Jennifer + Matt | February 13th 2010 | Montreal, QC

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February 14, 2010

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photography by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Before we hit the road on our 2 months road trip across the USA, we promised Jennifer & Matt that we’d get them their wedding photos within a couple of days.

Over the winter holidays, they eloped to Mexico to officially get married, but promised all their friends back home an amazing party on Valentine’s day weekend. They chose Entrepot Dominion for their venue, one of the coolest loft spaces in Montreal, and skipped to whole sit-down dinner in exchange for some mini-burgers and other cocktails.

Before the party, Jennifer & Matt got ready at the W Hotel in Montreal, which gave us an ideal backdrop for some indoor photos. Here a few of our favorites!

Elyna from Unity Weddings did an amazing job with the decor, and setup this fabulous sweet table. The giant cupcake cake is a Jessica Berard creation.

  • Mark: Excellent images. I love the first photo, the second silhouette in the red, and the ring shot. (02.14.2010 07:49pm)
  • Mariette: Hi Jennifer & Matt, these pictures are fabulous! Love MOM (02.14.2010 08:20pm)
  • Brandon Wong: Wow... just wow. Too many favorites on here to list, and that's saying a lot for a short blog post. (02.14.2010 11:22pm)
  • Jasser Abu-Giemi: I think this is one of your best weddings. Awesome work. #1 and #5 are intense. (02.15.2010 03:11am)
  • Sergio Photographer: awesome photos!!! My fave is the 5th!!!!! (02.15.2010 02:47pm)
  • Amanda Richelle: Wow, guys, smashing! I love the 5th one enough to drive up to Canada-land and hug you. (well, not literally, but, ya know...) (02.16.2010 12:21am)
  • Hooman: Fantastic work as always. Really dig your style. Well done! (02.16.2010 09:56am)
  • Sarah Kealing: Wow wow wow wow. Ahhhhmazing. I love that first one with the mirror. Such a great job. (02.17.2010 11:12am)
  • ed atrero: excellente! #6 is my faves! (02.19.2010 12:41am)
  • wani: hey guys, just saw your interview on crash's site and i was really blown away by your images. your use of colour, shapes, shadows and reflections is stunning and i definitely be following your work from now on. have a great weekend. :-) (08.06.2010 04:00pm)
  • Louis Blythe: WOW! You guy's are great! Love it! (11.29.2011 10:52pm)
  • Asian Wedding Photographer: Wow, these are great photos. Love them all. (02.24.2013 08:26am)


Laura + Scott | February 6th 2010 | Saint-Antoine, QC

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February 8, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

I am positively giddy about today’s post! Daniel and I were dying to photograph a wedding after a long 2 month break (what can I say, we love our jobs!) and we were incredibly pumped to get started on Laura and Scott’s wedding day. I actually bounced out of bed that morning and I never (I mean, NEVER!) have an easy time waking up (seriously, ask Daniel).

And we really couldn’t have asked for a better couple to kick off our new year. They were just fantastic to work with. Laura told us that after they booked us, photography was the only thing she didn’t ever worry about leading up to the wedding day, and i think this trust in us was part of what made the day so smooth for everyone. It also helped that both Laura and Scott were great in front of the camera! We can always tell who pays close attention to our blog – they know how to work it! And work it they most certainly did; including more than one pretty steamy make-out session!

Here are a few of our favorites from the day:

  • kate mefford: Out of this world. Insanely beautiful work, guys. WOWZERS. (02.08.2010 10:39am)
  • Jasser Abu-Giemi: That's an incredibly gorgeous wedding! (02.08.2010 10:42am)
  • Steve Gerrard: Setting the bar high so early on guys! :) A great set of images. They were right not to worry about their photography. (02.08.2010 11:09am)
  • ferjuaristi: what an amazing wedding! lovely work guys (02.08.2010 11:11am)
  • Sergio: Beautiful work! The shot of the walking down the aisle with dad is so exquisite. (02.08.2010 01:00pm)
  • Sasha: Fabulous images! (02.08.2010 04:06pm)
  • Daniel Aguilar: Elegant, sexy and beautiful!! (02.08.2010 04:23pm)
  • amy: i looove the reception hall. just the right kind of antique: the beautiful kind. where is it? (02.08.2010 05:38pm)
  • bernie: That's some SERIOUS shots! You guys are A-M-A-zing! (02.08.2010 11:42pm)
  • ross: Great job guys! (02.09.2010 05:36am)
  • Foto Strada Facendo: Soooooooo Beautiful! Wonderful light, both colour and B/W! :) (02.09.2010 01:21pm)
  • matilda: awesome! :) i love the dressing up ones! :) (02.11.2010 02:28am)
  • Will Pateman Photography: Love your work ...great set of images love the tree shot with the bride and groom hiding excelllent (02.13.2010 05:54am)


D+D hit the road!

