11.15.2010 10:42am)
  • Nataly D.: Beautiful! I've always loved the Auberge St-Gabriel and with the candlelight, it can be so intimate and elegant. Great work guys! :) (11.15.2010 11:32am)
  • Micah & Megan: Really killer compositions guys! Love her getting ready shot and the kiss. This whole shoot has such a wonderful mood. Great use of light. (11.15.2010 12:00pm)
  • Natan: Only one word : SUPERB Congrats from Spain. (11.15.2010 04:36pm)
  • Abby: These pictures are just beautiful. The wedding was exquisite. You both look so very happy. MAZEL TOV again. I wish you love, happiness, health and patience in your lives together. (11.15.2010 06:52pm)
  • Julia: Such warmth. One of my favourite sets. (11.16.2010 06:07am)
  • Richard from Purplest: Another great set! Loving the lighting and reflection! Have a safe trip to Mexico! (11.16.2010 09:23am)
  • Christina Craft: Another gorgeous post. You always make me want to see more and more!! (11.16.2010 09:21pm)
  • Golda Peres: amazing pictures, i just could not stop myself commenting on this... great photography, effects made the pictures lively. (11.17.2010 02:36pm)
  • Sergio Mejia: Two words: surprising and amazing. (12.03.2010 09:12pm)
  • Gulnara: Those are incredible!! (12.06.2010 11:14pm)
  • reggie: WOW... I'm at a lost for words.... and that don't happen much. (12.07.2010 02:32pm)
  • nadine austin: Really amazing and great perspectives! (12.29.2010 11:36am)


Vera + Fred | October 10th, 2010 | Sausalito, CA

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November 10, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish.

We always love seeing how wedding days come together: the roles a couples’ friends and families play, the food they serve, the details they choose to include. There are so many personal choices and touches that can be included into a wedding day, and seeing what couples choose to do with their day is always really interesting to see.

Usually we have to wait for the actual wedding day to see it unfold, but in the case of Vera and Fred’s wedding, we got to come along for the whole ride through Vera’s blog. Like me, she choose to share her planning experience – from every insignificant detail to eye-opening experience – with the web world. I loved following along as she searched for cute ideas and inspiration and I especially enjoyed the “real” moments of reflection she shared, like the moment she felt herself turning into a bridezilla (her words, not mine!) and then took a moment to focus on what was really important.

Vera and Fred, thanks for taking us along as you planned your big day, and thanks for allowing us to capture the result!

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  • daniel stark: awesome you guys! i love how your using strobes with the getting ready shots. puts an awesome spin on it! very creative! love it! cheers! (11.10.2010 12:40pm)
  • Adam Kealing: phenomenal. The last one is so fantastic :) (11.10.2010 01:53pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: Man the shot of the converging masts...OMG! You guys are inspiring me to use more off-cam during the getting ready. Oh so many new things to try next year! Great season guys. Hope to see you in the NW soon, just not shooting weddings. I don't need the competition ;-) ..LOL! (11.11.2010 02:52am)
  • Cathy: LOVE the shot of the guitar player next to the stained glass window!!! Amazing shots as always. (11.12.2010 12:28pm)
  • name*Jules: message*I'd been following her blog too (she made one of the first mentions I saw of you guys that made me fall in love with your work and book you too!). Beautifully touching photos. (11.13.2010 04:19am)


Circus for two

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November 8, 2010

Written by Davina Palik
Photographed by Mikhail Kudish
“Modeled” (!) by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

If you happened to catch our interview with Crash Taylor a few months ago, you might have learned that Daniel actually grew up with photography. His father, Mikhail, is a talented fine art film photographer who first put a camera in Daniel’s hands, took him to workshops, and continually supports our work today.

Last winter, I asked him if he would photograph Daniel and I, in his signature style of black and white film. It took a few months for it to come together, but when he approached us with the circus idea, we were sold. Mikhail has been following the Shrine Circus in Montreal for 6 years now, documenting the characters and various goings-on backstage. So we joined him in between shows one afteroon, clad in our recently purchased vintage outfits, for a very unusual, un-official engagement session.

It was such an honor and a very special experience to be in front of Mikhail’s lens. And we can’t wait to see all of his hard work at the circus put together into a book that he has been working on. Thank you for these photos, Mikhail!

(Oh and can I just say that classifying this post as “day-to-day” is really amusing to me; like there’s anything mundane about getting dressed up and taking photos at a circus!)

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  • Shayna: Oh my god I LOVE the Avedon-esque shot with the elephants. I am 17 kinds of jealous right now. Amazing. (11.08.2010 02:44pm)
  • julie: I just finished reading, Water for Elephants and these pictures look as though they could have come right from the narrative! (11.08.2010 03:21pm)
  • Adam Kealing: too much fun :) (11.08.2010 05:48pm)
  • Casia Fletcher: OMG!!! Crazy COOL! (11.08.2010 09:01pm)
  • adeleine: What an amazing shot... (11.10.2010 02:53pm)
  • Dave Cheung: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! (11.12.2010 10:24pm)
  • name*nadine austin: What an amazing shoot! (12.21.2010 09:18pm)


Debbie + Fady | September 25th, 2010 | Montreal, QC

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November 1, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Debbie and Fady gave us one of the most fun engagement sessions we’ve ever photographed, and their wedding certainly matched it. The day was all smiles and laughter, with a few tears thrown into the mix (courtesy of Debbie!). We’re always really sore the day after a wedding, but this time, even our cheeks were sore from all the contagious laughter.

We were thrilled when they gave us lots of portrait time spread out through the day and it was a no brainer to use the ad in the science center lobby, featuring naked people with labeled erogenous zones, for one of our photos. There are very few couples who this would be appropriate for, but with dirty jokes flying around all day, we just couldn’t resist doing this portrait!

Debbie and Fady, thank you for giving us one the happiest and real weddings we’ve ever attended.

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  • Richard from Purplest: Great job once again! LOVE the ass-grabbing shot though! (11.01.2010 02:35pm)
  • Quin: The first shot made me giggle. And yeah the ass grab is sweet. :o) (11.01.2010 03:31pm)
  • Adam Kealing: First one is awesome, and absolutely love the first kiss picture... Genius! (11.01.2010 03:56pm)
  • ed atrero: that reception shot with all the lanterns is ace! lovely work guys! :) (11.01.2010 05:16pm)
  • Micheal: Loving the darker frames guys! (11.02.2010 09:00am)
  • Larissa: Wow - that's quite the dancefloor grab! Love it, excellent work once again you two. (11.02.2010 09:08am)
  • James Fear Photography: ♥ These, so quirky and beautiful, think us Brits can learn something from you guys! (11.03.2010 11:55am)
  • Christina Craft: message*Looks like a totally fun wedding and the photos are brilliant! (11.03.2010 09:34pm)
  • Victor Herrera: I love this picture in Mexico said "Muy metaforica" (11.10.2010 11:57pm)