Montreal Children’s Hospital Fundraiser

April 21, 2010

Written by Davina Palik

I’m so happy to announce that i’ll be working in collaboration with the montreal children’s hospital foundation to raise funds for the incredible work they do.

This is a cause that we really believe in and we hope you’ll help us spread the word!

  • Sarah Kealing: What a wonderful idea!! and what an ADORABLE LITTLE GIRL! Way to go changing the world for the better... (04.28.2010 07:37pm)


Catching up / Recap

April 20, 2010

Written by Daniel Kudish

A lot of things have been happening here while we were on our roadtrip and even more since we’ve come home last week. We’re heading back on the road this week, to Toronto, for a wedding, two engagement shoots, and two 1-on-1 workshops! We’re really excited about starting up the wedding season again, but in the meantime, here’s a little visual recap of what’s been going on:

We started an online Etsy Shop, with our favorite photos from the roadtrip. 8×12 prints are 20$ !

We’ve been working on launching our separate websites, to promote our non-wedding photography (commercial, pets, babies, maternity). Davina’s website should be up in the upcoming weeks.

One of our favorite blogs, Once Wed, posted a little feature on us:

Kristiaan + Lionel’s engagement shoot was featured on a couple of blogs, WedLuxe (below) and and Andre Winfrye Events‘ blog.

Emilia, of our recent Emilia + Bill shoot, writes her own blog Auburn + Ivory. Their shoot also appeared in several other places. First, on Erin Ever After‘s blog…

Then on the Project Wedding, One Lovely Day blog and  finally, on the very cool HiFi Weddings blog

Lastly (for the blogs), yesterday morning, a UK blog,  BeyondBeyond posted Tavia + Ruben’s San Diego engagement shoot.

During our trip, we were also lucky enough to have some of our photographer friends do a session with us. First with Sasha of You + We, in SoCal (one of our favorites is below)

And a couple of weeks later, Romin of SaiaWeddings, came down from Seattle with his little family to spend a day with us in the north of California and do a photo session!

There’s lots more going on so we’ll be keeping you up to date very soon!

  • Hi-Fi Weddings: look at all those features and accomplishments! yay :) congrats! (04.20.2010 03:31pm)
  • romin: you guys rock. we love you and can't wait for your next road trip. congrats with all the awesome recent buzz! it is so deserved :) (04.20.2010 06:29pm)
  • Adam: Holy Cow you guys are awesome! I have no idea how you have enough time to do all the things you do, but whatever you're doing don't stop, because I LOVE it! (04.21.2010 09:26am)
  • Sasha: Vary nice! :) (04.21.2010 11:54am)


Katrina + Brandon | Santa Monica, CA

posted in Casual Sessions
April 5, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Continuing our roadtrip up the California coast, we headed to Orange County where our hosts were photographers Katrina and Brandon. Like Tavia and Ruben, when Brandon saw that we were going to be in his area, he kindly offered to have us stay with them and we were happy to accept. He also mentioned that he and Katrina would love a photo session with us and let’s face it, any excuse to take photos in the delicious California light is a good one!
Katrina and Brandon weren’t particularly excited about our choice of location, the overly photographed Santa Monica beach and pier, but being out-of-towners, this spot was brand new to us and we were excited to do our own thing there.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • kirsten lewis: Killer session you guys! Love, love, love the volleyball shot. (04.05.2010 08:49am)
  • Brandon + Katrina: Daniel + Davina, we knew from the start that these were going to blow our minds and be completely original from all of the other photographers that shot there. What is there not to say about these pictures? They are beautiful. Thank you so much for shooting us, we had such a fun time despite freezing our butts off walking along the pier :) P.S. That volleyball shot is my favorite engagement picture I have ever seen. It was definitely worth the wait. (04.05.2010 11:22am)
  • Jan Garcia: KICK ASS!! wow, all so beautiful and brilliant. But my favorite would have to be the silhouette w/ the biker and the ferris wheel in the background. Beautifully executed. (04.05.2010 02:36pm)
  • daniel usenko: that image of them sitting on the grass with the shadows of the palm trees - sooooo tasty (04.05.2010 02:41pm)
  • Olivia Brown: Amazing! Brandon, you must be so thrilled with these. Love the last one of Brandon laughing. Super nice!! (04.05.2010 05:32pm)
  • Steve Young: very inspirational! the biker shot is superb! (04.05.2010 05:39pm)
  • ben chrisman: insanely good. and davina, you get the award of the day for the volleyball shot. that's some vision. (04.05.2010 08:01pm)
  • romin: that seagull shot is out of this world, as is the volleyball shot. i can see why you two were so excited to post this one! :) (04.06.2010 02:10am)
  • Daniel Stark: these are are freaking amazing! nice work! (04.06.2010 12:29pm)
  • ed atrero: these are so killer guys! love the shot with the palms. great success!!! :) (04.06.2010 04:06pm)
  • luis Mateus: Powerful stuff! Great as usual (04.08.2010 08:45am)
  • Michael Movsyesov: Wow! Unbelievable! I have just been hit with a new wave of inspiration. (04.12.2010 01:11pm)
  • paula leme: wow, your work is simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (04.12.2010 08:39pm)
  • Ruben Parra: wow thw volleyball frame is sick ! amazing serie (04.13.2010 02:09pm)
  • Nick Everitt: Awesome set of photos, best use of shadow, light and silhouettes I have ever seen in a series of images! (04.13.2010 06:43pm)
  • Samaria: i love these...such a pretty session! (04.15.2010 12:14am)
  • fer juaristi: amazing series, that second shot is a killer! (04.15.2010 09:41pm)
  • Julie Kim: WOWWWEEE! Breathtaking. Love every one of them. (04.18.2010 04:22pm)
  • Will Pateman Photography: Great vision and wonderful light (04.19.2010 08:58am)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: Every SINGLE one of these is wall worthy. Amazing work guys! At this point, consider yourselves stalked that is. (04.28.2010 01:22am)
  • Rafa: Wow, great session, congrats! (05.03.2010 05:36pm)
  • Karen Strunks: I can only add to the compliments! The sunset/silhouette images are breathtaking :) (05.04.2010 01:30pm)