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February 3, 2010

Written by Daniel

Ever since we came back from our trip to Thailand last winter, we knew that our next big adventure would be a road trip across the USA. After over a year of researching, planning, getting a newer car, and more researching and planning, we are finally in the last 2 weeks before hitting the road! We are setting out on this trip to see everything (or almost) that this country has to offer, meet some amazing people, and of course, take as many pictures as possible.

Although we will be posting a little bit about our trip on this blog, we have started a new one, SO THIS IS THE U.S. EH? where we will be putting up the most photos & up-to-dates. You can also follow us on Twitter @danielkudish @davinapalik or be-friend us on Facebook.

So where exactly are we going? Here’s a list and map of our itinerary. If you are along our route, or somewhere close, and would like to meet up with us for coffee/lunch/supper, or would like a photo session, please get in touch with us!

New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Alburquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, The Four Corners, Las Vegas, San Diego, L.A. , San Fransisco, Reno, Salt Late City, Denver, Mt-Rushmore, Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit.

davina + daniel roadtrip itinerary
  • David Pullum: You lucky pair, I would love to do that, enjoy. (02.03.2010 07:21am)
  • amy: i'm curious, why san antonio and not austin? i ask because i've heard austin is a lot cooler (cultural capitol of texas). have fun, don't fall asleep while driving, and enjoy the sunshine. (02.03.2010 07:59am)
  • davina + daniel: amy: while doing our research, we found that there was much more to do in San Antonio. Regardless, we're going to be spending a lot of time in Texas, driving around the backroads, so I'm sure we'll get a good feel for it! (02.03.2010 10:35am)
  • Richard Pham: is that supposed to be a maple leaf? ;) (02.03.2010 10:49am)
  • Quin Cheung: When you hit Utah, just detour straight north until you see a "Welcome to Calgary" sign. Trust me, you will need the cappuccinos we'll make for you! :o) Looks like an amazing trip guys! Have fun! We'll be anxiously awaiting your amazing pics!!! (02.03.2010 11:13am)
  • Alicia Stepp-Woody: Just wanted to say that I'm a HUGE fan of your work and can't wait to see all your US travels! If you get a wild hair - swing up to Dallas, I'll take the two of you our for dinner/drinks! <3 (02.03.2010 02:51pm)
  • James Davidson: That is one fantastic road-trip, very very jealous! (02.04.2010 01:44pm)
  • s h e r r y: That is AWESOME. It's one of my life goals to road trip around the US! (02.04.2010 04:42pm)
  • Chantale@labellebride: hey guys. whoa. this is one. serious. road trip! we're thinking of doing colorado to utah to arizona to cali in the spring. feel free to pass along any tips! or websites you're finding handy... (02.15.2010 04:00pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn: Hey DD, so nice meeting you both in Vegas. I wanted to say that you MUST see Zion National Park. It is like nothing you've ever seen. If the river is hikable, I'd highly recommend doing a few hours up The Narrows. You won't regret it. Check out my Facebook album to see what you are in for. Also, Antelope Canyon near Page, AZ is close to your route. This is a MUST as well. Slot canyons galore. You'll need to hire a native guide for about $20 but it will be worth it. Be well and be safe! (03.13.2010 10:51pm)
  • Nick Everitt: What an awesome looking trip, very jealous! My wife and I did the bits around San Francisco and Vegas about 10 years ago and it was amazing, would love to go and do all those other stops you have planned! (04.28.2010 09:43pm)
  • Devon Photographer: Wow did you travel to all those places? I really envy you guys for having such time to travel with the most important person in your life - This is really envious. (07.19.2010 09:28am)