Tavia + Ruben | San Diego, CA

March 29, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photography by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Tavia and Ruben first contacted us a few months ago, while we were planning this roadtrip. They are both into photography and wedding blogs and have been following us for a while now, so when they saw that we were coming by San Diego, they graciously offered to host us. This sounded a bit strange to some people, but for us, meeting new people was a big part of what this roadtrip is all about, so we took them up on their offer. We really lucked out with these two – they were so hospitable and kind, and soooo much fun! We really hit it off with them and spending 4 days at a stranger’s home wasn’t weird at all!

There are so many obviously beautiful places in San Diego: Balboa park, the many beaches, and Spanish-style architecture, but we opted for something a little more challenging and a lot more meaningful to them by just wandering around their neighborhood.

Here are some of our favorites from the shoot:

  • Steve Gerrard: ACE. (03.29.2010 12:52pm)
  • Samaria: I love your use of light+shadows, and the parking garage shot from above is rockin! That needs to be printed huge=) (03.29.2010 12:53pm)
  • fer juaristi: Dudes, you rock it! killer comps and the use of light is insane! (03.29.2010 12:54pm)
  • Naila: LOVE the floor shot!! (03.29.2010 01:00pm)
  • Sasha: Really cool! (03.29.2010 02:40pm)
  • Bernie: Superb! I ♥ shot #3 (03.30.2010 10:27pm)
  • Luis Mateus: nice pics. Wonderful and full of love! (03.31.2010 09:25am)
  • Ruben Parra: Great Images !!! Congrats! (04.01.2010 03:30pm)
  • Tavia + Ruben | September 11th | Santa Barbara, CA | davina + daniel | wedding photography: [...] San Diego. It felt so natural to hang out with them and we had the best time, especially during our engagement session, where we really saw their personalities shine! Since then, Daniel and I have looked forward to [...] (10.12.2010 09:02am)


Emilia + Bill | San Diego, CA

March 22, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

While in San Diego, we took the opportunity to meet Emilia and Bill, whose wedding we’ll be photographing next July near Boston. We’ve been in touch with them for about a year now, but had never actually met them in person so we were really happy to get the chance to do so! We met up with them for dinner, drinks, and to listen to their extensive record collection… but of course, we couldn’t resist taking a few photos here and there! We had such a great evening with them, including excellent wine and some of the best oysters we’ve ever tasted!
These are a little different than what you might be used to seeing from us and that’s what made it so much fun for us! Enjoy!

I just love the way they decorated their place. Emilia writes a blog, so it’s no surprise that she’s got great taste!

  • Ari S.: You guys are so badass. I'm lovin it! ~Ari (03.24.2010 03:19pm)
  • Emilia: These are so cool! I love the way they came out. Thank you for hanging out and for makin' us look hot! (03.24.2010 03:39pm)
  • annalie young: Ooh I love them all! Loving the 'different', although still wonderfully davina+daniel-esque. (03.24.2010 03:55pm)
  • noa (feather love photography): are you f'ing kidding me!!??? these are SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for the wedding :) (03.24.2010 03:57pm)
  • kostya: You guys Rock. I really enjoy your blog posts (03.24.2010 06:42pm)
  • Jenna: Love it! Bill looks so happy in the record store :p (03.24.2010 07:38pm)
  • kate mefford: LOVE. Our Millie's real name is Emilia, which is pretty rare to see compared to the masses of Amelias. She does justice to the name and then some, and you guys did an uber amazing job with this shoot. (03.24.2010 11:18pm)
  • Emilia: Kate - I'm a Millie too! That has been my nickname since middle school! I've never known another! so cool! (03.25.2010 01:01am)
  • Meve: HOT STUFF! Love these pictures. (03.25.2010 10:38am)
  • ed atrero: awesome session guys! (03.26.2010 01:20pm)
  • romin: holy crap. can't wait for our portrait session :) (03.27.2010 12:31am)
  • luis Mateus: Rockin photos! (03.31.2010 09:28am)
  • jim: These are great! Bill face in the record store is priceless. 2 things he loves: emilia & music. (03.31.2010 11:57am)
  • joanna goddard: these are SO amazing!! (04.07.2010 01:37pm)
  • kristine: i love love these =) (06.22.2010 04:49pm)


Brianna + Ewan | Las Vegas, NV

posted in Casual Sessions
March 15, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish

While in Vegas, Daniel and I had a beautiful room in the “west wing” of the MGM (we were upgraded for no reason, but we were happy to take it!). We couldn’t stop seeing potential photos everywhere so we asked Brianna and Ewan (pronounced YOU-WIN, as we discovered!), fellow married photographers, if they would let us “use them” for a mini-session. It was our second shoot in a row where our subjects were fellow wedding photographers and I have to say, it is a little intimidating, but a whole lot of fun!

