ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter & Fearless Contest

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May 31, 2011

Written by Daniel Kudish.

Last week, the ISPWP revealed the results for their Spring 2011 contest, and with 9 winning images Davina made it to the top of the list, placing first overall and earning the title of Photographer of the Quarter. I couldn’t be prouder of her, and the two of us couldn’t be prouder of our associate Marie-Christine who also placed a couple of her photos in this contest.

A couple of weeks back, Fearless revealed its round of winning images, and we were thrilled to see several of our images place there as well. Davina was also a stand-out in this contest, earning herself the most winning images.

We often talk about our connection with our clients, but there is also an entire industry of very talented wedding photographers that make us love our job every day. It is an honor to compete with our colleagues & friends every so often at these contests. If you are looking for some photography inspiration, we strongly urge you to take a look at the ISPWP and Fearless websites.

  • Micah: You two deserve every ounce of praise that you've been getting, both as artists and as people. Davina, we are so proud of you! Love that first image! Wonderful light, composition, and moment. (06.03.2011 10:46am)
  • bwong: davina is my hero <3 (06.10.2011 10:54am)
  • fer juaristi: so proud of you guys! keep doing what you do best. (06.13.2011 07:30am)


Candice + Marc-O | Montreal, QC

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May 25, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Candice and Marco’s wedding, simply put, was a grandiose ballroom affair with the heart and soul of an intimate backyard wedding. With Donald Trump’s wedding as her inspiration, Candice, along with the incredible team at Maddy K, used a sea of flowers to play up the Windsor Ballroom‘s old world elegance. Yet the undertone of this elaborate affair remained down-to-earth, just like Candice and Marco themselves. Candice floated through her day without a care in the world and Marco, a football player for the Alouettes, tugged at our heartstrings every time he looked at his bride. The love in his eyes whenever he held her head in his hands… well, let’s just say it was a pleasant surprise to see this from such a tough jock (sorry Marco, I couldn’t keep that to myself, you’re just too darn sweet!).

Candice and Marco also chose lovely ways to honor the memory of both their fathers. They were beautiful moments throughout the day; from a quiet prayer before the ceremony to a dance with their mothers dedicated to the dads, which reminded everyone of their presence.

This day was truly a pleasure and joy to photograph, and we’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience every emotion this day had to offer. With our own wedding behind us, I’m glad that the appreciation of what we do for a living is only enhanced by having lived the experience ourselves. Thanks for choosing us to capture yours, Candice and Marco!

As always, our favorites are below:

  • tim: gorgeous colors! amazing as always guys! (05.25.2011 02:27pm)
  • Adam Kealing: You two are AMAZING! love love love the pic of the singer!! (05.25.2011 02:38pm)
  • Vatche Vick: Great pics like always loved the chandelier shot !!! (05.25.2011 04:50pm)
  • small: So beautiful! So elegant! And so FUN! (05.25.2011 04:58pm)
  • Julie: Magnifiques photos, comme d'habitude.... spécialement celles sur le plancher de danse, on a le feeling d'être là! (05.25.2011 06:32pm)
  • fer juaristi: One more killer wedding to the dynamic duo! (05.26.2011 06:18am)
  • Jesse: Very nice and awesome party shots!! (05.26.2011 10:49am)
  • Megan: Love, Love, love! I don't know how you keep coming up with so many incredible shots, while amazing moments are happening! Great work you two! (05.26.2011 12:28pm)
  • Micah: Incredible work you two! Love the mannequin portrait and the light spots on the dance floor (and the cameo by Daniel). (05.26.2011 01:23pm)
  • Caroline Robert: You guys are just ridiculous (ly amazing!) (05.26.2011 10:25pm)
  • Stacey: So much fun! I love your unique perspective on a bunch of these - very well telling the story. Looks like a rowdy bunch! (05.28.2011 02:29pm)
  • Katie: Gorgeous! Long time fan, it's about time I comment! :) (05.31.2011 08:54pm)
  • Dina: Beautiful work! (06.14.2011 05:33pm)
  • shipra: i truly don't know what to say. Your work is just mind-blowing and I'm left just plain speechless! Big fan from Florida. (07.03.2011 12:24pm)


Toronto Workshop with Fer Juaristi

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May 17, 2011

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Last week, we traveled to Toronto to teach a 2 day workshop with photographer Fer Juaristi. We were very fortunate to have an amazing group of very passionate photographers from all over. Their enthusiasm kept our lectures going, made our shoots a blast, and was a true inspiration to us.

Special thanks to Fer for coming all the way from Mexico to teach with us, Jessica who leant us her studio for 2 very long days, our patient “models” (real couples of course), and our 15 wonderful students!

Here are a few of our favorites from the shoots and a look behind the scenes:

  • fer juaristi: dudes, the honor was all mine! We had a blast! Next stop, Mexico! (05.17.2011 12:24pm)
  • Kathleen: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE!! Keith & Keeley are so adorable :) (05.17.2011 01:50pm)
  • Adam Kealing: In love with the first picture, and it looks like it was so much fun!!!!! (05.17.2011 04:34pm)
  • Megan: Um, you guys are amazing! Wish we could have been there too! (05.19.2011 12:53pm)
  • aga: great stuff guys, lucky students to have fer and the two of you inspiring and teaching them! (05.21.2011 10:46am)


Maryam + Nabil | April 16th 2011 | Montreal, QC

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May 5, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

In life, you can plan and plan and plan, but you never know what unexpected things might pop into your life and change everything. Maryam and Nabil were hoping for a big wedding in Maryam’s native Venezuela, but a little change in plans came along… in the form of a baby bump. They have of course embraced this unexpected surprise, and opted for a low-key, Montreal wedding with their closest friends and family by their side. Small weddings tend to be our favorites to photograph, as they are often more focussed on love and emotion rather than the grandness of the event, and this wedding was no exception. With Maryam’s Venezuelan roots and Nabil’s Lebanese background, we knew we could count on the party being a wild one – even with the small guest count. And boy were we ever right! The small dance floor, always bursting at the seams with happy dancers, forced us to get right in there and view the party from a different angle. We’re always grateful for a kick outside our comfort zone, and this was certainly a welcome one.

After a bit of a long hiatus (we have a good excuse: we were off getting hitched ourselves! But more on that later…), we’re happy to share our favorites from Maryam and Nabil’s wedding.

  • Micah & Megan: You guys are unstoppable! Perfect balance of emotional moments and how the #*%!@ did you do that! Love the one with the red spheres! (05.06.2011 03:11pm)
  • Roberto Ramos: Pure fantasy¡¡ stunning images. Congrat¡¡¡ (05.06.2011 05:06pm)
  • Adam Kealing: Wonderful post guys!!!!! Agree with Micah and Megan, the one with the red spheres is AMAZING! (05.08.2011 03:38pm)
  • David Josue: Killer shoots dudes! I love the one of the smile throu the hands (05.08.2011 10:41pm)
  • fer juaristi: Dudes, rocking the pictures big time. (05.09.2011 10:31am)
  • daniel stark: so good--love them all. nice work, guys! (05.09.2011 10:56am)
  • Derren & Lisa: Awesome images! We especially loved the uncorking moment a couple of shots in. (05.09.2011 11:04am)
  • Daniel Aguilar: You guys are fantastic! (05.09.2011 11:17am)
  • NATAN: Too much good, guys, unreal (05.17.2011 06:13pm)