blog love from Wedding Bells

December 18, 2009

Thank you to Roseanne at Wedding Bells for featuring Molina + Bernie’s wedding. Click HERE to see the full feature.

We were also picked as one of the top photography studios in Canada by – check out the full story HERE.


D+D in Brides Magazine

November 24, 2009

Quite, quite, quite exciting to see our photo in Brides Magazine! We knew this photo won first place in the Brides/WPJA contest in the Bride category, but we didn’t see it in print until recently and it feels really special!
I have to admit though, I’ve spent more time looking at the wedding dresses in the magazine (I’m at that stage in the planning process right now)… is that bad?

  • Jasser Abu-Giemi: Very well deserved, congrats! (11.24.2009 12:19am)
  • michelle: Awesome!!! (11.24.2009 03:34pm)
  • Hooman: I picked up that issue too! An excellent photo, very well deserved! Congratulations! (11.24.2009 03:35pm)
  • Sasha: Congrats guys! You deserve it! :) (11.30.2009 05:32am)


blog love from Wedding Bells

November 22, 2009

While we were in Israel, Wedding Bells featured a little somethin’ somethin’ about us on their blog. We heart Wedding Bells, one of the few Canadian Bridal magazines that aren’t covered in cheese (so to speak), so we’re thrilled that the feeling is mutual.

See it here

  • Ari S: Wow Daniel, lots of amazing work here. Thank you for checking out mine and leaving a comment. ~ari (11.22.2009 10:42pm)
  • Ari S: I just took a second look at your work. Daaaang! You guys are amazing! See you at WPPI next year? ~ari (11.22.2009 10:54pm)


Once Wed feature

November 2, 2009

Written by Davina Palik

Ok, so it’s probably no secret that I’m a bridal blog addict. If you read my Picture This blog, you know that I’m a little obsessed. In my opinion, Once Wed is the holy grail of bridal blogs, so we are thrilled to be one of their sponsors. Check out our feature here.

  • Erin Woolsey: this post was how i found out about your amazing-genius-ness :D love all that yummy light! (11.02.2009 05:15pm)
  • Jasmine: your works have totally made my horrible few weeks alllll gone, overwhelmed by the abundance of love, creativity, tenderness and sincerity all in a dance of pixels. thank you for sharing all your works here=) and keep it going! (11.03.2009 12:41pm)


Winning images on WPJA/BRIDES

October 13, 2009

Written by Daniel Kudish

The WPJA & BRIDES magazine hold a yearly contest, showcasing photos from different categories. We found out earlier this year that one of our images had placed 1st in the “bride” category and would be published as a winning image in the nov/dec issue of the magazine. Today, the full results were published on the WPJA and we are ecstatic to see that a couple of other photos have placed in the contest! Go take a look at the other winning images as well, there are incredible shots from other great photographers!

Here’s the image that won 1st in the “bride” category:

This one placed 3rd in the “culture” category:

And 5th in the “getting ready” category:

  • Sasha: Congrats!:) (10.13.2009 08:47pm)
  • ben chrisman: alright d&d! i see lots more awards coming your way in the next few years. (10.14.2009 01:11am)
  • davina (from Europe): this is so exciting! great news to receive on my last day! see you tomorrow! xx (10.14.2009 04:09am)
  • Flores: Congrats guys! You're awesome... as usual :) (10.14.2009 10:34am)
  • Jael Cayemitte: Congratulations! (10.14.2009 11:47am)
  • Hooman: You won 3?! You rock, well done! (10.14.2009 02:09pm)
  • vick: Congrats guys !!!!!!! (10.14.2009 06:10pm)
  • Matilda: you both are awesome!! :) (10.14.2009 09:39pm)
  • kate: amazing work guys!! (10.15.2009 11:03am)
  • Rebecca: Oh wow! :) Congrats! It's great to see that good work pays off! (10.17.2009 02:37pm)
  • michelle: F√©licitation!! (10.22.2009 03:33pm)
  • Lidia: Hey guys, I don't comment often, as I'm usually admiring your pics while holding one or two kids, but I LOVE your stuff, and I'm so incredibly proud of both of you for all your amazing accomplishments. (11.03.2009 11:25am)