Happy new year!

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December 29, 2010

We were going to finish up 2010 with our ‘best of’ slideshow but alas we ran out of time while getting ready for our presentation at the Mystic Seminars, and packing for 3 weeks of traveling.

We are off to London to ring in the new year with our friends MJ + Mike, before returning to NYC & Mystic, and shooting a wedding in Toronto in a couple of weeks.

We leave you on an exciting note (for photographers): we are teaming up with the very talented Fer Juaristi for a workshop next May, in Toronto. Visit our WORKSHOPS page for more information and to register.

Happy new year to all! We can’t wait for 2011 to start!

davina + daniel workshop


Circus for two

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November 8, 2010

Written by Davina Palik
Photographed by Mikhail Kudish
“Modeled” (!) by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

If you happened to catch our interview with Crash Taylor a few months ago, you might have learned that Daniel actually grew up with photography. His father, Mikhail, is a talented fine art film photographer who first put a camera in Daniel’s hands, took him to workshops, and continually supports our work today.

Last winter, I asked him if he would photograph Daniel and I, in his signature style of black and white film. It took a few months for it to come together, but when he approached us with the circus idea, we were sold. Mikhail has been following the Shrine Circus in Montreal for 6 years now, documenting the characters and various goings-on backstage. So we joined him in between shows one afteroon, clad in our recently purchased vintage outfits, for a very unusual, un-official engagement session.

It was such an honor and a very special experience to be in front of Mikhail’s lens. And we can’t wait to see all of his hard work at the circus put together into a book that he has been working on. Thank you for these photos, Mikhail!

(Oh and can I just say that classifying this post as “day-to-day” is really amusing to me; like there’s anything mundane about getting dressed up and taking photos at a circus!)

You can browse through the photos below by using the arrows on the sides.

  • Shayna: Oh my god I LOVE the Avedon-esque shot with the elephants. I am 17 kinds of jealous right now. Amazing. (11.08.2010 02:44pm)
  • julie: I just finished reading, Water for Elephants and these pictures look as though they could have come right from the narrative! (11.08.2010 03:21pm)
  • Adam Kealing: too much fun :) (11.08.2010 05:48pm)
  • Casia Fletcher: OMG!!! Crazy COOL! (11.08.2010 09:01pm)
  • adeleine: What an amazing shot... (11.10.2010 02:53pm)
  • Dave Cheung: LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! (11.12.2010 10:24pm)
  • name*nadine austin: What an amazing shoot! (12.21.2010 09:18pm)


Our new studio

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September 7, 2010

Posted by Daniel Kudish.

After working out of our home for the last 4 years, we’ve finally moved into a spacious loft! We’ve been editing photos, teaching classes, and receiving clients here for the last couple of months, and all we can say is that we absolutely love it! (not to mention it’s right across the street from us!) Last week, we held a cocktail party and had friends, industry vendors, as well as past and future clients over for some appetizers & drinks. Of course, the photobooth was as popular as ever. Scroll down to see some of our favorite images, kindly left by our guests…

  • Jenny: Love the new photobooth background! (09.07.2010 05:21pm)
  • John Edgar: Beautiful studio space! (09.07.2010 05:23pm)
  • Bartek: Oh. My. Gawd! That is absolutely hilarious! (and slightly embarrassing...) We had such a fun time with you guys, thank you! And your studio is drop dead sexy. (09.07.2010 05:24pm)
  • Gaby: The studio looks amazing! This is such a fun post... thanks for making me smile! (09.07.2010 05:25pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: Congratulations you two! (09.07.2010 07:49pm)
  • Ruby: Ah! love the new studio! looks great-- beautiful furniture.. Congratulations you guys! (09.07.2010 07:58pm)
  • Sarah Kealing: FUN FUN FUN! Love the kodak leggy lass, and I'm pretty sure that rug is currently in our "cart". :) Beautiful studio. So happy for ya'll! (09.07.2010 08:40pm)
  • vick: Once again Congrats guys, Nice party good times !!!! (09.07.2010 09:35pm)
  • molina: can't wait to see your new place. that blow up of kate looks hawsome! (09.07.2010 10:20pm)
  • Laura: WOW! The place looks amazing. Congratulations and looking forward to seeing it in person one day. (09.08.2010 06:58am)
  • daniel usenko: awesome! (09.08.2010 04:25pm)
  • annalie: Great fun and great people, thank you! And your studio is so so beautiful! (09.09.2010 08:41am)
  • Montreal Photographers: Wow! Good starting Guys .It's nice studio and very funny photos Best Of Luck!!! (09.16.2010 04:24am)
  • josep alfaro: love it! and your work too.... congrats! =) (09.16.2010 04:29pm)
  • Richard from Purplest: Hahah good times! Thanks for inviting Shierly and me! Studio looks awesome! Best of luck! (not that you need any...) (09.17.2010 03:25pm)
  • Liz: Looks fabulous - congrats!! (09.24.2010 11:51am)
  • Megan: Davina + Daniel, where did you get your furniture for your studio?! IT IS RAD!!!! Love the couch, the wood side table and the lighting! (10.06.2010 01:01pm)


