Megan + Micah | Las Vegas, NV

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March 1, 2011

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish.

We have a special soft spot for Vegas, having eloped there two years ago for our civil wedding ceremony. We take the opportunity to travel back there every year for WPPI, a huge trade show for wedding and portrait photographers. It’s one of my favorite times of year, as we get to catch up with our colleagues from all over the world, and meet new friends.

We first heard of Micah and Megan when they emailed us a few months ago saying, “We seem to have a lot in common. We think we should be friends!” And just like that, we were! Sure enough, when we finally met face to face last week, we completely hit it off.

We are thrilled to have met them and to have had the opportunity to photograph them in the “old strip” in Vegas. There’s something really special about these two. Watching them interact with one another during our shoot actually brought tears to my eyes. It was a beautiful reminder of why we love doing what we do.

Check out our favorites from this session below:

  • Steve Gerrard: That "Freemont East" shot just hurt my brain, it's so good! Stop it with the being so good all the time. You're making the rest of us feel bad! ;) (03.01.2011 07:33pm)
  • Derren & Lisa: We LOVE Micah & Megan! Such a beautiful and creative shoot! You guys really captured their great energy and personality. So great :-). (03.01.2011 07:42pm)
  • Micah: Tough to pick a favorite! The first one is far better than it was in my head and that is saying something! Love the one crossing the street. What an experience it was being photographed by you two and what a joy it is to have such incredible new friends! We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with you and can't wait for the next time. We just love you guys! (03.01.2011 07:46pm)
  • Megan: You two are incredible, as photographers and as people! These shots are awesome and we had such a blast hanging with you two! Can't wait till next time! (03.01.2011 07:47pm)
  • Sarah: LOVE ALL of them! Such expression and OH! the colors! (03.01.2011 09:55pm)
  • Richard from Purplest: AMAZING! Gotta love all the lighting from Vegas! (03.02.2011 02:32am)
  • luis mateus: Nice colours! great job (03.02.2011 10:40am)
  • Olivia Brown: These are lovely guys! Congrats on a killer set of pics. So lovely to (finally) meet you in Vegas. take care! (03.05.2011 01:21am)
  • daniel stark: dude, you guys seriously rock! love this set! (03.10.2011 06:29pm)
  • Todd Laffler: Great stuff guys! But I'm sure you already knew that! ;) (03.13.2011 01:00am)
  • fer juaristi: love this pic guys, can´t wait to see the rest! (03.16.2011 10:43am)


Melanie + Stephen | January 16th, 2011 | Toronto, ON

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January 26, 2011

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish.

We don’t always meet our couples until their wedding day, which always makes us a little nervous, to be honest. We do our best to exchange phone calls and emails enough to know that we’re a good match, but we don’t really know what they’ll be like until we meet face-to-face. Well, we certainly got lucky with Melanie and Stephen! We met Mel when we went to the synagogue the day before their wedding to set up the photo booth, and she went straight to work helping us out. As we were leaving the building, I turned to Daniel and said, “We got lucky. She’s a perfect bride for us!”

And that was only further confirmed the next day. Melanie and Stephen trekked through the snow in the freezing cold (seriously, you don’t know what cold is unless you live in Canada) for a few portraits and never complained. It was such a pleasure to spend the day with them and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to be a “photographer slash bridesmaid extraordinaire,” as Mel dubbed me!

You can browse through of favorites below by clicking on the arrows:

  • Daniel Aguilar: Life is good when you know you have 2 mad Canadian friends behindthe lens. That was an AWESOME set! (01.26.2011 09:28pm)
  • Monica Salazar: I love this shot! (01.26.2011 09:30pm)
  • Monica Salazar: Wow! All the images are stunning!!! I would love to learn from you two :) (01.26.2011 09:33pm)
  • erin c.: the shot of the bride entering the church is perfection. (01.26.2011 09:42pm)
  • NailaJ: SO many great shots in this one! I love the top shot of the bride walking in with her bouquet, the one of them walking out - great expression on her face!! - and the woman in the blue dress getting raised up. Awesome. (01.26.2011 10:09pm)
  • Shayna: Awesome job! The laughing shot at the beginning of the ceremony and that recessional shot are PURE MONEY. (01.26.2011 11:59pm)
  • Trish F.: Now THAT is how a bride makes an entrance! And the one of the bride dancing with who I guess to be Grandma...*le sigh* (01.27.2011 12:49am)
  • brandon wong: Favorite post of you guys. Loving this new raw and down to earth processing and imagery lately. (01.27.2011 02:41am)
  • Emma Rose: Wow, one stunning image after another!!! You've just raised the bar for wedding photography!!! (01.27.2011 06:17am)
  • Jules: The one of the couple through the dappled light is STU-NNING. I hope we'll get to meet before our wedding! *fingers crossed* (01.27.2011 08:54am)
  • Rafa: As always amazing pics from two awesome great super canadian photographers. (01.27.2011 10:27am)
  • Sasha: Vary nice! :) (01.27.2011 11:04am)
  • Gary Bradford: beautiful set of images! (01.27.2011 11:11am)
  • michael: Love the new look. Much more traditional which is a very good thing. Great choice of images. (01.27.2011 02:54pm)
  • Sergio: You are killing it!!! (01.27.2011 05:27pm)
  • fer juaristi: dudes, come on! shoot me in the brain! killer set (01.27.2011 09:09pm)
  • Annelie: Wow! These FANTASTIC! I can't even begin to pick a favourite. No wonder I keep telling everyone that if I could have any photographer in the world photographing my wedding, it would have to be you two. :-) (01.28.2011 03:48am)
  • Christina Craft: Another amazing series of images. I love the facial expressions! She looks like someone who knows how to have fun!! I love looking at your work. (01.28.2011 04:32pm)
  • Julian Abram Wainwright: tasty as always guys, tasty as always. . . . (01.28.2011 05:58pm)
  • Leo Timoshuk: All the images are really awesome, great set guys! (01.28.2011 07:30pm)
  • Natan: message*All images, absolutely all images are awesome!!!! Congrats from Spain!!! (01.30.2011 07:39pm)
  • Micah & Megan: Love them all, but that first shot is gorgeous. The hand, the reflection, the look on her face. Yes. (02.01.2011 03:39pm)
  • Raymundo Rochin: beatyfull pictures =O! (02.07.2011 12:58am)
  • Liz ~ elizabeth&jane photography: Beautiful work guys. I love all of the portraits and the shot of the bride seeing the groom in the synagogue is just packed full with emotion. (02.15.2011 09:17am)
  • Jay: Nice...nice...nice!!!! (04.08.2011 12:46pm)


