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September 7, 2010

Posted by Daniel Kudish.

After working out of our home for the last 4 years, we’ve finally moved into a spacious loft! We’ve been editing photos, teaching classes, and receiving clients here for the last couple of months, and all we can say is that we absolutely love it! (not to mention it’s right across the street from us!) Last week, we held a cocktail party and had friends, industry vendors, as well as past and future clients over for some appetizers & drinks. Of course, the photobooth was as popular as ever. Scroll down to see some of our favorite images, kindly left by our guests…

  • Jenny: Love the new photobooth background! (09.07.2010 05:21pm)
  • John Edgar: Beautiful studio space! (09.07.2010 05:23pm)
  • Bartek: Oh. My. Gawd! That is absolutely hilarious! (and slightly embarrassing...) We had such a fun time with you guys, thank you! And your studio is drop dead sexy. (09.07.2010 05:24pm)
  • Gaby: The studio looks amazing! This is such a fun post... thanks for making me smile! (09.07.2010 05:25pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: Congratulations you two! (09.07.2010 07:49pm)
  • Ruby: Ah! love the new studio! looks great-- beautiful furniture.. Congratulations you guys! (09.07.2010 07:58pm)
  • Sarah Kealing: FUN FUN FUN! Love the kodak leggy lass, and I'm pretty sure that rug is currently in our "cart". :) Beautiful studio. So happy for ya'll! (09.07.2010 08:40pm)
  • vick: Once again Congrats guys, Nice party good times !!!! (09.07.2010 09:35pm)
  • molina: can't wait to see your new place. that blow up of kate looks hawsome! (09.07.2010 10:20pm)
  • Laura: WOW! The place looks amazing. Congratulations and looking forward to seeing it in person one day. (09.08.2010 06:58am)
  • daniel usenko: awesome! (09.08.2010 04:25pm)
  • annalie: Great fun and great people, thank you! And your studio is so so beautiful! (09.09.2010 08:41am)
  • Montreal Photographers: Wow! Good starting Guys .It's nice studio and very funny photos Best Of Luck!!! (09.16.2010 04:24am)
  • josep alfaro: love it! and your work too.... congrats! =) (09.16.2010 04:29pm)
  • Richard from Purplest: Hahah good times! Thanks for inviting Shierly and me! Studio looks awesome! Best of luck! (not that you need any...) (09.17.2010 03:25pm)
  • Liz: Looks fabulous - congrats!! (09.24.2010 11:51am)
  • Megan: Davina + Daniel, where did you get your furniture for your studio?! IT IS RAD!!!! Love the couch, the wood side table and the lighting! (10.06.2010 01:01pm)


Debbie + Fady | Montreal, QC

September 2, 2010

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

When Debbie and Fady suggested we got to La Ronde (Six Flags) for their engagement shoot, there wasn’t much convincing to be done. We’ve actually always wanted to shoot there and when they “pitched” the idea to us, they had us at “lights at night”! We got there early and went through most of the park by day, but we did it all over again when the lights went on at nightfall. We had to take about 6 rides on the carousel and were all a little dizzy by the end, but it was so romantic and beautiful, I think it was worth it for everyone!

Spending this much time with Debbie and Fady was a great way to get to know them. We learned that with them, no topic is off limits! And let me tell you, with Fady specializing in gynecology, there’s a lot to discuss that I never would have imagined discussing with clients! These guys are so much fun, we can’t wait for their wedding in just a few weeks.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Gardner Hamiilton: AWESOME SHOOT and a very well scouted location....looks like LaRonde in Montreal? (09.02.2010 10:41am)
  • Debbie: Love! You two are amazing! Love the bananas...it's like they're watching us! We had a great time with you. Thank you!! (09.02.2010 10:45am)
  • {15:51} photography: Wow...I just love the carousel shot...so beautiful! (09.02.2010 11:03am)
  • Richard from Purplest: Another great photo session! LOVE IT! (09.02.2010 11:05am)
  • azar: Debbie and Fady are awesome!!! Wedding will be beautiful!! Can't wait!! (09.02.2010 01:30pm)
  • molina: laronde! why didn't i think of that!! wicked. (09.02.2010 07:15pm)
  • micheal b: Bananas! (09.03.2010 06:44pm)
  • fer juaristi: your framings are out of this freaking world! love your style guys. (09.06.2010 01:15pm)
  • Roberta Crumplin: Love your work guys - have had a client recently ask me to shoot them at the local carnival but ours is only once a year and so I have to wait till 2011! Wanted to ask, how did you shoot the 4th pic? It's just perfect! (09.07.2010 12:15pm)
  • John Edgar: Beautiful Images guys. And your studio looks amazing, love your sense of style. Keep up the amazing work. (09.07.2010 05:22pm)
  • Erin R: gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! (09.07.2010 05:34pm)
  • Nicole at Southern Weddings: This shoot is amazing! All of the lighting/colors/angles are blowing me away! I love the tone it sets. (09.09.2010 07:55pm)
  • Sarah: Gorgeous pictures, but I'm surprised no one stopped you. You aren't supposed to take pictures at La Ronde. Be careful next time. :) (09.10.2010 11:20am)
  • Chi-Liem: What a nice couple! The photos are awesome! (09.13.2010 08:16pm)
  • Liz: Love these! So much fun - love the bananas (09.24.2010 11:53am)
  • mariqia: Wonderful pictures! (10.01.2010 01:30am)


