J + M | Brooklyn, NY

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July 7, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We knew we liked J and M the minute we met up them at a cafe in Brooklyn. For starters, they are beautiful to look at, but also radiate this joy that is completely infectious. And that’s exactly what their wedding was all about. Them, their joy, and the most important people in their lives who travelled from all around the world to celebrate with them. They got ready together at their apartment, with J in the bathroom and M in the bedroom, just one hour before their ceremony under the Brooklyn bridge. Their ceremony was a mere 5 minutes, just long enough for everyone to gather around them and hear them exchange vows. No muss, no fuss, just love. And this is exactly what we love about them.

A huge thank you to our very talented friend Billy Simons, for recording a cover of Usher’s OMG (the bride’s favorite song) for their slideshow, which you can see HERE.

And as always, you can view our favorites below:

  • Adam Kealing: Once again you have blown my mind! Absolutely gorgeous from start to finish!! (07.07.2011 02:53pm)
  • Collins: Great work! Excellent use of light and great framing. (07.07.2011 09:04pm)
  • Derren: Beautiful work guys! Love the close profile portrait of the groom--so lovely! (07.07.2011 09:56pm)
  • naomi chokr: OMG im in love with your work!!!! you are now my new favorite. im new to your blog. im curious... your 2nd image... what are you reflecting on to get the three images of her? thankyou! (07.07.2011 10:56pm)
  • Megan: Ah, you guys! I love your use of light throughout this whole day. The groom's face, the speeches, their first dance shot...perfect. (07.08.2011 10:48am)
  • Micah: And they do it again!! Really beautiful moments with such well orchestrated light. (07.08.2011 10:55am)
  • Future Husband: Love the intimacy and colors in these. Kind of reminds me of how our future wedding will be like Daniel. We don't need a big party! (07.13.2011 10:06am)
  • Kyle: These photos are amazing and so is the song! Where can I download the song?! (08.04.2011 04:09pm)