Emily + Bobby | Montreal, QC

May 21, 2010

Written & Photographed by Daniel Kudish.

While Davina was away (once more) on a trip to Europe, we finally got some nice weather and I had a chance to schedule Emily & Bobby’s engagement shoot. We had been in touch for several months now, as they originally wanted to do the shoot in the snow – in a way, I’m kind of happy it didn’t happen because shooting in the cold isn’t very fun! Regardless, these two were really great in front of the camera, as I dragged them around downtown for 3hrs, and had them make out on St-Catherine street, in front of lingerie stores, and inside adult movie theaters. I can’t wait to photograph these two in a couple of weeks when they tie the knot!

A big thank you to Richard Pham for coming out to help me on this shoot!

  • daniel usenko: duuuuuude. So many that I love. Probably the best set i've seen from you. Love the first one & the last one the most (05.21.2010 03:31pm)
  • Jenn: i LOOOVE the one in the grass and the close-up of them laughing... and in the reflection... OH OH and in front of the mannequins... OK nevermind... i love them all! (05.21.2010 03:35pm)
  • Beckie: LOVE these! So creative, and you really captured such love and fun between them. Wonderful images. (05.21.2010 03:36pm)
  • Jeremy: Daniel, fantastic use of light, reflections, emotions, and composition. I'm a huge fan. (05.21.2010 03:54pm)
  • Cynthia @ My Bridal Bids: What a beautiful couple! Especially love the shots of them in front of the neon lights. How creative!! Great post! :) (05.21.2010 03:57pm)
  • Michael: Such an awesome set! Wow. I'm in awe from all of these. (05.21.2010 04:02pm)
  • Rafa: Wow, great pictures all of them. Congrats man! (05.21.2010 05:07pm)
  • kirsten: Daniel, by far my most favorite session of yours. Honestly, each one is equally rockin'! (05.22.2010 11:43am)
  • Davidone: A really great stuff ! colors and reflections are stunning ! :) (05.22.2010 03:32pm)
  • brianna phelan: phenomenal. phenomenal, my friend. (05.22.2010 06:30pm)
  • Daniel Stark: you. are. awesome. (05.23.2010 12:10pm)
  • Bobby & Emily: We love the shots!!! Can't wait to see the rest of them. The neon one is scandalous ;) Thanks again for the great session. We had a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again at the wedding!! (05.23.2010 06:32pm)
  • David Josue: Lovely work my friend, insane colors and framing! (05.24.2010 07:17pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: You guys continue to blow me away!!! Amazing execution. (05.24.2010 11:35pm)
  • Liz: Beautiful images. I love the night ones especially. (05.26.2010 08:27am)
  • Jenna Shouldice: Daniel this post is amazing! One of my favourites definitely!! (05.26.2010 04:53pm)
  • fer juaristi: dude, what an amazing session, loving your framing, ideas and lighting, crazy sutff! cheers from MX (06.04.2010 07:13am)
  • Michel Feist: wow. blown away. these photos are amazing. (06.04.2010 08:50pm)
  • Nicole at Southern Weddings: Gorgeous couple! I'm in love with the third photo of them laughing/kissing. Some great moments were captured! (06.10.2010 12:23pm)


Larissa + Trevor | Toronto, ON

May 10, 2010

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

It’s alway such an honor when other wedding photographers want to get in front of our cameras. Larissa and Trevor, of Ambient Studios in Toronto, contacted us a couple of months ago, but weren’t engaged at the time. During a rock climbing trip in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago, Trevor popped the question, and we were even more excited to be photographing them when we heard the great news! With all four of us being engaged wedding photographers, we had so much to talk about! Sadly we didn’t have a chance to hang out much after the photo session, but we definitely plan to include them in our future travels to Toronto!

  • Larissa: Danvina + Daniel- I love them!! Thanks so much for this... it's so great to have creative photos of the two of us together- they're amazing and you guys were so great to work with! :D Lots of love being sent your way from Toronto... (05.10.2010 02:23pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: MORE MORE MORE please! These are really amazing! Great job guys! (05.10.2010 02:36pm)
  • luis mateus: Great work! amazing (05.10.2010 02:44pm)
  • Margot Issler-Brodkorb: Whow!!!! I knew my daughter was good looking,but those pix are amazing. Well it helps,to have such a handsome man beside here,right? Just love the colours !!!!! Can not wait to get some of those pictures!!!! Margot (05.10.2010 03:37pm)
  • daniel usenko: Awesome stuff guys. Just awesome (05.10.2010 03:46pm)
  • Scott Williams: Love the snowfence one... great eye. (05.10.2010 05:30pm)
  • Adam: Alright. This is ridiculous. I have been following your blog for quite sometime now and every time I am sure that it can't get any better you post something like this! These pictures are amazing, all your pictures are amazing. Can't wait to see what will be next! (05.10.2010 06:26pm)
  • Trevor Little: Wow guys these photos are awesome! I gotta say I was a little nervous about being on the other side of the camera, but it went way better than I expected! It was a lot of fun. Larissa spent over a year trying to find a photographer that we could both agree on to do a photo shoot of us, and she was so excited when she found you two. It was great to meet you guys, you two are super talented, you work great together and it shows in your work. Thanks again. Be sure to give us a shout next time your in town. Cheers. (05.10.2010 07:46pm)
  • kate mefford: SUCH fun compositions, guys! Way to rock it. (05.12.2010 09:17am)
  • pwajda: Amazing pictures, great compositions, so clean and beautiul (06.24.2010 04:31am)