Becky + Mike | August 13th 2010 | Moodus, CT

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August 30, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We had never met Becky and Mike before their wedding, so we had no idea what to expect when we drove into the small town of Moodus, Connecticut on the eve of the wedding. But the moment we arrived at the camp where Becky’s family has been vacationing every summer for the last 24 years, we knew this wedding was going to be different. Everyone was in vacation mode; cannonballs in the pool, impromptu baseball games on the grounds, and tennis tournaments on the old clay court. The sound of the big bell announced the serving of each meal (and rang happily when Becky and Mike shared their first kiss as husband and wife!). At nightfall, bug spray was the most necessary beauty product and sweatpants were the best choice of evening wear.

We’ve gotten so used to detail-oriented weddings, but this wedding was all about the love! A few times during the weekend we caught them beaming over at their guests from afar, with looks on their faces that said, “I can’t believe everyone is here!” And there aren’t enough cliches in the world to describe how these two looked at each other!

This wedding is not one that we are likely to forget. After all, how often do you have a wedding that ends up in the pool? And in case you’re wondering, yes, I did join in, fully clothed like everyone else! (Daniel opted for the sidelines – boo on him!)

Here are our favorites from the wedding, and heck, why not share the slideshow too?! You can see it HERE

  • {15:51} photography: That second last pool shot might be the best thing that I've ever seen! So well done {at total understatement...but still...!!}... (08.30.2010 04:09pm)
  • Josh Gruetzmacher: Wow. This coverage is amazing. You guys blow my mind! (08.30.2010 04:43pm)
  • Shannon Gillespie: The slideshow needs a disclaimer. Something along the lines of 'You will cry and get ridiculously emotional at the amount of love captured here' would do fine. Fabulous, fabulous job guys. Just beautiful. (08.31.2010 04:57am)
  • Liz: I just LOVE the sunflare one!!!! (08.31.2010 08:35am)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: Spicy, hot and outta control! Awesome work you guys! (09.01.2010 02:28am)
  • Sam@Shuttersnap: The second last image is absolutely amazing! My jaw just dropped open! I also loved the cake shot - hilarious - and the one of the couple meeting in the woods. Just beautiful. (09.03.2010 06:18am)
  • Larissa: I LOVE LOVE the silhouette dance shot - its simply stunning! Beautiful wedding, and amazing pictures as always! (09.20.2010 01:59pm)


Jessica + Georges | July 31st 2010 | Montreal, QC

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August 23, 2010

Written by Davina Palik, Photographed by Davina Palik and Daniel Kudish

Jessica and Georges’ wedding was one of the weddings we were most looking forward to photographing this summer. We don’t like to play favorites, but they are such a cool couple and with an art gallery as the setting, plus Azar of Principal Planner running the show, how could their wedding not be inspiring? Gallery Gora just happened to be exhibiting some amazing pop art paintings which set an amazingly graphic and colorful backdrop for the wedding.

I also feel the need to mention that they took one of the most awesome honeymoons I’ve ever heard of: hiking in Peru, with stops at upscale lodges. An adventure with modern amenities – my idea of the perfect honeymoon, and so fitting for this adventurous couple.

Here are our favorites from their wedding day:

  • Tara: Great Pics! Davina & Daniel, you stayed true to your reputation! (08.24.2010 05:20am)
  • Maud: Les photos sont à couper le souffle! On dit parfois que les photos ne rendent pas justice à la réalité, cette fois j'opterais plutôt pour l''expression : "Une image vaut mille mots"! Incroyable. Félicitation aux photographes et aux mariés - évidemment! (08.24.2010 08:45am)
  • adam kealing: Absolutely stunning! Can't get enough of your beautiful work! (08.24.2010 10:35am)
  • Jessica: Thank you so much D+D for these amazing memories! You've captured on film all the emotion and fun we had at our wedding, and that's absolutely priceless! Love you and your amazing work! :) xox (08.24.2010 11:01am)
  • Liz: Great stuff - my favourite is the cake shot. Such great emotion and light! (08.24.2010 12:43pm)
  • azar: Thanks D+D again!!! Love these shots and the couple was such a fun one that really .... i'm just glad to now call them friends. beautiful wedding. A xoxo (08.24.2010 04:14pm)
  • maggie: wow davina et daniel, vous êtes incroyables! (08.24.2010 09:10pm)
  • David Josue: WOW, it just make mi mind spin every time I watch a new wedding coverage by you, truly talented and amazing work, congrats! (08.26.2010 07:59pm)
  • Leo Timoshuk: Wow....you guys are amazing...I love every single picture...very creative & artistic! Just awesome! (08.26.2010 10:23pm)
  • Will Pateman Photography: Love your work..your use of composition and light, and negative space..excellent (08.27.2010 03:10am)
  • Georges: Thanks for the incredible pictures! (08.28.2010 10:53am)
  • Gardner Hamilton: Once again guys I have to say i love your work...you really pulled off some killer captures in this small sample so i would guess you have a very happy client...always a pleasure to view this blog...thanks (08.30.2010 06:04pm)
  • Montreal Weddings: Awesome!! i m speechless Guys.So funny. (09.20.2010 06:05am)


