Grace + Yitao | March 12th 2011 | Taipei, Taiwan

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March 28, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

It seems fitting that Grace and Yitao flew us halfway around the world to photograph their wedding. Airplanes have played a big role in their relationship, from the very beginning when Grace caught Yitao’s eye on a flight to Shanghai. It wasn’t until they ran into each other at a club in that same city that they finally had the chance to meet, starting with Yitao bolding saying, “Remember me? We were on the same flight!” There were going to be many more flights in their future, with Yitao living in San Francisco and Grace living in Taipei, but eventually the two moved to San Francisco… and then eventually back to Taipei again! – so they could be together.

Throughout the craziness that surrounds a wedding, Grace and Yitao made it a priority to show us around their city for the few days that followed and preceded their wedding day. It was like having our own personal tour guides who made sure we ate our way through the city. And did we ever eat! At this very moment, I am desperately craving some world famous dumplings from Din Tai Fung. Mmmmm….

Grace and Yitao, thank you so much for entrusting your wedding photos to us and for giving us such a great tour of your wonderful city. And THANK YOU for going to karaoke after your wedding – it certainly was a highlight for us to witness, document, and yes, even experience!

  • Rafa: D+D super power! Congrats amigos. (03.28.2011 01:51pm)
  • Hannie & Jon: .........LEGENDARY (03.28.2011 02:46pm)
  • Daniel Aguilar: I love the way you guys see the world :) (03.28.2011 04:19pm)
  • fer juaristi: every freaking click is full of magic! (03.28.2011 04:22pm)
  • ARI: One word. Amazing. (03.28.2011 04:24pm)
  • Sasha: Rockin!!! (03.28.2011 04:35pm)
  • Leo Timoshuk: You guys just can't stop...Amazing pictures!!! (03.28.2011 05:30pm)
  • daniel stark: dang. so. awesome. (03.30.2011 04:05pm)
  • Phill: You've made cinema, in stills. (03.31.2011 08:44am)
  • Dave: Floating makeup hand?? wowzers! (04.01.2011 02:06pm)
  • Leslie Biggar: I had been looking forward to seeing this wedding, and it did not disappoint! I love these photos so much, and the glimpses of Taiwan are absolutely perfect! (04.02.2011 03:13pm)
  • name*miah klein: You have those angles down. Refections, color, light...mi likey. (04.05.2011 07:45pm)
  • barbara chung: I got really tingly looking at those photos.. great captures!!! (04.17.2011 04:48pm)
  • micah carroll: Absolutely love your work... I'm an aspiring photographer myself, but I just wanted to take the time to let you know. Best of luck! (04.25.2011 07:27pm)
  • Jeanette Verster: OMW how stunning! (04.27.2011 10:14am)
  • Brett: You rocked this wedding. And that first getting ready shot is just pure awesomeness! (05.05.2011 02:41pm)
  • shanni: love the floating hand!!! (05.26.2011 06:13pm)


Frances + Jimi | February 27th 2011 | Panama

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March 17, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We first met Frances years ago, before we were Davina + Daniel. Back then, we were At First Sight Studio, and we had a team of photographers working with us. Frances was one of our photographers, and she quickly became a good friend. Soon enough though, Daniel and I got fed up with mass producing wedding photos and we decided that we wanted to focus on become better photographers and work as a team, just the two of us. Around that same time, Frances’ boyfriend Jimi moved to Panama for work, and she moved there to be with him.

Last year, Frances and Jimi got engaged and immediately asked us if we would be the photographers for their wedding in Mexico. We happily accepted, however destination wedding planning (as Daniel and I know all too well!) became too much and that plan was aborted. Instead, they planned a wedding for two – just the two of them and the two of us – in Panama where they now live. The result was unlike anything we’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing and photographing. With just each other to focus on, their legal ceremony on the roof of their building, as well as their beach ceremony 2 days later, were emotionally charged and just simply beautiful.

