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December 12, 2010

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

A couple of weeks ago, we travelled to Mexico for 2 weeks. During this “workation” (work + vacation), we photographed Connie + Steven’s wedding (photos coming up next), attended Ben & Erin‘s wedding (which was completely out of this world), and had a chance to spend some time in Puerto Vallarta, planning our own wedding, for which we can’t wait for!

We took the time to roam around some of the backroads between Cancun & Campeche, and absolutely fell in love with this country. We can’t wait to be back over there very soon! Although we didn’t take many photos, here are few of our favorite shots – you can browse through them by using the arrows on the sides:

  • Natan: message* Love the composition, light and colors of fifth pic, pirámide reflexion... (12.13.2010 03:58am)
  • Megan: Guys, I love it! I feel like I was there. And they way that you two see the world is so unique! (12.13.2010 04:52pm)
  • Charisse: Amazing photos! I esp. love the ones of the pyramids! (12.18.2010 11:44pm)
  • Sergio Mejia: Davina + Daniel: Welcome to my country, I hope you had a great time. Nice pictures.. Next time you should visit a Mayan Cenote!... Greetings!.. (01.13.2011 01:22pm)



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July 19, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We recently had the fantastic opportunity to go to Bali to photograph a wedding. We were sandwiched between two wedding weekends in Montreal, so with the crazy travel time (took almost 2 days each way!), we were only able to take a few days there. Still, we managed to get a great feel for the place and had time to lie motionless by the pool for a few dozen hours or so. We were there with our friends Ross and Lesya (it was Ross’s brother’s wedding; photo above is of the two of them), and we had an amazing time double-dating on some delicious dinner dates and sweaty adventures – I must be remembering our 15 km bike ride through the countryside!

The highlight of the trip for us was an early morning visit to a local market. We had spotted it the morning of our bike ride and when we saw the 7am light pouring into the small alleys, crammed with local people picking up fresh food for the day. Needless to say, we knew we had to take a closer look. So on our last day in Bali, we were up at the crack of dawn, cameras in hand, exploring the nooks and crannies of the market. We were the only tourists there, and the locals couldn’t have been happier to see us! Never, in all of our travels, have we encountered friendlier people. They were all smiles, “how are you”s, conversations, and even picture-taking (them of us this time!). They are also such beautiful people to photograph and they love having their picture taken. We got the address of a local family and we can’t wait to send them some prints.

Here are a few of our favorites from the trip:

  • NailaJ: Amazing shots!! You guys are so talented! I feel like I've got a better feel, for lack of a better word, of the real nature of the place now. (07.19.2010 09:28pm)
  • Quin Cheung: I'm in love guys! Brings me back to when we were there. Can't wait to see more!!! See you both soon! XOXO (07.19.2010 10:59pm)
  • molina: awe.some.ness (07.19.2010 11:07pm)
  • Erin: Love these! The baby shot is a standout for me. (07.19.2010 11:36pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: I'm held captive by the immense depth in your imagery! See you guys in Jan! (07.20.2010 03:21am)
  • ross: SWEET! was so good to hang out with you guys, great shots! good to see some from the night wandering me and daniel did into the residential areas. thank you for the first shot, its sooo good :) need to do this again sometime :) (07.20.2010 04:49am)
  • Richard from Purplest: WOW! Another A-M-A-Z-I-N-G set of images. It sure brings back a lot of memories. Can't wait to go back there one day! (07.20.2010 09:24am)
  • LISA: G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. I can't look away! The shots of the locals are amazing! Love them all! (07.20.2010 09:43am)
  • Rafa: Love them all. Specially the one of the old lady with the hats. (07.20.2010 09:59am)
  • Michelle: wow!!! amazing shots... brings back beautiful memories, thanks!! xx (07.20.2010 11:20am)
  • Brandon Wong: Too many favorites but #4 is really something. Love the colors in this set! (07.20.2010 12:39pm)
  • Adam Kealing: This is incredible! You two are beyond talented and gifted. Wow, I'm speechless. (07.20.2010 01:04pm)
  • Tali Schiffer: You two are very talented! I LOVE your style, and am so glad I happened upon your blog and websites :) (07.20.2010 03:33pm)
  • ed atrero: that shot of the toddler being lifted up is awesome. brings back great memories when karen and i were there. thanks for sharing. :) (07.20.2010 04:22pm)
  • Sarah Neal: You guys are INSAINLY talented. You stand head and shoulders above everything else out there. I used to live in Ottawa. If I still did I'd be stalking you. Lucky for you guys I'm now in Arizona - out of reach. :) Anyway... been watching your blog for a while and now that I feel qualified to make those remarks because I see SO much and am SO rarely impressed anymore... thought I'd shout out. (07.22.2010 11:44am)
  • Sylvia: These are absolutely incredible! (07.25.2010 06:25pm)
  • [email protected]: Wow, looks like such an incredible trip! You captured it really beautifully. (07.26.2010 10:13am)
  • fer juaristi: dudes, keep rocking the world! (07.26.2010 03:45pm)
  • Devianna Andrianto: i missed Bali so much, i missed my country! Thank you for posting beautiful pictures. (07.27.2010 03:00pm)
  • Twah: Your Bali Street pix are National Geographic worthy with an extra dynamic kick to it. Seriously! (08.04.2010 06:50am)


