Vanisha + Chris | New York City

June 21, 2011

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

Chris and I have known each other for almost a decade, and right around the same time that Davina and I met, about 4 years ago, Vanisha and Chris started dating as well. Over countless sushi dates, bottles of wine, hockey games, and late night hangouts, the 4 of us became very close friends.

Fast forward to last winter, Chris announced to us that he was planning on proposing to Vanisha while in Mexico for our wedding. So during our rehearsal, they took off for what Vanisha thought was a photo-op sunset stroll on the beach, but turned out to be the proposal! They came back to the villa to be greeted with hugs, champagne, and tears of joy. Somehow, we had all managed to keep quiet about it, and Vanisha had no idea what was coming her way. Their engagement added so much to our wedding, and put everyone that much more in a festive mood.

A couple weeks ago, Vanisha and Chris came to New York City to hang out with us while we there for a wedding, and we took advantage to do their engagement session on one of our evenings together. NYC happens to be a special place for them, as they went there a short time into their relationship, and both realized that they had something special going on.

They are now planning their wedding for next year, which will hopefully take place at a vineyard somewhere in Quebec. We can’t be more excited to celebrate & photograph them at their wedding!

You can view our favorites from our session in NYC below, as well as a photo of the 4 of us taken by Ben & Erin in Mexico, minutes after they got engaged:

  • name* Kathryn Krueger: Love, love, love how you incorporated the city D+D - expertly done! Favs - BW cityscape kiss & blue and yellow happiness pics. Bravo! (06.21.2011 07:13pm)
  • Stacey: Amazing images in the nightlife of NYC!!! Love the vibe. Congrats to you both on a stunning wedding celebration as well :-) (06.21.2011 07:24pm)
  • Marlon: I'm obsessed with the skyline pic... one of my fav pics of all time by you guys. LOL'd at the Radio City pic because I was like, "I ate a Magnolia's cupcake on the ledge they're sitting on!" (06.21.2011 08:44pm)
  • Erin C: These are so awesome! Vanisha you look gorgeous. (06.22.2011 02:36am)
  • Sarah: That second shot- OHMYGOSHGORGEOUS!!! I love it like crazy. These are amazing... you two are amazing. Just. Amazing. (06.22.2011 02:01pm)
  • Christina Craft: I'm so inspired by your work! What a fabulous session! (06.23.2011 01:50pm)
  • Sasha: Awesome set! love the 1st shot! (06.23.2011 08:51pm)
  • Katrina Santos: Absolutely love shots #2+3!! Beautiful set guys :) (06.23.2011 10:22pm)
  • Brett: Killer night shots! Great use of the city lights!!! (06.24.2011 02:13pm)
  • Micah: Stunning work you two! Love the first, second and fifth! Keep em coming! (06.26.2011 01:25am)
  • molina: wow. if i were them, i'd love these forever. (06.28.2011 09:19am)
  • Jessica Moores: wow. (07.01.2011 01:07am)
  • Olivia Brown: oh wow, guys, wow! These are stunning. Way to capture the light and work it :) xoxo (07.04.2011 10:23pm)


Melanie + Alex | Montreal, QC

September 30, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We could not have asked for anything more from Melanie and Alex’s engagement session. It was rainy and cold that morning, but it cleared up and warmed up a few hours before our scheduled meeting time. We had the whole apple orchard to ourselves – well, us and the goats of course. And these goats even cooperated in creating framing for a few of our photos. We enjoyed the fresh air, the scent of apples in the air, AND I got to climb a tree! Oh, and Melanie and Alex were up for anything, including some frolicking in the apple-dotted grass (fact: apples do not make a comfortable bed). It was such a fantastic way to spend the last official day of the summer.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an apple crumble to make!
A few of our favorites from their session:

  • Brandon Wong: Love the first shot guys :) (09.30.2010 03:34pm)
  • Amna Hakim: oh my these are just beautiful! (09.30.2010 03:39pm)
  • Sarah Kealing: (hoping to beat Adam with this comment...) AMAAAZING! Love love love the first and last shot especially. Phenomenal as always. :) (09.30.2010 03:42pm)
  • Adam Kealing: Yes!!! This is so awesome! Only you guys would think to frame a picture with a goat! Love it. (09.30.2010 03:43pm)
  • Melanie: Can't wait to see the rest of them :))) (09.30.2010 03:49pm)
  • Jeremy: That last shot is such a win! Incredible work, as usual. (09.30.2010 03:50pm)
  • Liz: Love the first one! (09.30.2010 09:10pm)
  • Citlalli Rico: Love the colors D+D, First and last are dreamy!! (10.01.2010 12:42am)
  • small: eek! Love that photo with the goat! (10.01.2010 12:32pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: Oh good lord you two. I'm still shuttering from the last image. Astounding! (10.02.2010 09:11pm)
  • Leo Timoshuk: That is the sweetest shot...sooo awesome! (10.02.2010 09:18pm)
  • Sam@Shuttersnap: I love the way you both frame your images. You always come up with something original and beautiful. (10.04.2010 02:25am)


Debbie + Fady | Montreal, QC

September 2, 2010

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

When Debbie and Fady suggested we got to La Ronde (Six Flags) for their engagement shoot, there wasn’t much convincing to be done. We’ve actually always wanted to shoot there and when they “pitched” the idea to us, they had us at “lights at night”! We got there early and went through most of the park by day, but we did it all over again when the lights went on at nightfall. We had to take about 6 rides on the carousel and were all a little dizzy by the end, but it was so romantic and beautiful, I think it was worth it for everyone!

