Vanisha + Chris | New York City

June 21, 2011

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Chris and I have known each other for almost a decade, and right around the same time that Davina and I met, about 4 years ago, Vanisha and Chris started dating as well. Over countless sushi dates, bottles of wine, hockey games, and late night hangouts, the 4 of us became very close friends.

Fast forward to last winter, Chris announced to us that he was planning on proposing to Vanisha while in Mexico for our wedding. So during our rehearsal, they took off for what Vanisha thought was a photo-op sunset stroll on the beach, but turned out to be the proposal! They came back to the villa to be greeted with hugs, champagne, and tears of joy. Somehow, we had all managed to keep quiet about it, and Vanisha had no idea what was coming her way. Their engagement added so much to our wedding, and put everyone that much more in a festive mood.

A couple weeks ago, Vanisha and Chris came to New York City to hang out with us while we there for a wedding, and we took advantage to do their engagement session on one of our evenings together. NYC happens to be a special place for them, as they went there a short time into their relationship, and both realized that they had something special going on.

They are now planning their wedding for next year, which will hopefully take place at a vineyard somewhere in Quebec. We can’t be more excited to celebrate & photograph them at their wedding!

You can view our favorites from our session in NYC below, as well as a photo of the 4 of us taken by Ben & Erin in Mexico, minutes after they got engaged:

  • name* Kathryn Krueger: Love, love, love how you incorporated the city D+D - expertly done! Favs - BW cityscape kiss & blue and yellow happiness pics. Bravo! (06.21.2011 07:13pm)
  • Stacey: Amazing images in the nightlife of NYC!!! Love the vibe. Congrats to you both on a stunning wedding celebration as well :-) (06.21.2011 07:24pm)
  • Marlon: I'm obsessed with the skyline pic... one of my fav pics of all time by you guys. LOL'd at the Radio City pic because I was like, "I ate a Magnolia's cupcake on the ledge they're sitting on!" (06.21.2011 08:44pm)
  • Erin C: These are so awesome! Vanisha you look gorgeous. (06.22.2011 02:36am)
  • Sarah: That second shot- OHMYGOSHGORGEOUS!!! I love it like crazy. These are amazing... you two are amazing. Just. Amazing. (06.22.2011 02:01pm)
  • Christina Craft: I'm so inspired by your work! What a fabulous session! (06.23.2011 01:50pm)
  • Sasha: Awesome set! love the 1st shot! (06.23.2011 08:51pm)
  • Katrina Santos: Absolutely love shots #2+3!! Beautiful set guys :) (06.23.2011 10:22pm)
  • Brett: Killer night shots! Great use of the city lights!!! (06.24.2011 02:13pm)
  • Micah: Stunning work you two! Love the first, second and fifth! Keep em coming! (06.26.2011 01:25am)
  • molina: wow. if i were them, i'd love these forever. (06.28.2011 09:19am)
  • Jessica Moores: wow. (07.01.2011 01:07am)
  • Olivia Brown: oh wow, guys, wow! These are stunning. Way to capture the light and work it :) xoxo (07.04.2011 10:23pm)