Claudine + Colin | July 24th 2010 | Montreal, QC

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August 16, 2010

Written by Davina Palik. Photographed by Davina Palik & Daniel Kudish.

We knew from our first meeting with Claudine and Colin that their wedding was going to be a blast. They knew what they wanted from the beginning, and what they wanted was a killer party – which they most certainly got!

Throughout the day, we got to discover more about them through the unique ways they showcased their “Claudine and Colin-ness.” They had a cartoonist at the cocktail hour, had their favorite Italian restaurant (who don’t normally cater!) serve their favorite meal, and cartoon versions of themselves adorned their invites, menus, and wine bottle favors. Colin’s two kids were also a big part of the day, serving as best man and bridesmaid. I loved hearing Colin’s son give the best man speech with such poise and confidence – a real mini-Colin!

Here’s a glimpse into their amazing wedding:Our friend and wedding planner extraordinaire Azar of Principal Planner put on an incredible reception at Marche Bonsecours.

  • ross: incredibly beautiful shots, that first image is killer! (08.16.2010 04:05pm)
  • fer juaristi: dudes, you are the dynamic duo, freaking amazing wedding! (08.16.2010 04:22pm)
  • Jasser Abu-Giemi: I think this is some of your best shots so far!!! Incredible. (08.16.2010 05:12pm)
  • Kip: Your elite status has been confirmed. You are now free to rule about the country. (08.16.2010 05:15pm)
  • Aron Goss: ...wow. (08.16.2010 05:55pm)
  • Azar: I had the pleasure of working with these two amazing people throughout the year and am so happy you captured them so beautifully on their big day! Thanks for these amazing pics!! you rock!! -A xoxo (08.16.2010 05:58pm)
  • magali: Love the one in the window! (08.16.2010 06:59pm)
  • Bernie: Beautiful pictures!!! The intro pic is sick!! Colin & Clo-Clo, congratulations! Happiness forever! (08.16.2010 08:02pm)
  • Mark: Great coverage, guys - really cool set. Love the shot with the dark trees filling the frame. (08.16.2010 09:18pm)
  • aga: yeah, damn, whatever, hot! too hot! amazing work ;) (08.17.2010 12:17am)
  • Will Pateman Photography: Fantastic poses of couple..great lighting (08.17.2010 12:44am)
  • Steve Gerrard: Seriously guys, I love your images every time you post a blog. Just beautiful and always unique and creative. The bride in the window is stunning. (08.17.2010 01:50am)
  • Yuriy: Wow, you guys killed it, every shot is a work of art. Beautiful wedding. (08.17.2010 03:04am)
  • wani: I subscribe to a LOT of blogs and I just discovered you guys a couple of weeks but you are truly fast becoming my favourites. Your use of colour, shapes, texture and reflections is unrivalled and I think I have to agree that this may be some of your best work yet...can't wait to see what you do next and you definitely inspire me to up my game. Thanks guys. :-) (08.17.2010 08:37am)
  • Adam Kealing: Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the first picture... epic! (08.17.2010 10:47am)
  • Ken Kaminesky: You guys keep impressing me with each update. It almost makes me want to get married ;^) Keep up the great work. (08.17.2010 12:39pm)
  • Dave Cheung: SNAP!! Gorgeous guys!! You're REALLY making us regret not crashing that parteeee!!! LOL! Great job and keep on pushin it!! (08.18.2010 12:46pm)
  • Liz: These are so beautiful - and so colourful! (08.21.2010 02:18pm)
  • Sasha: Holy mother father sister brother.....! Love it! Like....Dang! :) (08.23.2010 01:24am)
  • fer juaristi: what an amazing wedding guys. love your moments + framing + colors, awesome! (08.23.2010 02:52pm)
  • Brianna Phelan: Gorgeous, gorgeous. You two rock :) xo (08.23.2010 06:45pm)
  • Kevin Wrenn Photography: Your images ALWAYS inspire me! You guys continue to kick ass and take names! Great work D+D. (08.23.2010 10:28pm)
  • Rafa: Wow!!, congrats Davina and Daniel. You always amazed me. (08.24.2010 04:47pm)
  • yes to funny business » Picture This: [...] photographed a wedding recently where the couple brought in a cartoonist for their cocktail hour. it was so different and [...] (08.26.2010 08:20am)