Catching up / Recap

April 20, 2010

Written by Daniel Kudish

A lot of things have been happening here while we were on our roadtrip and even more since we’ve come home last week. We’re heading back on the road this week, to Toronto, for a wedding, two engagement shoots, and two 1-on-1 workshops! We’re really excited about starting up the wedding season again, but in the meantime, here’s a little visual recap of what’s been going on:

We started an online Etsy Shop, with our favorite photos from the roadtrip. 8×12 prints are 20$ !

We’ve been working on launching our separate websites, to promote our non-wedding photography (commercial, pets, babies, maternity). Davina’s website should be up in the upcoming weeks.

One of our favorite blogs, Once Wed, posted a little feature on us:

Kristiaan + Lionel’s engagement shoot was featured on a couple of blogs, WedLuxe (below) and and Andre Winfrye Events‘ blog.

Emilia, of our recent Emilia + Bill shoot, writes her own blog Auburn + Ivory. Their shoot also appeared in several other places. First, on Erin Ever After‘s blog…

Then on the Project Wedding, One Lovely Day blog and  finally, on the very cool HiFi Weddings blog

Lastly (for the blogs), yesterday morning, a UK blog,  BeyondBeyond posted Tavia + Ruben’s San Diego engagement shoot.

During our trip, we were also lucky enough to have some of our photographer friends do a session with us. First with Sasha of You + We, in SoCal (one of our favorites is below)

And a couple of weeks later, Romin of SaiaWeddings, came down from Seattle with his little family to spend a day with us in the north of California and do a photo session!

There’s lots more going on so we’ll be keeping you up to date very soon!

  • Hi-Fi Weddings: look at all those features and accomplishments! yay :) congrats! (04.20.2010 03:31pm)
  • romin: you guys rock. we love you and can't wait for your next road trip. congrats with all the awesome recent buzz! it is so deserved :) (04.20.2010 06:29pm)
  • Adam: Holy Cow you guys are awesome! I have no idea how you have enough time to do all the things you do, but whatever you're doing don't stop, because I LOVE it! (04.21.2010 09:26am)
  • Sasha: Vary nice! :) (04.21.2010 11:54am)


we’re travelin’!

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March 2, 2010

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photography by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

2 weeks ago, we took off on a 2 month road trip across the USA. We have been trying our best to stay on top of our emails, but if you haven’t heard back from us yet, we’ll get in touch very soon!

In the meantime, here a few photos from the trip, and you can follow us on our roadtrip blog HERE:

  • Alicia Stepp-Woody: LOVE all your pictures and that you are documenting a trip across the US. Too cool. So neat that you guys are doing this! :) (03.02.2010 02:49pm)
  • Hooman: I'm a HUGE fan. Fantastic. (03.02.2010 03:19pm)
  • daniel usenko: do you guys post these images to make others' jealous? Traveling + your loved one + Photography = the best thing ever. Have fun. I am sure this will be one of the best times in your life (03.03.2010 09:31pm)
  • ferjuaristi: awesome pics dude. (03.06.2010 11:40am)
  • erin woolsey: holy snikies, i don't even know which one to say i like most! they are all seriously amazing. wow. (03.06.2010 06:14pm)
  • Gabe: great images. now you two have to make it up to Calgary...i wanna shoot you guys :) (03.30.2010 01:05pm)


D+D hit the road!