This also gave Daniel and I new roles that we had never faced before: the role of only guests. I often found myself switching from bridesmaid to photographer, especially when Frances’ bouquet was delivered and it was nothing like she had wanted. I turned into a florist and gathered all the baby’s breath I could find to give her the bouquet she originally had envisioned for herself. Even Daniel got in on the bridesmaid action and re-glued Frances’ false eyelashes when they fell off from the heat! {Shameless plug: check out our facebook fan page to see some of the behind the scenes photos from this and other weddings!}

Frances and Jimi, thank you for putting all your trust in us for capturing this most spectacular day. We hope these photos bring you back to the moments which made the day special and we hope your friends and family who missed out on being there will feel like they experienced it all with you. To see the full two-day affair, click here for the slideshow.

  • Michael: This is some of the best work I've seen from anyone in a while. Killer set! The first shot is oh sooo good! (03.17.2011 04:20pm)
  • Jeremy: Whoa, guys! I especially love that street shot of the woman looking back at the couple :) (03.17.2011 04:21pm)
  • Quin Cheung: Such beautiful work guys! You killed it while doing double duty! Way to go! (03.17.2011 04:27pm)
  • daniel stark: jaw is on the ground. period. (03.17.2011 04:28pm)
  • Megan: Guys... I'm speechless. I can't even pick a favorite. This wedding is so epic, so beautiful, and you captured the whole thing perfectly. Well done. (03.17.2011 04:40pm)
  • Micah: There are no words guys, but I'll try to muster up a few! Moving. Epic. Clever. Real. Dramatic. Absolutely incredible work my friends! (03.17.2011 04:40pm)
  • Brandon Wong: Holy shit (03.17.2011 04:44pm)
  • Jasser Abu-Giemi: Each shot is spectacular, you guys made eye candy with this project. (03.17.2011 04:55pm)
  • Jenn: oh my gosh i am speechless and breathless- these are definitely some of the most AMAZING INCREDIBLE GORGEOUS ARTISTIC photos i've ever seen from you guys... simply stunning. wow. (03.17.2011 04:57pm)
  • Tim Chin: beautiful, beautiful work you guys. (03.17.2011 05:23pm)
  • Paolo: Amazing, I really love the one where the older woman turned around for a second take! I like her style ;) (03.17.2011 06:12pm)
  • Leo Timoshuk: just amazing... love every single shot! (03.17.2011 06:51pm)
  • Vanisha: AMAZING!!!! I love :) (03.17.2011 06:55pm)
  • Chris Boyd: Awesome set of images. But that first one... wow. Stunning. (03.17.2011 07:50pm)
  • molina: i love this so much... i almost cried. (03.17.2011 08:02pm)
  • Sarah Kealing: ummmm seriously?? These couldn't be more perfect, and the slideshow definitely brought me to tears. So amazing. :) (03.17.2011 08:05pm)
  • Adam Kealing: Oh my goodness, beyond incredible! Definitely looked over and caught Sarah tearing up during the slideshow. You two constantly give me the inspiration to become a better photographer :) (03.17.2011 08:07pm)
  • fer juaristi: dudes, this wedding is freaking awesome! Amazing set guys! (03.17.2011 08:19pm)
  • Caitlin: Love, love, love!!! You guys are amazing! (03.17.2011 08:52pm)
  • Vatche Vick: very nice and very neat congrats !!! (03.17.2011 09:00pm)
  • PHOTOSBYSTICKS: You guys KILLED it! Wow. Awesome work. (03.17.2011 09:16pm)
  • Erin C: I gotta say guys, this is the best work i've ever seen from you. You reached a new level with this wedding. Congrats :) (03.18.2011 12:19am)
  • Will Pursell photo: just came across your website... Really amazing work! very inspiring Lovin that first shot! (03.19.2011 01:57pm)
  • Kat: Simply amazing! You are my favs! The one of the bride in the tree is really unique. I loved every single one of these photographs! (03.19.2011 04:15pm)
  • jose díaz: Wow! I like it very much, "Saludos" from Spain!!! (03.20.2011 02:52pm)
  • ARI S.: These are all amazing! wow. (03.21.2011 05:48am)
  • bartek: ridiculous guys! your use of lighting is really beautiful (03.21.2011 08:32pm)
  • Mark: That opening shot is amazing. Really, really nice work! (03.22.2011 10:35am)
  • Javi Collazo: Wooo really awesome pics .My favourite, the tree's photo with the bride. Great work!!! (03.23.2011 09:57am)
  • Jenny: These photos are stunning! (03.23.2011 12:53pm)
  • name*Jessica Moores: message* wow. I agree with Erin. Best EVER. Fabulous. (03.24.2011 12:52am)
  • JasonG: Wow... amazing image. (03.24.2011 07:10am)
  • Dave: You have obtained intergalatic spiritual one-ness with your camera. This is a career highlight... super stoked for you both! (03.24.2011 06:01pm)
  • luis mateus: super cool this photos, you very well captured the love of the couple. Congrats (03.25.2011 05:24am)
  • Ashley I do not know what to say. I am welled up with emotion and so many thoughts.This is one of the most captivating wedding albums I've ever seen. You both have outdone yourselves! I hope someday to have learned some of what you both have mastered. Well. Done. (03.28.2011 01:52pm)
  • Rafa: One word, amazing! (03.28.2011 01:53pm)
  • Miah Klein: holy smokes that first image is insane! (04.05.2011 07:46pm)
  • Brett: Just found you through Micah and Megan who bragged on you big time. Their praise was well deserved, you guys are rockin it!!! (04.08.2011 09:12pm)
  • Orlando Wedding Videographer: I seriously LOVE that dress that she wore for the TTD session. Any chance I can get the name of the designer? (08.27.2011 06:49am)