Here are a few:

  • Daniel Stark: awesome! love all the reflections and lighting---nice work! have fun on your road trip! (03.15.2010 11:24am)
  • Brianna Phelan: I just wanted to say thank you. 1) For being such awesome people. 2) For being so generous. 3) For being so damn talented. We love them and love you two and can't wait to see you again next month. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. (03.15.2010 12:00pm)
  • romin: so much fun! my room was so ugly i had to take my couple out to the desert to shoot them :) (03.15.2010 04:16pm)
  • ohana photographers: beautifully genuine images of beautifully genuine people. loves bri and ewan we do. (03.15.2010 04:49pm)
  • Ewan Phelan: What an awesome thing to come upon today. Thanks a million guys. They are gorgeous. It was so wonderful to meet you guys and spend time with you in Vegas. Can't wait to see you next month and return the favour. I have some great ideas for the two of you. Be nervous, haha. (03.15.2010 06:52pm)
  • Eileen Broderick: These are beautiful. Love the lighting--so simple yet dramatic. Really nice. And damn--they're cute! (03.15.2010 08:03pm)
  • Luis Mateus: Great as usual. Nice pics (03.16.2010 06:39am)
  • Yair Estrada-Wagner: WOW!!! Great shoot. Ewan and Briana look adorable. Love to see this. (03.16.2010 08:44pm)
  • Cindy: amazing lighting of some of my favorite photographers! these are magical! (03.18.2010 10:48am)
  • Heather Kincaid: You guys totally rocked this session! I love how you captured Ewan and Brianna- so perfect. :) (03.19.2010 10:40pm)


Kristiaan + Lionel | Washington, DC

March 12, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photography Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

As you might know by now, we’re off on our roadtrip at the moment, but it hasn’t been all fun and games! We’ve been doing a little work here and there too. Well actually, the photoshoot we did with Kristiaan and Lionel was a whole lot of fun so I guess we’re not entitled to complain now, are we?

Photographing in Washington, DC was a whole new experience for us and the beautiful train station was the perfect setting for their vintage-themed engagement session. They were amazing subjects to photograph and i think that the fact that they are wedding photographers too might have something to do with it!

Kristiaan and Lionel are getting married in Mexico next November and we can’t freaking wait! In the meantime, here are a few shots we managed to edit on our laptop while on the road:

  • Sasha: Sweeeeet photos!!! (03.12.2010 02:49am)
  • ari S: Dang. Killer set! I love em all, especially the one with the rollerflex. Keep em coming! ~ari (03.12.2010 03:57am)
  • Lionel: First let me pick up my jaw... and everything else that is floored right now... WOW you guys are not only awesome but you totally exceeded my expectations!!! I was actually getting chills looking at these! AMAZING, AWESOME, FRESH, FUN, CREATIVE, WOW AND WOW! p.s. Kristiaan - you are so hot! :) (03.12.2010 06:34am)
  • kate mefford: Stunning! Love all of the leading lines, guys. (03.12.2010 10:22am)
  • Brandon: First and last two are out of this world. Amazing stuff guys. (03.12.2010 01:40pm)
  • Brianna Phelan: A favourite set, for sure. Beautiful work D&D! (03.12.2010 07:57pm)
  • Anil Tohani: Lovely work you guys (03.13.2010 07:20pm)
  • romin: freaking. love. you guys are awesome. (03.14.2010 03:17am)
  • Alison: Really beautiful photos! Composition, moment and light are spot on! (03.15.2010 12:35am)
  • Micheal B: Absolutely loving this session and models! (03.15.2010 04:59pm)
  • Luis Mateus: great stuff!!! Wonderful (03.16.2010 06:36am)
  • Jeni: Fantastic images. Love them. I will def be checking back to look at your future work (03.17.2010 03:41pm)
  • Miłosz Bolechowski: Those two with Rollei are brilliant! (03.18.2010 11:34am)
  • Been a while: [...] and I finally put some photos on our wall, she purchased some prints for my birthday from our Esession with Davina and Daniel.  They so rock!  But thats a touchy subject because we lost our wedding location (looong story) [...] (08.23.2010 01:34pm)


we’re travelin’!

posted in Travel
March 2, 2010

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photography by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

2 weeks ago, we took off on a 2 month road trip across the USA. We have been trying our best to stay on top of our emails, but if you haven’t heard back from us yet, we’ll get in touch very soon!

In the meantime, here a few photos from the trip, and you can follow us on our roadtrip blog HERE: http://davinaplusdaniel.com/roadtrip

  • Alicia Stepp-Woody: LOVE all your pictures and that you are documenting a trip across the US. Too cool. So neat that you guys are doing this! :) (03.02.2010 02:49pm)
  • Hooman: I'm a HUGE fan. Fantastic. (03.02.2010 03:19pm)
  • daniel usenko: do you guys post these images to make others' jealous? Traveling + your loved one + Photography = the best thing ever. Have fun. I am sure this will be one of the best times in your life (03.03.2010 09:31pm)
  • ferjuaristi: awesome pics dude. (03.06.2010 11:40am)
  • erin woolsey: holy snikies, i don't even know which one to say i like most! they are all seriously amazing. wow. (03.06.2010 06:14pm)
  • Gabe: great images. now you two have to make it up to Calgary...i wanna shoot you guys :) (03.30.2010 01:05pm)