Su + Leon | July 10th 2010 | Bali

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July 27, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.
I know, I know. Our life is so hard. We have to fly to far away places like Bali for work. And then we have to shoot in really hot weather. Pity us, will you?

All jokes aside, this job is pretty awesome. And this wedding, on the other side of the planet from where we live, was just amazing to photograph. Leon is the brother of our good friend Ross (who created this amazing blog of ours) and we are so thrilled he picked us to photograph the wedding. It was an intimate, low-key event, free of the usual drama and stress – a nice refreshing change (almost as refreshing as our dip in the pool when we got back to the hotel afterward!).

Here are a few of our favorites from their beautiful Bali wedding:

  • Kip Beelman: Wow, those Tanner boys are sure cut from the same cloth. Lovely images and it looks like a fantastic celebration. (07.27.2010 11:10am)
  • BDUB: Sweet jesus these are amazing. Too many favorites to list. Awesome job you guys. (07.27.2010 11:30am)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: I'm not sure what else I can say when I continue to be floored like this! Just let me know when you guys get voted America's Top Ten Wedding Photographers! Keep up the inspirational work! (07.28.2010 04:09am)
  • ross: Hot dangity dang! these are wow! guys, you totally blew me away with these photos! you made leon look pretty ;) haha, we loved spending the week with you both, and these photos are just the icing on the best cake ever! you guys are a blessing, and i am so thankful to you both for everything you have done and captured! (07.28.2010 11:18am)
  • Su & Leon: Thank you for the pics. They are lovely and Ross is right Leon looks pretty :)love the shot of him writing his speech and the shot of Ross & Lesya here. (07.28.2010 02:51pm)
  • Nicole at Southern Weddings: These are beautiful photos! I am seriously in love with the third one, though, of the groom writing a letter. The lighting is so great. (07.29.2010 01:29pm)
  • Brianna Phelan: Beautiful, D&D. Looks like an amazing night :) (07.29.2010 08:59pm)
  • fer juaristi: awesome wedding guys, congrats to Ross family! (08.01.2010 03:59pm)
  • ed atrero: gorgeous job you two! i miss bali. (08.09.2010 02:16pm)
  • Liz: I love them all! But my favourite has to be the first one. Awesome work! (08.21.2010 02:22pm)



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July 19, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We recently had the fantastic opportunity to go to Bali to photograph a wedding. We were sandwiched between two wedding weekends in Montreal, so with the crazy travel time (took almost 2 days each way!), we were only able to take a few days there. Still, we managed to get a great feel for the place and had time to lie motionless by the pool for a few dozen hours or so. We were there with our friends Ross and Lesya (it was Ross’s brother’s wedding; photo above is of the two of them), and we had an amazing time double-dating on some delicious dinner dates and sweaty adventures – I must be remembering our 15 km bike ride through the countryside!

The highlight of the trip for us was an early morning visit to a local market. We had spotted it the morning of our bike ride and when we saw the 7am light pouring into the small alleys, crammed with local people picking up fresh food for the day. Needless to say, we knew we had to take a closer look. So on our last day in Bali, we were up at the crack of dawn, cameras in hand, exploring the nooks and crannies of the market. We were the only tourists there, and the locals couldn’t have been happier to see us! Never, in all of our travels, have we encountered friendlier people. They were all smiles, “how are you”s, conversations, and even picture-taking (them of us this time!). They are also such beautiful people to photograph and they love having their picture taken. We got the address of a local family and we can’t wait to send them some prints.

Here are a few of our favorites from the trip:

  • NailaJ: Amazing shots!! You guys are so talented! I feel like I've got a better feel, for lack of a better word, of the real nature of the place now. (07.19.2010 09:28pm)
  • Quin Cheung: I'm in love guys! Brings me back to when we were there. Can't wait to see more!!! See you both soon! XOXO (07.19.2010 10:59pm)
  • molina: awe.some.ness (07.19.2010 11:07pm)
  • Erin: Love these! The baby shot is a standout for me. (07.19.2010 11:36pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: I'm held captive by the immense depth in your imagery! See you guys in Jan! (07.20.2010 03:21am)
  • ross: SWEET! was so good to hang out with you guys, great shots! good to see some from the night wandering me and daniel did into the residential areas. thank you for the first shot, its sooo good :) need to do this again sometime :) (07.20.2010 04:49am)
  • Richard from Purplest: WOW! Another A-M-A-Z-I-N-G set of images. It sure brings back a lot of memories. Can't wait to go back there one day! (07.20.2010 09:24am)
  • LISA: G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. I can't look away! The shots of the locals are amazing! Love them all! (07.20.2010 09:43am)
  • Rafa: Love them all. Specially the one of the old lady with the hats. (07.20.2010 09:59am)
  • Michelle: wow!!! amazing shots... brings back beautiful memories, thanks!! xx (07.20.2010 11:20am)
  • Brandon Wong: Too many favorites but #4 is really something. Love the colors in this set! (07.20.2010 12:39pm)
  • Adam Kealing: This is incredible! You two are beyond talented and gifted. Wow, I'm speechless. (07.20.2010 01:04pm)
  • Tali Schiffer: You two are very talented! I LOVE your style, and am so glad I happened upon your blog and websites :) (07.20.2010 03:33pm)
  • ed atrero: that shot of the toddler being lifted up is awesome. brings back great memories when karen and i were there. thanks for sharing. :) (07.20.2010 04:22pm)
  • Sarah Neal: You guys are INSAINLY talented. You stand head and shoulders above everything else out there. I used to live in Ottawa. If I still did I'd be stalking you. Lucky for you guys I'm now in Arizona - out of reach. :) Anyway... been watching your blog for a while and now that I feel qualified to make those remarks because I see SO much and am SO rarely impressed anymore... thought I'd shout out. (07.22.2010 11:44am)
  • Sylvia: These are absolutely incredible! (07.25.2010 06:25pm)
  • Casey@HelloLove: Wow, looks like such an incredible trip! You captured it really beautifully. (07.26.2010 10:13am)
  • fer juaristi: dudes, keep rocking the world! (07.26.2010 03:45pm)
  • Devianna Andrianto: i missed Bali so much, i missed my country! Thank you for posting beautiful pictures. (07.27.2010 03:00pm)
  • Twah: Your Bali Street pix are National Geographic worthy with an extra dynamic kick to it. Seriously! (08.04.2010 06:50am)


Julia + Daniel | June 27th 2010 | Montreal, QC

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July 11, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We liked Julia and Daniel from the first moment that we met, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re now in love with them. They are such beautiful people, both inside and out (I know that sounds like a cliche, but it’s so true!) which made photographing them and spending the day with them such a pleasure. (My) Daniel even told them they had pretty faces, something I will probably tease him about for a long time (such a funny compliment for one man to give another, but that’s one of the reasons I love him so much!).

We also loved being involved in helping Julia and Daniel with some of their planning, as they chose us before they had picked any other of their wedding vendors or even their venue. While it was completely unnecessary, we are SO happy and grateful for their thank-you gift – a kitchen mixer from our wedding registry! They are so sweet, and I know that this wedding was the start of a beautiful friendship between the 4 of us.

Here are a few of our favorite images from their amazing wedding day:

  • brianna phelan: Gorgeous D&D (as always) :) (07.12.2010 08:57am)
  • Jenn: love them... especially the one of the bride on the left standing in front of the window with the trees- amazing!! :) (07.12.2010 09:06am)
  • Kate Mefford: Beyond gorgeous. Beyond! (07.12.2010 10:33am)
  • Sarah Kealing: OHhhhhhhh I LOVE the one of the them next to the two girls chatting away. What FUN! Such a perfect mix of whimsy, color and drama always. (07.12.2010 12:25pm)
  • Adam Kealing: Wow. Love the first one, and the one with the reflection above them... So amazing! All of them are fantastic as always :) (07.12.2010 01:51pm)
  • daniel usenko: some awesome shot. Love the getting ready shots especially, and the first one, of course (07.12.2010 03:14pm)
  • Gina: Cangratulation to you both. The photos are simply beautiful. I wish you both an amazing life together. (07.16.2010 12:56am)
  • fer juaristi: clean, powerful and full of emotion, love your work guys (07.16.2010 07:29am)
  • Ruby: oh my Goodness!! So so STUNNING!! Love the crispness, the colours, and the last pic is just wow! (07.26.2010 12:51am)


Julia + Alex | Montreal, QC

July 5, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

This engagement session was definitely one for the books. It was tough to schedule in the first place, what with the four of us being really busy right now (we’re off to Bali for a wedding and they’re moving to Spain in a few weeks right after their wedding). When we finally settled on a date, Julia had a bad cold and there was rain in the forecast, but without any other options, we powered through.

Well, we were in for quite a treat. The “rain” turned out to be a pretty crazy storm, complete with amazing skies. Julia and Alex were troopers, getting soaked right at the beginning and letting us take them to the roof of their building while there was lighting striking in the not-so-far-away distance.

I think we proved that neither rain, or hail, or crazy wind would keep us from doing this shoot!

  • ari: Nicely done my friends. Looks like the clouds decided to be your friends and create a frame for you. awesome. (07.05.2010 04:50pm)
  • fer juaristi: amazing set guys! (07.05.2010 04:58pm)
  • Adam Kealing: Wow, I love how the clouds break in the first picture, just that hint of blue, and what a great idea to position them between the circles. Love it, and can't wait to see more. (07.05.2010 05:59pm)
  • Liz: Beautiful - love those stormy skies! (07.05.2010 10:02pm)
  • shanni: that first shot is absolutely delcious! (07.08.2010 09:29pm)