Happy new year!

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December 29, 2010

We were going to finish up 2010 with our ‘best of’ slideshow but alas we ran out of time while getting ready for our presentation at the Mystic Seminars, and packing for 3 weeks of traveling.

We are off to London to ring in the new year with our friends MJ + Mike, before returning to NYC & Mystic, and shooting a wedding in Toronto in a couple of weeks.

We leave you on an exciting note (for photographers): we are teaming up with the very talented Fer Juaristi for a workshop next May, in Toronto. Visit our WORKSHOPS page for more information and to register.

Happy new year to all! We can’t wait for 2011 to start!

davina + daniel workshop


Connie + Steven | November 18th, 2010 | Cancun, Mexico

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December 16, 2010

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish.

We first met Connie and Steven when a mutual friend set us up on a blind date, so-to-speak. They had just gotten engaged and were just starting to think about how/where/when they’d actually tie the knot so we joined them at their place in New York City for a casual session and for some wedding talk, naturally. It was just so easy to get along with them, and it wasn’t long before we were trading destination wedding planning tricks with them over dinner and catching up with them whenever we were back in the city.

Naturally, when they picked Mexico as the location for their wedding, we were doubly excited and hoping that they’d take us along! Needless to say, we’re thrilled that they picked us to document their beautiful wedding in paradise. They had about 75 of their friends and family join them all the way in Cancun – a real testament to how loved these two are. And Mother Nature must love them too, as unpredictable torrential downpours hit throughout their wedding day, but conveniently stopped whenever they were needed to be outdoors. How’s that for lucky?!

You can browse through of favorites below by clicking on the arrows:

  • fer juaristi: you guys are killing it! (12.16.2010 06:16pm)
  • Cathy and David: GORGEOUS guys. Love the kid in the veil. :D (12.16.2010 06:20pm)
  • Micah & Megan: You guys constantly remind us how much we love storytelling and photojournalism. Epic. Timeless. (12.16.2010 06:53pm)
  • julian moniz: you guys rock...I have to come out to Montreal to pay you a visit... (12.17.2010 02:30am)
  • Julian Abram Wainwright: Great use of a cloudy, stormy day for drama. As always, really enjoying your pictures! (12.17.2010 03:05pm)
  • Jenna: Connie you look absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! (12.19.2010 02:37pm)
  • dalisa: the only problem is how much I adore you yet rarely see you... (12.20.2010 02:16am)
  • name*Lorraine Daley: Loving the viel shot. beautiful work as usual. (12.20.2010 12:12pm)
  • Monica Salazar: Kickass wedding! Love all the shots :) (12.22.2010 12:26pm)
  • Kristy Berends Photography: Beautiful images! I love the one in the car with her head on his shoulder. At least I assume its a car. Either way...very sweet. (01.03.2011 08:27pm)
  • Sally Watts: Oh.My.God. I wandered over here from Junebug, and I cannot even get past this first image. Holy cow-it's insane. Love! (01.08.2011 11:35pm)
  • josep alfaro: WOW!!!! beautiful work! love it all images! (01.09.2011 03:54pm)
  • Marysol Flores: I just love your work! Congratulations. (01.11.2011 07:05pm)
  • Kris: Stunning, lovely work. (01.24.2011 10:43am)
  • Beth: I adore your style! These pictures are the best I've seen! (03.11.2011 11:39pm)



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December 12, 2010

Written by Daniel Kudish. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

A couple of weeks ago, we travelled to Mexico for 2 weeks. During this “workation” (work + vacation), we photographed Connie + Steven’s wedding (photos coming up next), attended Ben & Erin‘s wedding (which was completely out of this world), and had a chance to spend some time in Puerto Vallarta, planning our own wedding, for which we can’t wait for!

We took the time to roam around some of the backroads between Cancun & Campeche, and absolutely fell in love with this country. We can’t wait to be back over there very soon! Although we didn’t take many photos, here are few of our favorite shots – you can browse through them by using the arrows on the sides:

  • Natan: message* Love the composition, light and colors of fifth pic, pirámide reflexion... (12.13.2010 03:58am)
  • Megan: Guys, I love it! I feel like I was there. And they way that you two see the world is so unique! (12.13.2010 04:52pm)
  • Charisse: Amazing photos! I esp. love the ones of the pyramids! (12.18.2010 11:44pm)
  • Sergio Mejia: Davina + Daniel: Welcome to my country, I hope you had a great time. Nice pictures.. Next time you should visit a Mayan Cenote!... Greetings!.. (01.13.2011 01:22pm)