J + V | Boston, MA

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June 27, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

J&V have agreed to let us share photos from their wedding day, but have asked that we protect their privacy. So while that means I must be brief and scarce in the details, I will tell you this: V picked up J at the Harvard dorm for their first date and they were married right next door at Memorial Church on campus. I love it when things come full circle!

  • Jesse Bachmann: love, love, love. (06.27.2011 10:21am)
  • Megan: Man, you two! Seriously! Your perspective always blows me away. Thanks for the inspiration! (06.27.2011 02:15pm)
  • Micah: Beautiful images you two. Love number five, the walk back down the isle, and that last portrait. All great all the time! (06.27.2011 05:24pm)
  • Kathryn Krueger: so much ambiance! dreadfully lovely. (06.28.2011 12:34am)
  • Ashley A-Photo: UMMMMM..... THIS is insane. In a totally good way obviously! Blown away. (06.28.2011 09:43am)
  • Rafa Ibanez: Congrats guys! Love the ones of the reception. (06.28.2011 09:50am)
  • David: Gorgeous guys. Seriously gorgeous! Love the limo shot. :) (06.28.2011 11:32am)
  • Roberto Ramos: In spanish guys: Absolutamente geniales & las de blanco y negro son delicattesen. Congrats¡¡¡ (06.28.2011 12:56pm)
  • reggie: wow. incredible use of light with great compositions. thanks for the great images. (06.28.2011 09:51pm)
  • Debby Coleman: Love love love. (06.29.2011 05:59pm)
  • Morgan Lynn: Gorgeous work, D+D! Beautifully lit throughout - especially the portraits and dance shots (06.30.2011 12:40am)
  • daniel stark: amazing you guys! love it! (07.01.2011 01:11pm)
  • Barb: Wow, the one under the arch is epic. (07.06.2011 12:45am)
  • Brett: Beautiful wedding. You two find the most amazing angles to shoot from. Great stuff! (07.06.2011 12:42pm)
  • Daniel Aguilar: This is how sickness looks like :) (07.07.2011 02:47pm)
  • Bartek: Sexy job guys! Love the wide shots in this wedding :) (07.08.2011 10:34am)
  • Gabriel: Beautiful images, light is beautiful. (07.14.2011 06:30am)