Suzanne + Derrick | April 24th 2010 | Toronto, ON

posted in Weddings
May 6, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

As I sit here writing up this post, looking at Suzanne and Derrick’s photos, I’m having a pretty serious craving for the chocolate chip cookies they baked and hand delivered to us THREE days after their wedding. Seriously, who does that? No one, that’s who. (Oh and we would have appreciated the gesture even if they had been horrible, but they happen to have been the best chocolate chip cookies i ever had).

I think this speaks volumes about the type of people they are (the gesture, not the taste!). They were such an amazingly sweet and shy couple, I felt pretty bad for asking them to make-out and lie on top of each other in their venue’s lobby! Despite this, they never questioned our vision, and had total trust in us. Plus they even understood what made us tick. Case and point, Suzanne said she knew we’d love the salon where she was getting ready because of all the glass and reflections – and boy did we ever!

Finally, after tons of engagement sessions on the blog, A WEDDING! Here are a few of our faves:

  • Steve Gerrard: Smokin'! My fave is the 3rd image down. That last one looks like you stayed late and followed them to their room! ;) (05.06.2010 08:55am)
  • Gabe: ahhhhhh wow. unreal. (05.06.2010 10:44am)
  • Marie-Eve Best: The little girl with the lollipop. The shot with the mirror. The yellow flowers. Incredible. You guys just keep getting better and better. (05.06.2010 10:59am)
  • Jasser Abu-Giemi: Gorgeous. (05.06.2010 12:51pm)
  • Kate M: Holy cow. Your work makes me want to cry ... mostly in a good way. The way you see, and light a scene, and compose the story ... well, it boggles my mind. There are really too many to name faves, but I have to say that the second dancing shot (with the coupl bottom left, and the light star) makes me squeal! :) (05.06.2010 01:18pm)
  • Ewan Phelan: Awesome guys! I love the shots through all of the windows. Great job! (05.07.2010 10:04am)
  • Brianna Phelan: 1. Love you guys. 2. Love the shots. 3. Love the salon and want to go there :) (05.07.2010 11:24am)
  • josh behan: beautiful work d & d (05.08.2010 09:21am)
  • Suzanne + Derrick: love, love, love, love, LOVE!!!!!! you two did such an amazing job! you guys are super talented, and we are so happy that you were there to photograph the day. we heart davina + daniel! and did we mention that we LOVE the photos?!?! AWESOME! (05.10.2010 01:59pm)
  • todd pellowe: Great work. I love the way you all ALLLL of the frame. Very creative. (06.08.2010 11:52am)
  • Lunes de Chiquitines | ...Algo Azul: [...] {Por Davina + Daniel} [...] (07.05.2010 08:07am)


Jennifer + Jason | Toronto, ON

May 3, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photography by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

I’ve been rewriting the opening line to this post a few times now because every time I write something, I’m complaining. I’m going to try giving you the facts instead: We were only back for a week before we had to go to Toronto. We had 2 photo sessions, 1 wedding, and were teaching 2 private workshops so we were there for 1 week. We just got back and I leave for Europe next week. I know, boo hoo, right? But it makes me wonder, will I ever be home longer than one week? Ever?

Now that my whining is out of the way, let me introduce you to Jennifer and Jason. They’re getting married in Montreal this summer, but call Toronto home so that’s where we did their photo session. Actually, it was so chilly that we literally did most of their photos right at their house. We joked that they’ll never see their home the same way again. You know, now that we had them making out in their bathtub, in the staircase to the basement, on their kitchen table…

  • Gabe: wonderful set. beautiful lines and composition. well done guys. (05.03.2010 08:50am)
  • fer juaristi: awesome session, great light! (05.03.2010 08:50am)
  • Adam: wow! some of the colors from the pictures outside are AMAZING! love it once again. (05.03.2010 12:24pm)