Marie + Rob

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June 19, 2010

Text and photo by Davina Palik

People always comment on how wonderful our jobs are – and they are right. We get to capture one of the happiest days of a couple’s life. The first day of the rest of their lives together. But a few days ago, we photographed a very different type of event. Marie, who should have been getting married today, got together with her closest friends in honor of the fiance she lost just a few months ago. She put on her wedding shoes and reception dress, got her hair done, and had some cocktails with the girls who continue to be her support system. As she told me at some point during the night, this is what Rob would have wanted her to do.

There are no words to express how truly devastated we were to receive this news, and I can only begin to imagine what Marie has gone through and continues to go through. But I can say that she is my hero. The courage and strength she’s shown is an inspiration. I cannot think of her without getting emotional. I have put the wonderful thank-you note she wrote us on our fridge for a daily dose of perspective; a reminder of what is really important. And we will proudly display the milkglass vases she got us for our wedding (she reads my blog!) next year (thanks Marie!).

As for today, we remember Rob and send all of our warmest, most positive thoughts to Marie. She told me she had no regrets about how she spent the short life she had with Rob. She said she was thankful that they never took each other for granted. These words will stay with me forever. I pass them on to you in hopes that they may give you perspective too.

To Marie + Rob.

  • Alice: You've created a lovely post that shares a story of grace, beauty, love, and wonderful friendship. I hope that even well wishes from strangers will add to Marie's strength and courage, as I have her in my thoughts today. Thank you for sharing. (06.19.2010 11:00am)
  • Daniel Aguilar: Thank you for sharing this, it will for sure serve and an example of life and inspiration for many of us. Thanks again. (06.19.2010 11:39am)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: what a beautiful and heartfelt post you guys. Thanks so much for sharing this touching story. makes me appreciate those I love more and more! (06.19.2010 10:17pm)
  • Citlalli Rico: Thank you for shaing this guys. I will keep this post bookmarked to remind me also what is really important. All my warm wishes to Marie. Beautiful image. (06.20.2010 01:14am)
  • Heather: I'm sitting here at work crying. Thanks for sharing this lessons, I'm going to call Scott and tell him I love him! (06.21.2010 09:22am)
  • Brittany: This post gave me chills. What a nice reminder of how precious life is. Beautiful and touching image. (06.21.2010 11:43am)
  • Liz: Wow. So beautiful, so heartbreaking and so inspirational. It is so nice to hear she still celebrated the day in the way she did. (06.23.2010 11:41am)
  • romin: I remember when we were in California when you guys received word about Rob. What an amazing heart Marie has for honoring her relationship this way. Thanks so much for sharing, guys. Much love. (06.26.2010 02:52am)
  • shannon: this post brought me to tears. What a beautiful image of a beautiful soul. (07.21.2010 11:17am)


Montreal Children’s Hospital Fundraiser

April 21, 2010

Written by Davina Palik

I’m so happy to announce that i’ll be working in collaboration with the montreal children’s hospital foundation to raise funds for the incredible work they do.

This is a cause that we really believe in and we hope you’ll help us spread the word!

  • Sarah Kealing: What a wonderful idea!! and what an ADORABLE LITTLE GIRL! Way to go changing the world for the better... (04.28.2010 07:37pm)