Spending this much time with Debbie and Fady was a great way to get to know them. We learned that with them, no topic is off limits! And let me tell you, with Fady specializing in gynecology, there’s a lot to discuss that I never would have imagined discussing with clients! These guys are so much fun, we can’t wait for their wedding in just a few weeks.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Gardner Hamiilton: AWESOME SHOOT and a very well scouted location....looks like LaRonde in Montreal? (09.02.2010 10:41am)
  • Debbie: Love! You two are amazing! Love the's like they're watching us! We had a great time with you. Thank you!! (09.02.2010 10:45am)
  • {15:51} photography: Wow...I just love the carousel beautiful! (09.02.2010 11:03am)
  • Richard from Purplest: Another great photo session! LOVE IT! (09.02.2010 11:05am)
  • azar: Debbie and Fady are awesome!!! Wedding will be beautiful!! Can't wait!! (09.02.2010 01:30pm)
  • molina: laronde! why didn't i think of that!! wicked. (09.02.2010 07:15pm)
  • micheal b: Bananas! (09.03.2010 06:44pm)
  • fer juaristi: your framings are out of this freaking world! love your style guys. (09.06.2010 01:15pm)
  • Roberta Crumplin: Love your work guys - have had a client recently ask me to shoot them at the local carnival but ours is only once a year and so I have to wait till 2011! Wanted to ask, how did you shoot the 4th pic? It's just perfect! (09.07.2010 12:15pm)
  • John Edgar: Beautiful Images guys. And your studio looks amazing, love your sense of style. Keep up the amazing work. (09.07.2010 05:22pm)
  • Erin R: gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! (09.07.2010 05:34pm)
  • Nicole at Southern Weddings: This shoot is amazing! All of the lighting/colors/angles are blowing me away! I love the tone it sets. (09.09.2010 07:55pm)
  • Sarah: Gorgeous pictures, but I'm surprised no one stopped you. You aren't supposed to take pictures at La Ronde. Be careful next time. :) (09.10.2010 11:20am)
  • Chi-Liem: What a nice couple! The photos are awesome! (09.13.2010 08:16pm)
  • Liz: Love these! So much fun - love the bananas (09.24.2010 11:53am)
  • mariqia: Wonderful pictures! (10.01.2010 01:30am)


Tracy + Richard | Montreal, QC

August 9, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We loved Tracy and Richard the moment we met them. They were up for anything so we thought we’d take advantage of that and try something we’ve always wanted to do: a photoshoot in the rain. For the last few weeks, Montreal has been experiencing some pretty serious thunderstorms complete with monsoon-worthy rain, so we thought it would be perfect! Sure enough, Tracy and Richard were up for it so we set 3 tentative dates and hoped for rain. Tracy even ensured me that she would do a rain dance. But by the 3rd day, still no rain. The one time we wanted crappy weather and we had beautiful blue skies and sunshine! The rain just wasn’t meant to be, so we went on with a dry shoot instead. The theme of the elements still made its way into our shoot though, as we ended up next to the roaring fire of a hotel lobby for our last shots.

I probably shouldn’t pick favorites, but Tracy and Richard are definitely one of our favorite couples and we just can’t wait to finish off our 2010 season with their wedding in November.

  • Kip: Goosebump inducingingly good. Hotel St. Paul... I've stayed there and it's one of my alltime faves. (08.09.2010 09:14am)
  • Aron Goss: Wow...honestly? That first image is such a game changer. (08.09.2010 09:36am)
  • Sam: Stunning session! (08.09.2010 09:44am)
  • Gardner Hamilton: great session and great it (08.09.2010 10:28am)
  • NATAN: Great post!! Great colors!! Great angles!! Congrats from Barcelona. (08.09.2010 12:31pm)
  • Adam Kealing: Amazing session! absolutely love it all. (08.10.2010 10:10am)
  • Casey@HelloLove: Awesome - such gorgeous light and creative angles! (08.10.2010 02:11pm)
  • Michael Movsyesov: Such beautiful images. Your style is so different and unique. (08.18.2010 01:53am)
  • Liz: great shots -but the last one is definitely my favourite! (08.21.2010 02:19pm)
  • Montreal Photographers: Really mind blowing work!! (09.07.2010 01:52am)


Julia + Alex | Montreal, QC

July 5, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

This engagement session was definitely one for the books. It was tough to schedule in the first place, what with the four of us being really busy right now (we’re off to Bali for a wedding and they’re moving to Spain in a few weeks right after their wedding). When we finally settled on a date, Julia had a bad cold and there was rain in the forecast, but without any other options, we powered through.

Well, we were in for quite a treat. The “rain” turned out to be a pretty crazy storm, complete with amazing skies. Julia and Alex were troopers, getting soaked right at the beginning and letting us take them to the roof of their building while there was lighting striking in the not-so-far-away distance.

I think we proved that neither rain, or hail, or crazy wind would keep us from doing this shoot!

  • ari: Nicely done my friends. Looks like the clouds decided to be your friends and create a frame for you. awesome. (07.05.2010 04:50pm)
  • fer juaristi: amazing set guys! (07.05.2010 04:58pm)
  • Adam Kealing: Wow, I love how the clouds break in the first picture, just that hint of blue, and what a great idea to position them between the circles. Love it, and can't wait to see more. (07.05.2010 05:59pm)
  • Liz: Beautiful - love those stormy skies! (07.05.2010 10:02pm)
  • shanni: that first shot is absolutely delcious! (07.08.2010 09:29pm)