Alicia + Shez | June 12th 2010 | Cape Cod, MA

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June 28, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Daniel and I were looking forward to Alicia and Shez’s wedding since they booked us last fall. They had all the right buzz words to get us excited: DIY, homemade, long weekend, outdoor, out-of-town guests, cape cod… all of which painted a really nice image for us! And their wedding was really all of this. The amount of work that went into it, and the way in which everyone pitched in was really amazing. It really was a labor of love.

Being there the entire weekend and staying at the B&B with all the guests made us feel like we were really a part of this wedding. I love when we have a chance to get to know everyone better. It reminds me why I love being a wedding photographer, as opposed to any other type of photographer, so much: real people. Oh and we got to take home a few vintage plates from the desert buffet – bonus! ; )

A few from the rehearsal evening…And of course, the photobooth made a presence!

  • Adam Kealing: So gorgeous! Love so many of them, but especially love the one where she is holding the mirror, and the one with the umbrella is fantastic! Also, your reception pictures are always so well lit, I don't know how you get the lighting so perfect, but they are awesome every time. (06.28.2010 03:30pm)
  • Buffy: Love this wedding - so cute! good work! (06.28.2010 04:38pm)
  • Melanie K.: Makes me want to get married in Cape Cod :) Great job guys. Yet again. (06.28.2010 06:25pm)
  • molina: awwwww i love this wedding!!!! (06.28.2010 07:14pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: wow! what a storybook wedding. You guys really captured the aesthetic of this couple very nicely! Sooooo many great images!!! You guys are such a strong team! I always love seeing new stuff from you two. (06.29.2010 04:21am)
  • noa (feather love photography): i believe i just had my mind officially BLOWN! ... WOW! (06.30.2010 11:40am)
  • Nicole at Southern Weddings: Ah! So much fun! I love it! (06.30.2010 01:39pm)
  • brianna phelan: Gorgeous session D&D. I love the softness of the images and the great details. Love the first couple shot too. (06.30.2010 09:10pm)
  • Liz: So beautiful. (07.01.2010 11:47am)
  • daniel usenko: i'm totally late commenting; not sure how i missed it, but dude - those are some amazing images. Love the details, the color, the action. Just a lot of awesome shots there (07.12.2010 03:16pm)
  • M to the Jay: Awesome as always. I LOVE all the vintage style dresses! (07.14.2010 06:33pm)


Marie + Rob

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June 19, 2010

Text and photo by Davina Palik

People always comment on how wonderful our jobs are – and they are right. We get to capture one of the happiest days of a couple’s life. The first day of the rest of their lives together. But a few days ago, we photographed a very different type of event. Marie, who should have been getting married today, got together with her closest friends in honor of the fiance she lost just a few months ago. She put on her wedding shoes and reception dress, got her hair done, and had some cocktails with the girls who continue to be her support system. As she told me at some point during the night, this is what Rob would have wanted her to do.

There are no words to express how truly devastated we were to receive this news, and I can only begin to imagine what Marie has gone through and continues to go through. But I can say that she is my hero. The courage and strength she’s shown is an inspiration. I cannot think of her without getting emotional. I have put the wonderful thank-you note she wrote us on our fridge for a daily dose of perspective; a reminder of what is really important. And we will proudly display the milkglass vases she got us for our wedding (she reads my blog!) next year (thanks Marie!).

As for today, we remember Rob and send all of our warmest, most positive thoughts to Marie. She told me she had no regrets about how she spent the short life she had with Rob. She said she was thankful that they never took each other for granted. These words will stay with me forever. I pass them on to you in hopes that they may give you perspective too.

To Marie + Rob.

  • Alice: You've created a lovely post that shares a story of grace, beauty, love, and wonderful friendship. I hope that even well wishes from strangers will add to Marie's strength and courage, as I have her in my thoughts today. Thank you for sharing. (06.19.2010 11:00am)
  • Daniel Aguilar: Thank you for sharing this, it will for sure serve and an example of life and inspiration for many of us. Thanks again. (06.19.2010 11:39am)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: what a beautiful and heartfelt post you guys. Thanks so much for sharing this touching story. makes me appreciate those I love more and more! (06.19.2010 10:17pm)
  • Citlalli Rico: Thank you for shaing this guys. I will keep this post bookmarked to remind me also what is really important. All my warm wishes to Marie. Beautiful image. (06.20.2010 01:14am)
  • Heather: I'm sitting here at work crying. Thanks for sharing this lessons, I'm going to call Scott and tell him I love him! (06.21.2010 09:22am)
  • Brittany: This post gave me chills. What a nice reminder of how precious life is. Beautiful and touching image. (06.21.2010 11:43am)
  • Liz: Wow. So beautiful, so heartbreaking and so inspirational. It is so nice to hear she still celebrated the day in the way she did. (06.23.2010 11:41am)
  • romin: I remember when we were in California when you guys received word about Rob. What an amazing heart Marie has for honoring her relationship this way. Thanks so much for sharing, guys. Much love. (06.26.2010 02:52am)
  • shannon: this post brought me to tears. What a beautiful image of a beautiful soul. (07.21.2010 11:17am)


Shital + Chet | Montreal, QC

June 16, 2010

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We always look forward to engagement shoots because they give us the opportunity to photograph in new places. Besides hanging out with our pretty cool clients…
So Shital suggested to do their session at one of the McGill libraries (where she’s working on her Ph.D.). We went into it expecting something big, with long shelves and rows of books, but instead were presented with a small, warm space. There are days where we feel like we have amazing light follow us around, and this was definitely one of them.