Megan + Micah | Las Vegas, NV

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March 1, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish.

We have a special soft spot for Vegas, having eloped there two years ago for our civil wedding ceremony. We take the opportunity to travel back there every year for WPPI, a huge trade show for wedding and portrait photographers. It’s one of my favorite times of year, as we get to catch up with our colleagues from all over the world, and meet new friends.

We first heard of Micah and Megan when they emailed us a few months ago saying, “We seem to have a lot in common. We think we should be friends!” And just like that, we were! Sure enough, when we finally met face to face last week, we completely hit it off.

We are thrilled to have met them and to have had the opportunity to photograph them in the “old strip” in Vegas. There’s something really special about these two. Watching them interact with one another during our shoot actually brought tears to my eyes. It was a beautiful reminder of why we love doing what we do.

Check out our favorites from this session below:

  • Steve Gerrard: That "Freemont East" shot just hurt my brain, it's so good! Stop it with the being so good all the time. You're making the rest of us feel bad! ;) (03.01.2011 07:33pm)
  • Derren & Lisa: We LOVE Micah & Megan! Such a beautiful and creative shoot! You guys really captured their great energy and personality. So great :-). (03.01.2011 07:42pm)
  • Micah: Tough to pick a favorite! The first one is far better than it was in my head and that is saying something! Love the one crossing the street. What an experience it was being photographed by you two and what a joy it is to have such incredible new friends! We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with you and can't wait for the next time. We just love you guys! (03.01.2011 07:46pm)
  • Megan: You two are incredible, as photographers and as people! These shots are awesome and we had such a blast hanging with you two! Can't wait till next time! (03.01.2011 07:47pm)
  • Sarah: LOVE ALL of them! Such expression and OH! the colors! (03.01.2011 09:55pm)
  • Richard from Purplest: AMAZING! Gotta love all the lighting from Vegas! (03.02.2011 02:32am)
  • luis mateus: Nice colours! great job (03.02.2011 10:40am)
  • Olivia Brown: These are lovely guys! Congrats on a killer set of pics. So lovely to (finally) meet you in Vegas. take care! (03.05.2011 01:21am)
  • daniel stark: dude, you guys seriously rock! love this set! (03.10.2011 06:29pm)
  • Todd Laffler: Great stuff guys! But I'm sure you already knew that! ;) (03.13.2011 01:00am)
  • fer juaristi: love this pic guys, can´t wait to see the rest! (03.16.2011 10:43am)