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February 3, 2010

Written by Daniel

Ever since we came back from our trip to Thailand last winter, we knew that our next big adventure would be a road trip across the USA. After over a year of researching, planning, getting a newer car, and more researching and planning, we are finally in the last 2 weeks before hitting the road! We are setting out on this trip to see everything (or almost) that this country has to offer, meet some amazing people, and of course, take as many pictures as possible.

Although we will be posting a little bit about our trip on this blog, we have started a new one, SO THIS IS THE U.S. EH? where we will be putting up the most photos & up-to-dates. You can also follow us on Twitter @danielkudish @davinapalik or be-friend us on Facebook.

So where exactly are we going? Here’s a list and map of our itinerary. If you are along our route, or somewhere close, and would like to meet up with us for coffee/lunch/supper, or would like a photo session, please get in touch with us!

New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Alburquerque, Santa Fe, Taos, The Four Corners, Las Vegas, San Diego, L.A. , San Fransisco, Reno, Salt Late City, Denver, Mt-Rushmore, Kansas City, Chicago, Detroit.

davina + daniel roadtrip itinerary
  • David Pullum: You lucky pair, I would love to do that, enjoy. (02.03.2010 07:21am)
  • amy: i'm curious, why san antonio and not austin? i ask because i've heard austin is a lot cooler (cultural capitol of texas). have fun, don't fall asleep while driving, and enjoy the sunshine. (02.03.2010 07:59am)
  • davina + daniel: amy: while doing our research, we found that there was much more to do in San Antonio. Regardless, we're going to be spending a lot of time in Texas, driving around the backroads, so I'm sure we'll get a good feel for it! (02.03.2010 10:35am)
  • Richard Pham: is that supposed to be a maple leaf? ;) (02.03.2010 10:49am)
  • Quin Cheung: When you hit Utah, just detour straight north until you see a "Welcome to Calgary" sign. Trust me, you will need the cappuccinos we'll make for you! :o) Looks like an amazing trip guys! Have fun! We'll be anxiously awaiting your amazing pics!!! (02.03.2010 11:13am)
  • Alicia Stepp-Woody: Just wanted to say that I'm a HUGE fan of your work and can't wait to see all your US travels! If you get a wild hair - swing up to Dallas, I'll take the two of you our for dinner/drinks! <3 (02.03.2010 02:51pm)
  • James Davidson: That is one fantastic road-trip, very very jealous! (02.04.2010 01:44pm)
  • s h e r r y: That is AWESOME. It's one of my life goals to road trip around the US! (02.04.2010 04:42pm)
  • [email protected]: hey guys. whoa. this is one. serious. road trip! we're thinking of doing colorado to utah to arizona to cali in the spring. feel free to pass along any tips! or websites you're finding handy... (02.15.2010 04:00pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn: Hey DD, so nice meeting you both in Vegas. I wanted to say that you MUST see Zion National Park. It is like nothing you've ever seen. If the river is hikable, I'd highly recommend doing a few hours up The Narrows. You won't regret it. Check out my Facebook album to see what you are in for. Also, Antelope Canyon near Page, AZ is close to your route. This is a MUST as well. Slot canyons galore. You'll need to hire a native guide for about $20 but it will be worth it. Be well and be safe! (03.13.2010 10:51pm)
  • Nick Everitt: What an awesome looking trip, very jealous! My wife and I did the bits around San Francisco and Vegas about 10 years ago and it was amazing, would love to go and do all those other stops you have planned! (04.28.2010 09:43pm)
  • Devon Photographer: Wow did you travel to all those places? I really envy you guys for having such time to travel with the most important person in your life - This is really envious. (07.19.2010 09:28am)