Our wedding

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June 15, 2011

Written by davina + daniel. Photos by Ben & Erin Chrisman.

Oh boy. Here we go. I’ve sat down at this computer to write a blog post probably a hundred times now and I hope to do so another thousand times. But to write a blog post for our own wedding, well, that’s once in a lifetime. It is truly impossible to put into words what our five day wedding in Mexico was like. To be surrounded by our closest friends and family, in one of our favorite places on earth… knowing that they’re all there to celebrate us and our love for each other… it was quite simply the most humbling and yet magical, dream-like experience.

Having attended and photographed so many weddings together, Daniel and I knew the things that were most important to us on our day: love, family, party, and light. So we structured our day a little differently than the norm, and opted to have a cocktail dinner with speeches before the ceremony, so we could have our ceremony at sunset and go straight into the party. Our incredibly talented friend Maya came from Toronto to do my hair and make-up, our good friend Mike officiated our ceremony, and my father’s band reunited for the first time in 10 years to make my childhood dream of having them play at my wedding come true. We were so lucky to find very creative and very patient (!) local wedding planners, Kristin and Michelle of Dazzling Details.

And of course, topping our list of priorities was photography. We never had any doubt that the only photographers we wanted were Ben and Erin Chrisman. When we thought about looking back at our wedding, it was through their vision that we wanted to remember the day. They have been an inspiration to us since we started photographing weddings, and over the last few years we’ve had the privilege of calling them great friends. I’ve never seen anyone work as hard as they did during the five days we were all in Puerto Vallarta together. They created works of art and captured the very essence of our wedding. There wasn’t a dry eye at the wedding, and there wasn’t a dry eye when we shared the photos with everyone! We can’t thank them enough for their incredible work, for being a part of our wedding, and being a part of our lives.

A big thank-you to everyone who has sent their wishes and congratulations. We feel so much love and support from each and every one of you. We love you right back!

Below is just a glimpse, but see more on Ben and Erin’s blog and check out the slideshow right here.

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  • nadine: Wow. The photographs from your wedding is amazing. One of the best set of wedding photos I've ever seen. Makes me wish I hired them to photograph my wedding. (06.16.2011 12:33am)
  • Trish: Seriously, that last image is KILLING me!!! Stop it. Just stop it...I can't take the beauty and emotion of it all - what a wonderful week this must have been for you. Congratulations again. (06.16.2011 08:25am)
  • François: Félicitation!!!Great photos (06.16.2011 09:43am)
  • Jennifer Ballard: Wow guys! Incredible! Beautiful pictures that truly show your love for each other. I love these! (06.16.2011 10:46am)
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  • Bess: Davina! The photos look amazing! Stunning! Incredible! It looks like your wedding day was everything you hoped for. Congratulations!! (06.16.2011 02:06pm)
  • Mark Andrew Gonzales: Congrats guys! These pictures are very awesome! I love how your father's band reunited thats some sweet stuff. (06.16.2011 04:19pm)
  • Julie: Unbelievable! Congrats you two. x (06.16.2011 07:12pm)
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  • Jesse: gorgeous, congrats! (06.21.2011 01:28pm)
  • DAVID ANTHONY: Congratulations u guys look absolutely stunning in the photos... what an amazing job the dazzling details did they are truly great at what they do and Ben and Erin well lets not even go there... Good luck and hope 2 see u in the near future David Anthony (06.23.2011 02:56pm)
  • Lena: I am absolutely blown away by how gorgeous these photos are, and how much love fills every frame. Stunning. (06.24.2011 01:34pm)
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