Shital & Chet are throwing a big hindu wedding in a month, and even though we expect to be pretty tired (we’ll be coming back from a wedding-trip to Bali), we’re really looking forward to it!

  • Michael Movsyesov: Beautiful set. Really love the 4th image :) (06.16.2010 04:47pm)
  • Rafa: Very nice, congrats! I liked the 4th one. (06.16.2010 04:54pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: So clean! Love the composition! Loving #5. (06.16.2010 05:03pm)
  • danielusenko: shweeeeet (06.16.2010 07:02pm)
  • BDUB: Only you guys can make a library a compositional treasure chest (if that makes any sense) (06.17.2010 02:04pm)
  • David Josue: great! the 2nd one is my fav, great set (06.18.2010 11:22am)
  • allan: very nice! wedding pix aren't what they used to be... (06.18.2010 03:09pm)
  • Julie Kim: Absolutely gorgeous! Love all of them. (06.20.2010 04:19pm)
  • Liz: What a unique and fantastic place for a shoot! I think the second photo is my fave, but it's so hard to choose as they are all stunning! (06.23.2010 11:43am)
  • Suzanne: I love the feel of these pictures -- you have great style! (06.24.2010 09:14pm)
  • Shaun: Library love! Very nice work. (07.11.2010 12:14pm)


Rachel + Ian | May 30th 2010 | Montreal, QC

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June 7, 2010

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

Before I start this post, you should know that Rachel and Ian got engaged last January. That’s 5 months before they actually got married. Oh, and did I mention that they live in Atlanta, not Montreal? Somehow, they still managed to get all their first pick vendors (*ahem!*) and to pull off one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been to. From the custom made tartan kippahs to the specially ordered thistles (the Scottish flower), no detail was overlooked for their Scottish-Jewish wedding. Kristine & Tania of Blanc Events did a wonderful job at putting everything together, and coordinating on the wedding day!

As for Rachel and Ian, well, what can I say? We truly are so lucky to have such fantastic clients. When we first met Rachel and her mom, it was in New York on the first stop of our roadtrip. We met for breakfast and went through our usual client spiel, but it was wedding dresses that we ended up talking about the most. In fact, Rachel and I went to 2 different wedding dress stores at the same time, eventually both finding our dresses on the same day, from the same bridal consultant at Kleinfeld!

Finally, a shout out must go to the Rusty band. Rachel and Ian booked them on our recommendation, without ever hearing them in person, and we couldn’t have been more proud to have referred them! As with every wedding they do, the party was awesome!

Rachel and Ian, thanks for being some amazing to work with. Thanks for having such a fabulous wedding. Thanks for having poutine with us in your wedding gear the day after your wedding. And most of all, thank you for getting in that fountain!And a few from the next day:

  • Brandon Wong: My mind was blown. Like, ten times. Wow. (06.07.2010 11:06am)
  • Adam: yeahh! I'm the first one! so gorgeous, I love the one of them looking through the blinds, you guys are so creative, and yes, that is the coolest thing ever that they jumped in the fountain. (06.07.2010 11:11am)
  • Micheal: These water shots are triple next level radness bhwoy! (06.07.2010 11:29am)
  • vick: Wawww nice workkk !!! (06.07.2010 11:29am)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: I LOVE these amazingly artistic images guys. You captured so many beautiful moments. (06.07.2010 11:44am)
  • layton: that lipstick shot is AMAZING! who am i kidding? they're all amazing. (06.07.2010 12:28pm)
  • daniel usenko: siiiiiiiiiiiick (06.07.2010 01:04pm)
  • Gary Bradford: epic! love that 1st image!! (06.07.2010 01:14pm)
  • Kate M.: Incroyable! Love the pics in the fountain! Amazing and lucky them! They definitly had the BEST band there! (06.07.2010 01:47pm)
  • Daniel Aguilar: In*bleep*credible!!!!! You make my eye pop guys! (06.07.2010 01:50pm)
  • Alice: wow, wow, wow... you hit a grand slam with this one! (06.07.2010 01:53pm)
  • Richard from Purplest: WHOA!!! Another stunning session! I really like the ones in the fountain. And I can so relate to this couple as I used to live in Atlanta for 6 years. Gotta love those peaches! (06.07.2010 03:42pm)
  • Steve Gerrard: Proving yet again why you guys are some of the most exciting wedding photographers on the planet. You see differently. Evelyne says if she got married again you'd be her chosen photographers. I agree with her so maybe we'll get divorced so we can re-marry :) (06.07.2010 04:04pm)
  • fer juaristi: dudes, keep rocking! (06.07.2010 05:41pm)
  • Melanie: LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. You guys are awesome. (06.07.2010 06:21pm)
  • kate mefford: Spot on, guys! These are insane! (06.07.2010 09:13pm)
  • Antonio: I'd like to see the DSLR video!! (06.08.2010 02:53am)
  • Will Pateman Photography: Loving the last shot..mindblowing (06.09.2010 11:21am)
  • Hi-Fi Weddings: wooooooooow!!!! if they had an awesome playlist, then i'd love to feature :) (06.11.2010 02:51am)
  • monique simone weston: I really love these pics, so full of life! (06.16.2010 04:45pm)
  • Liz: The fountain shots are just amazing. (06.23.2010 11:47am)
  • Sasha: Photos are GREAT SUCCESS! I Like :) (06.28.2010 06:37am)
  • Morgan Lynn: Holy crap, this set is amazing! Love them (06.28.2010 02:37pm)